Problems in Society: Is Religion The Cause?


Certain viewpoints suggest that religion is what causes most of society's problems.

From past times our society has been built up from beliefs. Many which are not from science. A highly recognized social construction of traditions and religion. It can be in the form of church or community events.

When you look at a place. You will see people of many backgrounds. To those that are devoutly Atheist, they seem to see it as a cause for trouble. Of course if you believe true religion comes from someones words. Acting like someones words are the absolute truth to it all.

For example, ISIS, people call them Muslim. Or KKK, people call them christian. But are they really? What makes a religious person? Why does some text define the actions of others? Just because someone interprets something some way another wouldn't, it does not make them a true believer.

People live differently. In many cases no one agrees on everything. Why treat religion any different, it's not a cause for our problems as a society. The way people react is a problem. Every person has the right to believe whatever, or do whatever. Opinions are allowed until it becomes hate, or until it prevents people from living peacefully.

Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes

Anyone can take something and treat it for the worst.

People will continuously bash another for their beliefs. Human Instinct? Probably.

Hate Crimes
Hate Crimes

Why do people blame religion for how society is? Why is it okay?

What happened to being accountable for your OWN actions?

Hate Crime = The reason society is the way it is.

Everyone is an individual. Treat it that way.

Problems in Society: Is Religion The Cause?
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  • ZameerAnsari
    Religion is not causing problem.
    the problem is with people.
    they are using Religion for wrong purposes.
    Terrorism isn't linked with any Religion at all.
    specially Islam don't support any terrorism at all.
    Islam is Religion of peace.
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  • Anonymous
    Religion isn’t the problem, the problem is far more complex. When you get people of different backgrounds (race, politics, sexuality, etc) living in close proximity with each other, tensions rise which leads clashes between the people.
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    • Anonymous

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  • bamesjond0069
    Whats the problem with hate crimes? Whats the big deal? I dont get it.
    • AleenaNoor

      It's hate. That's the problem.

    • How so? Its good to hate evil. Hate in and of itself isn't bad.

    • AleenaNoor

      Lol If someone is evil it's better to ignore than cause problems.

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  • SaintsSinners
    I think that religion is the problem. And I'm only mean the monotheism. Because I dont no a case in the past, I take the Roman empire for example, when a religion with more than one God kill someone or trie a genocide because of their different religion's. It all starts with the monotheism because the all say "this is the one and only god and when you think different we kill you".
    You dont have this in the hinduism or in the buddhism (just two examples)
  • not329446
    Society in America is built upon Wall Street. Religion is just a pain in the ass abused by orange haired freaks.
  • abutaher
    Problems happen because we don't obey the rules from religion. We made an unchangeable thought that religions are old and they are getting older day by day. They don't have any sign of science, they don't face present world facts. But the shameful rough truth is, we never tried any religion perfectly, we never asked ourselves, " Why religions do exists if it hasn't any use?" we never search for any solution in religion related to facts. What we did is learned about the religion from other people who haven't any clue about what actually religion is? And what's for.
    Religions are beliefs and lifestyles.

    Everyone (including me) creates problems and for that problem, we like blame religions. Because it's easier than change the facts.

    For finding the true purpose of life we must have to believe in true religion.
  • zagor
    Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union weren't real big on religion, and they certainly had issues.