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Why Last of Us 2 is such an insult.


There's been a lot of nonsense about the Last of Us 2, and most of it is so ridiculous it shouldn't even be accepted as a valid argument.

The original game, if you don't know, was a post apocalyptic survival game made famous by the heart at the center of the plot--Joel and Ellie, a father grieving his lost daughter, and an orphan looking for a life. The game appealed to the most good and pure things inside of all of us--love for family. Joel, who went from being annoyed by the twerp to de facto adopting her and showing the deepest fatherly love a man could. Ellie, the lost girl who found a father who loved her unconditionally as a father should.

Why Last of Us 2 is such an insult.

Theeeennn the sequel hit for our dynamic duo, and it took the theme of "There are no heroes or villains, just people caught in a cycle of violence." It even made players largely play Abby, who killed Joel. Basically asking us to sympathize with Abby and explore her background, how she wasn't a villain, etc.

The meaningful, dramatic death scene for Joel? Sadistically beaten to death Neagan style by a character who makes Rhonda Rousey look extremely feminine.

Oh, you say, well maybe he did awful things. After all that's what the game then preaches to us, that violence is bad and there are no heroes, we all do awful things.

What was his sin?

In the first Last of Us, Joel and Ellie travel to a group called the Fireflies, who think Ellie, who is immune to the current mold plague, can help them make a vaccine. They eventually make it there, only to be knocked out by soldiers who think they are bad guys. Joel wakes up and find out the Fireflies also captured Ellie and are going to try to make a vaccine.

By putting her on life support and carving her brain up like sushi. THIS is what the game wants us to think makes Joel, really, a villain--literally going to rescue a kidnapped child who is going to have her brain carved up while alive by scientists who think they can make a cure from her. No, Ellie was not informed that her skull was going to be emptied. Literally kidnapping and first degree murder of a child.

AND WE'RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE JOEL IS A VILLAIN. This isn't good plot writing. This is taking a character, trying to turn him into a villain for a plot point, and act like the audience is idiots who will believe anything. That is why so many people are upset about Last of Us 2--the plot writers are disgusting and should have been reprimanded for even suggesting such a horrible, insulting plot.

Why Last of Us 2 is such an insult.
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  • ChaoticVortex
    I played the first game. And a demo of the second. To be honest, this game isn't meant to be what we want. It explores ideas that are outside what we think is right or wrong. The story is meant to make you consider every aspect of every character. Similar to death stranding, there isn't any fan service just a story of betrayal, murder, violence and greed. These are stories that dive into the controversial and make you question if there really is a good side. Joel wanted to protect that girl even if her one soul could save many others. This makes you think about what really is the best choice. You aren't suppose to like it. You are supposed to grit your teeth and grind your gears and consider, "what really makes a bad person so bad in the eyes of humanity?" And, "Can it be that good and bad really are subjective and there is only survival?" There is a message in every game. The produ ears did do what you wanted and you dont like what there idea was? Maybe look at it from a different angle and try to see what it is they really were trying to say with this game. What really is the message? Then consider that its a zombie survival game... shit is gonna happen that you ain't gonna like. Just enjoy what is there and keep your mind open. I liked what I could play not for the story, but for the choices and game play. It was stressful and anxiety enduring. But it told me something different. Something that ain't new but isn't thought about I ut often. Who determines the villains and what gives them that right? And are they truly right? Food for thought. I respect your opinion though. To each their own my friend. Enjoy what you like. I would do the same.
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  • I liked the theme song.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • paronomasia
    Agreed. Anyone I know who has played it already is disappointed. Honestly, from that and what I’ve seen of the gameplay so far, I doubt I’ll even bother getting a copy, at least not any time soon. It was definitely a failed sequel.
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  • TraceyByrd
    The game is gonna get insults & disappointents I don't disagree on that there's shit I don't appreciate about the game they really fucked up
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