Don't worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.


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I just got home, ate a burger, and I feel surprisingly good. You see, yesterday, Disney and Lucasfilm fired Gina Carano from The Mandalorian, someone who called for unity in times of political division and hatred (pretty much all of it coming from the radical, far-left). This was a bridge too far. You see, Gina Carano, unlike these people, is actually a positive person. You could argue she's the female Dwayne Johnson. She's never been anything else but a class-act, the whole way through. I was furious, like millions of other people. But it made me realize something.

The worse the far left gets, the more people are finally waking up from woke. You see, history has shown examples of this, time and time again. The more aggressive you get with a population, the more that population resists, then rebels, then revolts. And once that happens, despots and tyrants get be-headed and have their skulls stuck on pikes.

The reason the radical left has been so successful in their insidious plot to spread Marxism, Communism, hate, and negativity throughout society, typically in the form of social justice and feminism, is because they did it gradually. It took them five years straight; from 2011 (shortly after Occupy Wall Street), up to 2016, to get as far as they did. In 2015, they had successfully indoctrinated college campuses in order to "hit 'em young and early." But in 2016, something happened. And his name was Donald Trump.

Trump called the Progressive fascists to lose their collective shit. At first, they tried to remain calm and "rational." But as they keep failing and failing, year after year, they got more and more extreme and insane. It wasn't until 2020 that they hit batshit levels of crazy. They got so extreme, they literally committed massive election fraud. This was thought to be a "conspiracy" but the dumbest people in America, until the bad guys literally admitted it in TIMA Magazine only months later. (And some of the stupid people on the far left will probably STILL deny election fraud happened.)

You see, Trump drove them a little cuckoo. Well, more so than usual. He caused them to stop being coordinated and calculated. Now, they're just openly sloppy and corrupt. Some might call it arrogance, and there is definitely arrogance there. But they are no longer being smart about things. Not since the start of 2020. Perhaps COVID played a part in this, as well. But the key to their success and victory was to have the people - the DUMBEST people in society, mind you, but the people nonetheless - on their side. Every social justice warrior and Twitter feminist they recruited to do their bidding and be their online 50 cent army and Cancel Culture mob. Not ironically, this is exactly what Gina Carano talked about in the infamous Instagram post of unity that got her fired (that she didn't even write, but reposted).

Dont worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.
Dont worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

The shadowy scum in power, trying to lead The Great Reset, and push Communism and Marxism into Western society have now gotten too extreme for their own good. Before, they used to rely on the psychopaths at the bottom to do their work, for them. The people literally too stupid to know their condemning themselves with every cancel culture Tweet and post they make. Suppressing a society and subjugating them doesn't require 100% or even 90% of the population to go along with it. It just requires "enough" of them. And the power players can just cheat to fill in the gaps, like they did with the 2020 US election, and like they do on social media like Twitter and Facebook and any Google site. (By the way, start seeking out alternatives to Google right now! Get on Outlook for email, and Dropbox for cloud storage. Make preparations for when Google eventually tries to cancel you.)

To put it mildly, the shadowy scum would give all the wokémon on Twitter and Team ANTIFA trash in real life, all the tools they needed to do their bidding, but would remain in the shadows. Until 2020 happened and it was assured Trump would win again, as he had more support than ever before, and America just went through a summer of BLM dipshits destroying American cities, burning neighborhoods to the ground, turning Seattle into literally Mad Max with CHOP/CHAZ. They were sloppy enough in their execution with this, but their campaign to call Trump a Nazi and bigot were failing, because put simply, actions speak louder than words.

It was becoming more and more clear to the clueless everyday Americans not on either side of the Culture War who the true "bad guys" were. You can CLAIM Trump is a "Nazi and bigot" all you want on CNN, but which side is calling for and supporting the pieces of shit outside your own window, burning down your neighborhood, while police are powerless to do anything about it? And assuming you do own your own guns, which side are trying to call you bigots and hate criminals for defending your own homes against BLM criminals?

COVID and the BLM riots of Summer 2020 made more and more clear to the everyday Americans in the middle who the the "bad guys" were. And even if you didn't like Trump, you certainly didn't like having your shit broken by thugs and criminals rioting for literally no good reason. This was the first time the left had "gone too far." And it would've assured Trump's re-election.

It WOULD HAVE, if the radical left hadn't gone too far YET AGAIN. As you know by now, they committed massive election fraud, in plain and open sight, and then proceeded to censor and ban anyone who talked about it on social media. Cause that's not suspicious at all or anything! They not only became literal fascists and thought police on social media, but actually banned competition out there, like Parlor, shortly after.

And make no mistake, I was livid when this happened and massively disappointed there wasn't nationwide riots and blood in the streets (from both sides, in unity) over what was clear and obvious election fraud. You don't have to like Donald Trump to see that committing massive election fraud is a dangerous precedent and probably a strong enough case for treason against America.

And this was all to get a candidate NO civilian on the left even liked! No one likes Joe Biden! Fuckin' NO ONE! The left wing Democrat civilians all wanted Bernie Sanders to run against Trump. But Bernie wasn't "the chosen one" by the DNC. If we lived in a day and age where human stupidity wasn't at an all time low, Tulsi Gabbard likely would've been selected and both sides could've lived peacefully with her; either in 2020 or 2024, post-Trump. Sadly, we don't live in a reality where most human beings have a respectable level of intelligence. But yes, Joe Biden was chosen as "their guy" to become "President." Someone even Democrats knew was a puppet on death's door with massive dementia. Someone who was useless as Vice President under Obama and useless in his entire political career. Someone Democrats didn't even like, no matter how much they were brainwashed into despising Trump. THIS senile useless motherfucker, was "chosen" to be president by the DNC!

Dont worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

Once again, the shadowy scum in power were being sloppy as hell. Pretty much all of 2020 were them making horrendous mistakes, left and right, and no longer being smart and believable in their actions. Things were becoming more and more apparent to everyday Americans (who weren't morons with an IQ of 74, but dummies with an IQ of at least 90) that things weren't happening naturally and fairly. That one side is blatantly "cheating." As stated before, the key to Klaus and Friends' success was to be as subtle and calculated in their takeover as possible. And every day, since 2020, they have been more and more reckless and obvious in their actions. The reason you "kill your foe with bug bites" is so that people don't see the obvious of what's going on. And the radical shadowy left is now being as subtle as a bull in a china shop.

Soon after their scam election with Weekend at Biden's and Black Hilary, they proceeded to be more radical and extreme on social media, even more so than they did with covering up Hunter Biden's scandals and talks of the obvious (to someone who's not a complete moron) election fraud. A mere three months removed from the 2020 US election, and the shadowy scum has not only gotten more open with their fascist actions, but have gotten more arrogant, as well. Literally a day after Biden "won" the election, we have Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez demanding to "make lists" of every Trump voter and supporter, literally like Nazi Germany. If everyone wasn't dumber than her didn't know how much of an idiot she is, they might have taken her seriously. But to even SAY something like that reeks of arrogant stupidity. And it's been non-stop since then.

The truth is, as stupid as most human beings are, they do have self-reservation (most of them). They aren't stupid enough to go along with something against their best interests. In the past, the shadowy scum were subtle about it. But now, they're making more and more and MUCH FUCKING MORE clear that they're the bad guys. They're the fascists. They're the new Nazis, in the most literal way possible.

And that brings us back to Gina Carano, who was recently fired for pointing out this truth bomb. She didn't even type it, she merely shared it on social media. Much like how the radical left handled the investigation with election fraud, there would be nothing to worry about and nothing to hide if you were in the right. As they said on Game on Thrones (a show/book series I never cared about):

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

I never cared for George R. R. Martin's fantasy series, but that's a classic quote if there ever was one. They hated Gina Carano for a long time now. Kathleen Kennedy, one of the mid-level Karens over at Lucasfilm; a talentless cunt and feminist, if you've ever met one. Kennedy might have wanted Carano gone for a while, but this was the catalyst to cause it to happen. For once in a long while, the left did something that wasn't completely fucking stupid... Or so, it seemed. Sure, the dumbest people in society (Hell, I'm "friends" with one of these people on Facebook) will take her quote to be "anti-Semitic." To drop another amazing quote from pop culture, here's Bill Murray explaining people like this:

“It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it's near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.”

Gina Carano calls for unity and to not repeat the actions that led to World War II and the holocaust (something both sides of the political aisle just LOVE to virtue shield with; "You can't criticize me/it, cause Holocaust.") And Gina Carano gets cancelled because of it. As stated before, Gina Carano is a shining beacon of kindness and strength. One of the few positive people in an ever-growing negative world, and one of the few non-Marvel characters saving Disney's ass from chapter 9 bankruptcy. To be fair, this is probably for the best, since Disney is evil, after all. But at least, many of us thought they were going to go back to "Capitalist greed evil," not "woke evil."

To use a simple metaphor, cancelling Gina Carano for what she said would be like slaughtering a baby in open public because it got in your way. This hit HARD. Hard enough to even make everyday normies take notice. People on the internet weren't just mad about this. The uninformed were, as well. And it's because of WHY and HOW she got fired. As stated, anyone who isn't literally retarded would understand what she meant by her statement she posted on Instagram. If you fire someone for telling the truth and calling for unity, that makes you look like a MASSIVE piece of shit. And the blame goes all the way up to the chain of command. Meaning, even if this was just Kathleen Kennedy's side of Lucasfilm doing this, all of Disney, and by association, all of the powerful Progressive side of society, is going to feel the blame for this. This is what you get when you side with Progressives: Cancellation and insults when you call for peace and unity. If that doesn't wake normies up to how evil, insidious, and fucked up the radical left is, very little will.

Dont worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

Yes, we're now at a point where peace and love is unironically considered "fascism and anti-Semitism." This is how batshit insane the far left is. And some of the woke, are starting to wake up. And some of the normal liberals, are starting to drop their flags. Because the powerful scum in social media, big tech, and Hollywood won't just stop with this. They are going to keep getting more and more arrogant and hostile. People tend to not notice one or two big "oh shit" moments. But once they start to pile up, people start to finally take notice. And this Gina Carano situation, despite it only being a "trivial" pop culture phenomenon, is making people take notice. Making people see that calling for peace and unity is now seen as a fireable offense. Something even everyday people can tell, would only come from some REALLY evil pieces of shit.

Don't expect 2021 to end peacefully, though. Things WILL get worse. But as I said, I feel good now. Because the more people that finally start to wake up, the more allies there will be to resist and push back against the Schwab/Gates/Soro gang in the Illuminati (or whatever the fuck they are). A slow, subtle takeover is what would've assured their victory. But they've grown too arrogant for that, ever since they rigged the 2020 election. Now, they're being so open and brazen, they're losing massive support. There may be a literal Culture War. Or not.

But people at least are starting to FINALLY know who their true enemy is. The everyday, small-brained average person is finally starting to "get it" now and realize Trump and conservatives aren't all just "Nazis, racists, and bigots." People are finally starting to realize that just because you call yourself woke and a good feminist ally, they won't come for you and destroy your life, too. People are finally starting to realize that the left eat their own, and that maybe they aren't "on the right side of history" after all. But hey, you can't win a war without soldiers, right?

I feel like this year will be the tipping point, for it all. When everyday people have finally had enough and finally realize that they don't want a new Nazi uprising in the far-left to happen in 2020s America. People may finally realize that maybe Cara Dune from The Mandalorian has a point, after all? And that maybe, we should stop attacking friends, family, and neighbors over a bunch of weak, pathetic pieces of shit with money who, if you were one-on-one in a room with, you could easily kick the ass of. People are starting to wake up and see who the true villains are. And they're also starting to see how weak, desperate, and scared they are. Americans got a glimpse of that January 6th, 2021. And that was just with a few boomers in MAGA hats. Imagine the full wrath of a united nation against these pieces of shit soaked in period blood.

The huge TL;DR of all of this is: I feel optimistic now, for the first time in a long time, because as the extreme left gets more and more fascist, more and more people grow in the resistance. Which means their downfall will be closer and closer. Make no mistake, things will
get worse before they get better. But at least now, hope is in sight. When the radical left is willing to literally cancel a call for peace, love, and unity, that's when you know who the bad guys are, even if you're slower than others.

Dont worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

Sooner or later (hopefully, by the end of 2021, but maybe even 2022 or 2023), there will be a citizen uprising against the shadowy scum in power. First, they'll go after Kamala and her sidekick, Joe Biden. It'll be military personnel doing so, as well. But it won't stop with them. People will eventually start reading the Constitution and becoming true Americans once more, and doing what the Founding Fathers literally tell you to do and start watering that fucking Tree of Liberty, already! If a bunch of Boomers can have them cowering in fear while surrounded by police and Secret Service, imagine what a united nation will do.

Let's have us a IRL third act scene from Avengers Endgame against the Great Reset motherfuckers. Fuck, Gina Carano can even be our Captain America! Maybe even Tulsi Gabbard; woman, man, black, white; the true United States of America won't care who you are. As long as you're against THIS bullshit cancel culture, far-left Progressive bullshit state of affairs.

"America... Unite!"
"America... Unite!"

So let's get there, already! Get ready to prepare for the worst. Because we'll need it to finally end this shit, once and for all.

Don't worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.
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  • CalmYourTits

    People will wake up, only if they read the evidence for themselves. The problem is, so many people look for permission. Permission to even believe in their own common sense, and they are even scared to question themselves because someone told them the belief that was given to them was right, and if their common sense conflicts with that they become uncomfortable and they rather believe someone else because they lack the confidence inside themselves.

    This is what Gina wrote, "Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors... even by children... Because history is edited, most people today don't realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?" I have the source cited.

    She made a comparison that conservatives are being treated the way the Jews were treated towards the beginning of the holocaust. Tattletales, and rats that gave up their neighbors.

    I agree with her. People will point and yell at you if you are not wearing a mask, and claim how you "don't care about people's safety", yet if you read the back of the box it clearly says that the masks do not protect you from disease.

    In NYC and in California, they made the police check on people's homes during the holidays to make sure they were social distancing (which is an illegal act.). Gina is saying that neighbors would be willing to tattle on a conservative home if they gathered. Just the way people tattled on jews who were hiding.

    MLK Jr. once said in his letter from Birmingham jail, "A just law is a man made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.“

    Disney unjustly fired her. I think because she is trying to wake people up, and Disney does lots of business with China, and China wants to control the people.


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Most Helpful Guy

  • pervertedjester

    Oh I think she deserves more than making her our Capt America. With the amount of backlash and hate she got and then proceeded to tolerate as they dragged her name through the mud, she deserves to our next...

    Don't worry, sane rational people. We will eventually win the Culture War.

    Wonder Woman 2021 #CancelDisney+

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  • SamtheDnDgirl

    She was not fired for having a conservative opinion, nor was she calling for unity. She's been anti-science, making fun of the trans community, being an anti-masker, unwarranted criticism of BLM, and many more.

    People were getting angry with her, but you can't be fired for voicing just a simple opinion, which she was not. However, when she said that her being criticized for her opinions, which is part of freedom of speech, was the same as the Jewish people's treatment during the Holocaust, which is making light of one of the greatest tragedies and largest genocides in human history. It was determined that it was hate speech, which is not constitutionally protected.

    So, she was fired for hate speech. Which is grounds you can be fired for.

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    • MCheetah

      I'm sorry, but all of that is complete crap. And it makes me think you're just saying that because she doesn't agree with your left-leaning political views, which is the exact point she made in the Instagram post. Anyone who criticizes her is only proving her right, which people criticizing her are too foolish to see.

      "you can't be fired for voicing just a simple opinion"
      Have you seen America the past five years?

      BLM is a shit movement for shit people. And I know you're white; I'm black and I'm telling you BLM deserves all the negative criticism out there after the Summer of 2020. Either way, she said she wouldn't endorse BLM. That's not "criticism." I wouldn't, either.

      Also, "the Jews" do not get a free pass in everything because "Holocaust." I'm so sick of people using that as an excuse to not talk about things that make them uncomfortable. It's a part of history. It happened, whether it should have or not. We're allowed to talk about history.

      Hate Speech is stupid, and goes against Free Speech entirely. People who condone Hate Speech are cowards who are afraid of words and ideas.

      She didn't even bring up the Holocaust. You are making a strawman argument when I literally have the thing she made posted here, front and center. Go back and read it again, because other people will call you out when you lie or misconstrue what's right in front of you.

      If you think it's okay to bully people for months on social media, then fire them for opinions, would you stand by these words once it happens to you?

    • These are the facts and it feels like you want me to be wrong, but I'm not.

    • MCheetah

      That's literally what a wrong person would say. But if you are the type to live in willful ignorance and be closed-minded to the world around you (while implying to be tolerant and inclusive), that's on you.

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  • Dargil

    Only if the Second Amendment remains in place. If not, we become the Soviet Union until it runs out of other people's money. Then there's tribalism and anarchy.

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  • extremelybored

    I'm with you on this, I'm absolutely sick of these fucking bastards too.

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  • Jjpayne

    I do appreciate your level of detail and your passion. I unfortunately don't always have to the time to completely look at everything unfortunately... But I do appreciate the invite to the question

  • Hanoi_Jane00

    This is what Gina wrote, "Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors... even by children... Because history is edited, most people today don't realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?"
    She was right, this was how it started and the nazis didn't just do this to ethnic or religious minorities but also to people with different political views to force conformity.

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  • Avicenna

    Quite right

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    • Avicenna

      I mean of course that you’re quite right in your assessment of the evil that we are facing.

    • MCheetah

      Please excuse the typos. I cannot edit the post.