JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)🍆

A recent conversation with a Baby Boomer, you know who you are.
JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†

Me: This is John F Kennedy's best friend. His name was Lem, he was a homosexual. The president wanted nothing more than his best friend who was an open homosexual to live with him in the Whitehouse.

Baby Boomer: How dare you go after JFK he was a vetrean war hero. It's not like he was wearing matching gay guy short shorts shirtless arm in arm with the guy!

Me: Oh yeah what about this, arm in arm in matching short shorts, John F Kennedy of course being shirtless with his studly homosexual best that he's stayed close with his entire life smiling like he just sucked a dick?

JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†

Baby Boomer: how dare you big bear, how double dog dare you, I'm a baby boomer. That's clearly just two young men and one just happens to be a homosexual there's nothing gay going on there. It's not like they are petting a dog together or anything.

Me: What if they are petting a little dog together in tight white linen pants?

JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†

Baby Boomer: How dare you big bear, how dare you, I'm a baby boomer and that's the guy that put a man on the fucking moon, what did you do? he's not homosexual petting a puppy. Listen I was with you for going after the BLM & ANTIFA but now that you're going after an American patriot as a fucking dare you!! I mean it's not as if he was in a barbershop quartet with the guy together...

Me (silence)

JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†

Baby Boomer: You've gone to far this time, that's the guy that put a man on the God damme moon and made black people and white people equal forever, the same exact cock length and everything and now your saying he's a homosexual. It's not like he slow danced with the homosexual and made out with him

Me: here's a picture of John F Kennedy and his homosexual best friend slow dancing and kissing....

JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†

Baby Boomer: How dare you, John F Kennedy was a fucking war hero..... it doesn't matter how many cocks that war hero took in his asshole.

JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)πŸ†


JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)🍆
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Most Helpful Girls

  • AlienParasite
    Oh, such a curious fact. As a foreigner I didn't know that. It's sad that boomers try to deny it as if it was something bad. I mean, the guy was gay, that doesn't make him better or worse, if anything how he acted as a human and as a president is what defines him as better or worse... But I guess that's too much for some elders.
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  • Vicky_7402
    Wouldn't be the first gay president so I don't care
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam
    He also fucked half the chicks in Hollywood, so if anything he was bi. So what.
    And what's up with you and you Baby Boomer bullshit? That's so fucking un-woke.
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Listen up. I keep trying to tell you that just because a guy gives YOU a boner doesn't mean that HE is a gay
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    • Maybe JFK was bottoms and so by the law of the 50s that's not gay

    • Do you mean that he was a top? I've heard that in the hispanic community that its not considered gay if you're the top (person doing the penetrating)

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  • OlderAndWiser
    I have always thought that JFK was a seriously flawed individual. This does not change that opinion.
  • Red_Dragon
    I didn't know this. I know he messed around with Marilyn Monroe or so people say anyway.
    • Closet homosexuals often over compensate to go undetected

    • Red_Dragon

      If it is true at a time like that yeah it probably would have affected his presidency. You know he wasn't in the best of health anyway. He had Addison's disease. They had to drug him up for that live TV debate he did.

  • coffeewithcream
    Interesting take.
    Lem Billings, a minor figure in American history, was gay and he has been written about.
    I suppose every male of the baby boom generation who never have a gay friend should thank their lucky stars or people like American Centurion will assume you were more than just friends with that pal.
  • cush_ebo
    At some level of their pyramid, I really think they are just fucking everything they want... but historically the Roman Empire have been made of War leader who make Gang Bang party in very ways. 🤒🤒🤒 most of our thing or concept we are leaving now have been thought before the 1950.
  • honestGUY45
    Why does anyone care? Kennedy's been dead for decades, baby boomers have one foot on the banana peel, so...
    • not329446

      So this shit is halarious. In the 60s there were many conspiracy theories but nothing like this. What will they say about the fruitcake we have now.

    • @not329446 well Obama is married to a man so...
      JOHN F KENNEDY was LGBTQ, Dear homophobic Baby Boomers (Trigger Warning)🍆

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  • AdithyaR
    Okay he was gay. So what? Still doesn't change the fact that he was cool.
    I don't understand why that Boer thought calling him gay was as insult.
  • Smashingdoozy
  • LGBTQ whatever is fine. Just as long as they admit mental illness and stop trying to enforce compelled pronouns.
  • 2ndTryatThis
    The way you set this up before each picture was priceless... 🤣
  • not329446
    Who cares what he was. It's all useless history. Doesn't affect you at all.
    Everybody has to be something. Why worry about it.
  • Tstrbrainer
    I've heard that he was a good president and that's all that matters, isn't it?
    • lolcraft

      Because no one takes about his presidency.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    True or not, it doesn't matter. You're free to live your life as you choose.
  • CertifiedHandsomity
    He only married a woman and had kids because back then LGBTQ marriage was technically "forbidden"
  • msc545
    So what? J. Edgar was gay and a crossdresser. Who cares?
  • Blondegirl1214
    It sounds like you are jealous of JFK
  • sdtabot
    I'm too lazy to read so no comment.
  • JosyJosy
    Thanks for the info
  • Sevenpointfive
    you make a good argument. he was a faggot
    • Little known fact is that most democratic politicians are gay. This doesn't apply to Bill Clinton though, he was clearly Bisexual

    • @SuccessfulHornDog yeah. i knew this, but most DEMS can't believe it. i mean even Obama was married to a Trans!

  • worldscolide
    Never knew about any of this.. Great take!.
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I’m totally confused and agree with @sdtabot
    • Gwenhwyfar

      Also, I hope this is a joke, cause I like history and there’s so many ways this is historically inaccurate

  • ActiveSh1tter
    Based Baby Boomer.
    Homosexuality is degenerate.
  • OpenNudist
  • Numbnuts89
    I'm not a baby boomer
  • sayang
    Honi sexual is bad thing
    • sayang

      Homo*... like sex between boy and girls

  • Asianguy123
    omg that's cool
  • EnglundUberAlles
    Who the fuck cares? They're both adults.