Men shouldn't have to prove how manly they are!

We stan long-haired men now before, yall come for my throat let me explain something Ive learned about men over the years.
We stan long-haired men now before, y'all come for my throat let me explain something I've learned about men over the years.

Society actively promotes to young boys that violence is the only way to get a girl: Have you ever heard adults saying to young girls. "Oh, he pulled your hair. It means he likes you". It does *cough* sex joke *cough*, But this is a problem because this body becomes a man. As I made it, he learns to believe I have to be aggressive about how I talk to women, so she'll notice me. Thus he does, and when it doesn't work, he acts angry when he's actually upset, but becuase that's one of the few emotions he's told he is allowed to show, he calls the woman a whore or a bitch and leaves her alone...if she's luckily or in the event it goes well, she positively reinforces that, and now in his mind, the idea that "oh women like it when I'm aggressive to them" grows.

Now, what does this have to do with anything? Well, the reality is after society has taught us what it thinks we should do, we as people bully each other into conforming with societal norms. Now here is a crazy idea, what if we stopped that? I personally think if you tell me you identify as a man, okay, you're a man. You don't have to go out into the great outdoors and cut down a tree to prove that, no shame to lumberjacks, of course. But bare with me a second, imagine a moment in your life where people say you agreed on something and you didn't want to agree, and it was something small like you actually like pineapple on pizzas. The reality of this plays out the day with the whole,

"oh, you're a beta male becuase you aren't 6'9 and have washboard abs".

"Oh, paint your nails. You're gay".

"Oh, you're depressed, man up."

"Oh, you don't think she's a slut, SIMP!!".

"Oh, you like your hair longer. Just say you wanna be a girl".

These statements are real statements and affect real people, and most people statistically speaking aren't 6 feet tall or have washboard abs. It's not gay if a guy wants to experiment a little with his look; it's just self-expression. Men do have mental health issues; more men are statistically going to die from depression, and I've seen the little crazy guys online repost it again and again that men do suffer, Okay? Then shouldn't we talk about it? If a guy doesn't drink, it doesn't mean he's a pussy; if a guy has long hair, that's fine (tbh I think it's beautiful). Also, if a man doesn't want to join in on dragging women, it's not a big deal.. he just minds his own business.

Personally, let's give men the room to talk about their body issues, sexual and much more.

Sidenote: women, can we stop expecting all guys to be 6'0 tall? The average height for men in both Canada and America is 5'9, and for women, it's 5'6; that being said... he'd still be tall than you on average. This is life, not an NBA draft like chill.

Men shouldn't have to prove how manly they are!
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