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Abortion ISN’T murder or bad!


Abortion isn’t murder, and there is medical, factual evidence to back this up.

If you are pro life because you think abortion is murder well;

1. Women should have a choice and 2. It’s not.

And if you just think abortion is murder and women who get abortions are evil, stupid, cruel deserved to be hang whatever how harsh your view is.. it’s not murder.

So, why is abortions not murder?

Abortion ISN’T murder or bad!

A fetus at 24 weeks cannot feel pain because they do not yet have the brain connections to do so. Everyone knows some fertilized egg is no way the same as a 4 year old, the life worth of them both are very different, it’s not like abortions are muddying a toddler, it’s getting rid of a clump of literal cells that don’t even have a brain or senses. People like to think that abortions cause women to have terrible phycological damage, and after abortions women will drown in regret and guilt and that they will never be the same again, some people seriously think it’s the same as someone murdering a child. A clump of cells isn’t a child, yet senses or a brain or feelings like I said before. Well actually a study was made were actually 95% of women that got abortions thought it was the right decision. If you are not a woman anyways, I don’t really care about your opinions on women being ruined after abortions. Also not to hate towards men at all but you will never have to experience choosing, since it’s ultimately up to the woman, so you wouldn’t know what it’s like, you’ll never be pregnant lmao. People do have right to speak up and have freedom but hell no they don’t have the right to live inside someone else’s body especially when doing so poses a threat to that person’s body.

Abortion ISN’T murder or bad!
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  • NorthwestRider
    I really do not care abortions. It is just a stupid topic to divide people apart and not talk about the actual issues such as healthcare, corruption, climate charge, etc
    Is this still revelant?
    • climate charge? I should have one nickel to that hoax

    • @888theGreat climate change is real and it’s serious

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  • nightdrot
    Actually it is murder. If you assume that a being is a human being from the moment of conception, then yes, it logically must be murder. Which indeed is why the courts and the law have tied themselves up in knots since Roe v. Wade trying to avoid defining when life begins.

    Hence why, at first, abortion was banned after the third trimester. Then the limit was refined to viability. Then, as viability has regressed to earlier and earlier stages of gestation, the limit has regressed to earlier and earlier in time.

    It is also why, now, some states have begun to use the "heartbeat standard" as the point after which abortion is not legal. All human beings have a heart. If the law can be compelled to recognize a heartbeat as definitive of a human being - the point being that most women will not know they are pregnant till after the point in time when a heartbeat is detectable - then abortion will be effectively banned.

    What the courts do not want to codify is the idea that the life of a human being can be taken - sanctioned by law - absent cause. A child being guilty of no crime save the fact of its conception, which itself it did not cause.

    Suffice to say, embody that idea in law and the consequences would be profound - and very bad. So the courts - as Roe v. Wade effectively took the question out of the hand of legislatures - are turning intellectual handstands to set a standard while avoiding the central question of when a fetus is a person.

    Indeed, the pro-choice argument is rooted in an intellectual conundrum. If the fetus is not a human person from the moment of conception, at what point - EXACTLY - does it become human? What, scientifically, legally, and morally, is the difference between the child one second before that EXACT moment, and one second after it? What are the implications if the law defines a date and then it turns out - after further scientific analysis - that it got it wrong?

    The courts are using an evasion. The fetus - from the moment of conception - cannot be anything other than a human person. It will not be a duck or a horse. Logically, a thing cannot be other than what it is at any stage of its development. Because if it can be, then scientifically the fetus has an equal potential to become an elephant as a baby.

    So the courts have fallen back on a semantic difference. We call a fetus a fetus, a baby a baby and a boy a boy and a man a man - even though, at every point in that continuum it is the same thing. An individual human person. The fact that we give different names to the same being at different points in time does not change the essential nature of the being. It is what it is and cannot be anything else at any point in that continuum.

    This then being why the point at which abortion is permitted is, slowly but surely, falling back earlier in time. Again, it having started at the first trimester and having since, in law, been refined as "viability," as the courts have periodically rewritten the standard. (Again, also remembering, legislatures - Federal, state or local - since Roe v. Wade, are excluded from drawing the line.)

    Long way around, yes, logically and philosophically, abortion is murder by virtue of it being the taking of the life of a human being who is not guilty of any crime at the will of another being. The law has only avoided stating that fact by relying on a semantic fiat - and a shifting point in time - that bears neither scientific, nor logical nor moral scrutiny.
    • Archerer

      "If you assume that a being is a human being from the moment of conception"

      I don't. Boom. It isn't murder.

    • nightdrot

      @Archerer Really, if not human from the moment of conception, then at what point - specifically and precisely - in time does it attain that status? What is the scientific and moral difference one second before that moment in time and one second after?

      Be specific and precise. Define the relevant characteristics and at what point they are attained. In that connection, how can it be anything other than human?

    • Archerer

      Once it's born

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  • Twinrova
    Ignorant post.

    1. You haven't explained why the most incipient stages of life are not valuable, you just simply stated that they were...

    2. You say that a man's opinion doesn't matter because he will never have to choose whether to keep or abort the baby, which is: 1) not always true, and; 2) even if it were, the father is still affected by the decision, so his opinion should matter anyways.

    3. You claim that abortion doesn't cause women to feel guilt, but then the evidence you adduce in support of this notion doesn't actually evince its veracity. You bring up an unamed study that found 95% of women who undergo abortion procedures think they made the right call post-abortion, but this doesn't mean they don't feel guilt. Often times, making the right choice is hard and emotional; I would imagine, and have heard, that killing one's own child can evoke a great deal of guilt and shame.

    Overall, you strike me as one of those self-righteous, kool-aid drinking, liberals that are disconnected from reality, and whose fragile mind is controlled at the behest of Don Lemon and company at fake news CNN.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    First and foremost, yes it is. According to scientific data, a fetus can feel pain, to what extent may be up for debate but recent data does show fetus's responding to pain. Second, that is a completely irrelevant argument because by that reasoning as long as some one doesn't feel pain its not murder which no sane person would ever claim. If some one is in a coma and you put a bullet in their head, is it murder? Yes. If you give a person a drug that completely deadens their nerves and then kill them, is it murder? Yes. So this argument is irrelevant.

    Second, your saying its not murder but you don't explain why its not murder beyond them not feeling pain. That is a circular argument, its not murder and we know its not murder because you said its not murder. That isn't an argument. Under the law if a person attacks a woman who is pregnant and she loses the baby, the person in question has commited murder. So legally it is murder and scientifically the fetus, which is human by scientific definition, is a human being and thus intentionally ending its life is murder.

    Third, why should a woman have a say in the whether or not some one who is not them lives or dies? That is irrational and again, is circular logic as your not coming up with an argument to explain why she should have this choice. Further more if you are pro choice, why then are you not pro responsibility? That is a woman can choose whether or not she gets pregnant, so why is it that your pro choice when it comes to abortion but not pro choice when it comes to avoiding pregnancy and thus the need for abortion to begin with? Again, this is irrational.

    So abortion is by definition murder and murder is by definition bad (and this isn't even taking into account the extreme damage it does to the woman from the extreme depression to the increased rates of miscarriage (due to the unnatural stretching of the cervix).

    No one who supports abortion is pro choice, they are anti responsibility.
  • fjh80
    Okay, let's break this down.
    "1. Women should have a choice..." That's not an argument that disqualifies abortion as murder. You're probably thinking that because I wrote that, that it somehow means that I think women shouldn't have a choice.
    That argument is always USED to villianize someone who's standing up for a baby's right to live. The truth is, if I could some how make it happen, women would choose to let their own children live.

    "A fetus at 24 weeks cannot feel pain because they do not yet have the brain connections to do so."
    Here, you're at least making an argument. It's the "they don't have a brain" or "they don't have a heart beat" argument. This is the argument that has potential to change my mind, but just because someone, even a doctor says it's not alive doesn't mean it's not alive. I'd have to know 100 % beyond any doubt before I could condone ending a life.

    "Everyone knows some fertilized egg is no way the same as a 4 year old"
    A 4 year old is not the same as a 20 year old or a 40 year old. From an unfeeling perspective, like a clump of cells, a 4 year old is only potential. It doesn't serve a purpose or contribute to our society.
    You can say that it WILL have a purpose or contribute, and you'd be absolutely correct. The same is true for the clump of cells.

    Psychological damage to women... Again, this doesn't have bearing on weather or not it's murder. I can't comment on this point beyond what I've already said.

    "Also not to hate towards men at all but you will never have to experience choosing, since it’s ultimately up to the woman..." Again, this statement is true. Again, it's doesn't have anything to do with weather it's murder or not.

    "hell no they don’t have the right to live inside someone else’s body especially when doing so poses a threat to that person’s body..." Again, I agree. Again, this doesn't speak to abortion being murder or not.
    Also, I'm not even sure what to say to this. Now you're adding "Poses a threat to that persons body". This little aspect changes the conversation entirely.

    A fetus is alive. It's growing. Sentient or not, I don't know. Because I don't know, I can't take a position that would kill something I don't understand.
    Because it's alive, and you're intentionally killing it, and you can even say it's premeditated, it kinda meets the definition of murder. That said, we DO know that it's a little more nuanced than that.
  • ohshee
    Thank you for your input I really needed to hear something I new ,, I am pro life but at the same time I will be back any woman to do anything that she wants to do because it is her body it is her choice nobody else's I just got done helping somebody in the Philippines she has no family she coming for your own food it totally disgust me but she needed help I sent her money for the bills diabetic pills didn't work so if you needed to do it again I sent her more money she took those and then your body rejected the fetus and prove it to me she had to send a picture which just did not need to happen that is most disgusting part of the whole thing I'm getting sick right now just talking about it a woman has a choice to do whatever she wants to that is her choice God give us all choices for all matters I will back any play of any woman he wants to do whatever she wants to do no matter which way it goes I would do it again in a heartbeat but thank you I needed to hear that I needed almost feel this again but I'm sicker than a dog. About 2 seconds anyway thank you for your input. I really like this question
    • roxbby

      Could you consider yourself as pro-choice because pro-choice means you allow for the choice of whether you abort or not, and that includes your choice to be personally pro-life.

    • ohshee

      I am pro choice for others I am pro life for me

    • roxbby

      Thank you. It so so nice when people decide to not control other people’s choices, and a number of pro-life people want to make decisions for others.

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  • DaisyM23
    I think it’s incredibly ironic for many pro life people to rage on about forcing women and girls to have their babies but when that baby is born and in a bad situation they don’t care anymore, it’s generally the right who think this and generally the right who are opposed to welfare and blame parents on kids growing up to be criminals or addicts or something when that parent maybe had no choice in the matter
    • jerdanro

      Where did you hear that? Is that just "common knowledge"? Certainly, some pro-lifers are also irresponsible shits who don't support their children, but what makes you think that is the rule and not the exception?

    • DaisyM23

      Well i can just connect the dots. In america, it’s the right who oppose abortion and who oppose womens rights and welfare. Also, I kept saying generally because I didn’t want to generalise and upset any prolifers on here

    • jerdanro

      I wish we could get away from joining a team, left or right, and catagorizing people by that alone. I know moderate republicans and moderate democrats who are more alike than not. I'm not a fan of abortion, but I don't believe I have the right to control other's live. I do object to the claims made in the original post because scientifically they aren't true. It's tempting to see one piece of evidence that supports one's own beliefs and decide that it is proof.

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  • KneeDragger
    @KatherinexPierce – So where is your scientific evidence to support your claim? There was lots of opinion, but nothing to prove your case. From the moment of fertilization, the unborn, myself and you or my three-year-old playing in his room right now, we are the exact same save four traits; we each our Size, Level of awareness, the Environment and the Degree of dependency (use the acronym SLED to help remember the different characteristics). I’ll use myself as an example to prove my position. My Size changed when I take a breath, my chest expanded as I hold my breath. When I go to sleep at night, my Level awareness changes. Right now, I’m sitting on my couch but if I move my head just a few inches to the side, my Environment changes. As a teenager at the age of thirteen my Degree of dependency changed as I have grown to be an adult of forty-two.

    During any of the stages of my life did I change, sure but I never lost my humanity, my personal self never changed. Sure, traits that can define characteristics about myself can change, but the traits that make me a person never change.

    A woman does have a choice, she has the choice to partake in an activity known to create life. If you want to argue the case for rape; well rape accounts for a quarter of a quarter of a percent of the total number of abortions. I’ll agree with abortion if we can allow for abortion only in the case of rape, then all other cases of abortion are outlawed, but I’ll wager you won’t go there. You would rather have consequence free sex. Women have the choice to the act that creates life.

    There are people who cannot feel pain, yet they walk around and live normal lives. Are they not people despite their lack of a nerve pathway or some other malady?

    Follow those same women five, ten, twenty or fifty years later in life who are alright right now with their abortion. Do you really think that is an opinion they will hold their entire lives? Also, please notice it’s an opinion. An opinion is like chocolate versus vanilla ice cream and the unborn deserve far more than just an opinion. Also, want to guess who wrote that article about 95% who were glad they had an abortion, that group was of people in a death clinic like Planned Parenthood? That’s like asking kids if they like candy, at a candy store when they are giving candy away for free.

    Finally, you talk about how women should be the only ones who are allowed to decide anything about abortion. So, can you create human life all on your own, zero addition from others? Or do you require males to provide half the gametes, yet they aren’t required for anything else? If a woman wants they baby, is the father required to pay child support? If a father wants the child and the mother wants an abortion, should the father have zero option about the life of the child? Just like any other opinion, what happens if the opinion of one parent changes? Abortion is permanent and the opinions of a mother change. Babies did nothing wrong and they shouldn’t die because someone has an opinion against the life of the baby. Please find a healthy person who wishes their parents had chosen to abort them, instead of giving the adult the option of life. In addition, most women recognize the humanity of babies but are pressured to the choice of abortion.
    • Ronald Reagan once said, "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." It's so true. You were given a chance to experience life yet you won't allow another to enjoy that same privilege. That sounds so selfish and then these same people complain about genocides and the like.

    • @Daniela1982 Amen Sista ! That is what it comes down to. Selfishness. Me Me Me

    • @Daniela1982 and @888theGreat - One of the saddest portions; men support abortion for the most part because they want consequence-free sex. Nothing in life is consequence-free but people like sex and they want it to be without any natural consequences.

      The actual funny part, my wife and I can determine whether or not we want to have relations at any given period of the month. All that is required is an actual understanding of adult physiology. However, it takes acting like an adult and not following the passions of a young adult. If you support abortion, please try and make the argument you are mature all while supporting the open slaughter of a defenseless child. Please prove me wrong, pretty please.

  • ChrisMaster69
    Women have the choice, it’s simple really.
    if after professional advice was given and a decision was made, then it’s the woman’s decision.

    the only bit that is slightly wrong, is that there is often emotional scaring after an abortion is sort, this a woman will carry with her through life, it’s not always an easy straightforward decision.

    life is not black and white, nor are the decisions that people make throughout it, sometimes hard decisions are made.
    • The child should not be executed for having a stupid mother. One , apparently she is not ready for sex if she can't take care of the baby. Two, she messed up with the birth control. It amazes me how the baby is punished with the death penalty for someone else's mistake. That is like grabbing people off the street and executing them because someone was killed. Then again these are same people panic over a virus that kill one person out of 200,000 it infects.

    • @888theGreat or maybe she was with a lowlife like you, who stealthed her by slipping of the condom and cumming in her. Or maybe you giving in to your obvious woman hating side and raping one (again?).
      The woman has the choice, be happy in your 6th Century mind.

    • go back to playing with yourself

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  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    I mean I get it, but a clump of cells and a 24 week old fetus are totally different. A baby born at 24 weeks can survive. That said, I'm not in the business of policing what other women do with their bodies.
  • Elsa143
    Ofcourse it isn't.
    People should stfu and mind their own business. Anyone forcing a woman to keep the baby should be sued. It's her body and her choice.
    This world is already overpopulated and many people don't know how to be a real parent.
  • MissRomantic
    Do you think that a cognitively disabled person deserves to live? If you say yes, so does a human being without a developed brain. You can’t erase the fact that the fetus contains the ingredients that make human life. A baby’s brain isn’t fully developed yet we take care of them so they can grow and mature. Same with a fetus, we let it grow in our bodies so it can develop mental capacities and more. How is this different than a fetus?
  • Rogue77
    Abortion IS HOMICIDE. Life begins at conception. Why should that person's (a fetus is a person at an early stage of development, not an object) existance be erased because of the choices you made resulting in pregnancy. Maybe the kid who's life you chose to snuff would have been the one that finds the cure for cancer, or AIDS, or some other world changing thing. All life is precious.
  • Even if it is murder, it's better than unplanned babies. Parents who are not mentally or financially prepared can do much worse.
    • Elsa143

      True. I have an abusive and controlled mother and I finally freed myself after realizing that my low self esteem, my internal fears and self criticism was because of her. Now I'm free and parenting myself.

    • Elsa143

      *controlling mother

    • anon1903

      Thank you for solidifying my answer and God bless

  • Hikerman
    Until you women decide its not and have the child to keep the guy for child support money... Plus you're 14. Wyd are you worrying about abortions for? Do your homework.
    • Well this 14 year old is educated. Looks like you need to do your homework because you can even spell why properly.

    • Agape93

      Plus as long as a girl is capable of pregnancy, abortion is a valid and honestly better of an option in case of an accidental pregnancy or they get sexually assaulted.

      Don’t be condescending dude.

    • Kas19

      Child support is to support a conscious fully formed child that the mother decided to keep.

      We worry about plenty of things at a young age as a woman that men don't have to. I don't think abortion is a shocking topic for a 14 year old girl to know about.

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  • Whenever you stop a heart it is killing. Yes it is murder and population control. Liberal social engineering. It is immoral. It doesn't matter what you think but what God thinks. Tell him in your defense when you stand before him.

    Science said don't wear a mask then wear a mask. Science said human race would extinct from Global Warming 10 years ago. That Florida would be under water and fish would be swimming up broad way. I wouldn't put much faith in Science.
    • Kas19

      God died a long time ago.

    • @Kas19 Who gave you this knowledge?

    • Kas19

      Look around you.

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  • snackthatsmilesback
    A fetus is just an individual clump of cells. A child is just a bigger clump of those same cells with a few newly developed abilities. An adult is just a biggest clump of those same cells, fully developed. Correct?

    I'm fine with women deciding, do whatever you want, but that baby is a person.
  • rievious
    I'm not against abortion. Having a child when you're not ready can make the parents do some crazy things. However I think abortion is murder bc its a full DNA construct that will develope into a human. By saying it can't feel pain doesn't mean anything. I think abortion is a good thing but that doesn't mean I like it.
  • Dchrls78104
    I fear for the future of modern society. I'm glad I'm 43 and after reading stuff like this wish I were 93.
  • jerdanro
    The picture you're showing isn't a clump of cells, it's a person.

    Shooting a person in the head is painless too. Does that make it right?

    I'm not going to tell you what to do with your body, that's your choice, but your scientific justification paints a picture that is far from complete.

    Nature is one of the two most respected scientific journals, the other being Science.

    https://www. nature. com/articles/pr200950
    • There is no scientific justification for abortion. It's murder, plain and simple. It is the mecca of those who would live a dissolute life and escape its consequences. Teaching this garbage to kids is irresponsible. Kids should be taught to develop positive traits that prepare them for successful living in the future, such as good judgement and self control. Deliberate abortion favours neither.

  • Abortion violates "Inclusive Fitness" which is a necessary component for a life form to succeed. Therefore abortion is wrong and meets an Objective definition of "Evil"..
  • vald9inches
    I honestly don't think anyone but the girl herself has a say in the matter whether or not to have a baby its pretty damn simple
    • To have a bunch of old ass judges decide such a personal matter is revolting and gross

    • We have billions of children starving and homeless and poor and nobody gives a fuck. But all the sudden a girl decides not to have a baby we crucify her? Like holy shit the hypocrisy!! lmfao 😂

    • This world really makes no sense at all sometimes lmfao

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  • SphynxUK
    Abortion is a woman’s choice.

    But sorry little lady, just to clarify, a moving 24 week old fetus isn’t a ‘clump of cells’.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    It is one of the most extreme, dripping-evil forms of murder possible. Reee is not an argument. You're an ageist.
  • MlJOPAPl
    I am more indifferent to abortion because as a conservative I don't believe the government has the right to tell someone what to do with their own body but remember in the eyes of the law a fetus isn't a person. That does not mean that fetus isn't a person though. The law is not always right.
  • jasmine_0603
    I agree with your opinion. What's also interesting is that most people who want to restrict women's rights and forbid abortion are men.
  • AFellowWeeb
    And women still ask why there are no good men left, after their 30'ies.
    This is one of the reasons why 50% of women in the west are childless and single by the age of 40.
    Empathy is ( was ) a feminine characteristic that men look for in a partner, if you descrive a living being growing inside of you, just because you were horny one day, as a ''clump of literal cells'', ho boy... Im guessing that number will rise up to 70% in next generations, specially with hookup culture rising nowadays.
  • Vinnygraphix
    First of all abortion is murder no matter what at 24 weeks, their are videos showing a 24 week old fetus who is crawling away inside the womb besides at 24 weeks after they kill your child they sell it’s organs on the black market I be can back my information up and I’m ready for a debate but if u are for abortion then u must be a liberal and a democrat
  • MannMitAntworten
    I fully support selective breeding for the biological improvement of the human race. Self induced eugenics is a remarkable way to improve the human hygiene by removing their DNA from continued propagation.
  • charlidunkin
    THIS! A woman can decide about her bidy not society
  • Come on! If you believe abortion - within a certain time period or if the mother's life is in danger is not murder you are just about to start another life or death war on GaG. By the way, some lady in Morocco just gave birth to 9 kids. Had she gotten an abortion she could have been a serial killer. Abortion ISN’T murder or bad!Abortion ISN’T murder or bad!
  • modelUN242
    Deal with the consequences of your actions, stop being a selfish slut,
    • wow how appealing love when adults can make well-crafted points during an argument which prove their point exceptionally, causing doubt in other sides and/or creating a compromise.

    • @friendlypelican I don't need to make well-crafted points, because no one listens to them anyways, abortion is disgusting, that's final, have you seen pictures of a bloody fetus?

    • @friendlypelican An ADULT wouldn't do an abortion anyways, because they would take responsibility of their own actions.

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  • Leavesbound
    Babies think, feel and are self aware in the third trimester. They are human beings. Therefore killing one is murder period. If you didn't want to have a baby then you should have taken precautions. In the first trimester fine, they have not developed to the point where they can feel pain or fear. In the second trimester there is some debate on this topic. Until we have more information about fetal development in the 2nd trimester, all 2nd and third trimester abortions should be prosecuted as first degree murder and both the doctor and the mother who consent to this should be so prosecuted. Just because you think murder is ok does not make it so.
  • EmoKate97
    Should abortions be illegal? No.

    It is murder? No its not. Nor is accidently hitting someone with your car, or having to kill someone threatening your life. You have to but don't necessarily want to.

    Are you killing a human being? Yes. That's the bases of what you're doing, it annoys me a little when women try to thought double think this subject. You are killing a human being by having an abortion, its fucked up but its also not exactly fair to get raped and being forced to forfeit your life because of it and its not exactly beneficial to society to raise a child that isn't wanted or able to be supported.

    Overall there's no pretty way to paint it, but trying to change the definition of things (which pro life and pro choice both do) doesn't help us overcome.
    • 99% of abortions are not conducted due to rape but to poor timing mostly or other reasons.

    • @ConstantPain it still happens tho. what was that saying? "we live for the minority"? either way, I've seen many young children die in countries where abortion is illegal due to rape... its still a valid reason you can't just go "oh but not EVERYONE is raped". if you feel those who were raped may access abortion then your'e pro regulated abortion but i hope to god you're not just saying rape doesn't count in any of this

    • Was it child's fault women got raped or man's fault. Why should child have to die because women isn't ready to adopt or be parents. But if man walks away from being father before child is born he's a awful man and should pay child support. You can't eat your cake and give it away too

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  • BCA6010
    Religion says life begins at conception.
    Science says life begins at inception.

    In either case, it's well before anyone knows they're pregnant, and the decision to have an abortion is entirely for personal, selfish reasons outside of the extreme minority (far less than 1%) that are due to legitimate medical concerns for the mother.

    So unless the definitions of life and/or murder are changed, then an abortion should be acknowledged as murder.

    Under any circumstances, why anyone would think it's something to be glorified or encouraged is beyond comprehension, but simply banning abortions isn't going to stop stupid people from doing stupid things, either.
    • im pro choice but im commenting on your last part- "simply banning abortions isn't going to stop stupid people from doing stupid things,"

      this is completely true and, in fact, if you research it countries with banned abortion have almost the exact same rates of abortion just with death included as the women die from unsafe and unsanitary abortion- even if i was pro life i would want it to be legal for the sole reason that banning it LITERALLY has no point anyway and instead will kill desperate adults.

  • captain_voidwalker
    We define death as the point where the heart stops beating. Therefore It's common since to define life as the point where the heart starts beating. So if you unborn child had a heartbeat and you aborted it. Congratulations your a murderer
  • The_Maphio
    Lovely controversy bait. I'm impressed you even managed to get this tepid reaction from me.
  • _Troian_
    Well its murder.. if your partner doesn't know how to use a condom, or if you can't tell him to not cum inside of you then its a murder.
  • Grape-Soda
    Thanks for helping to further degenerate society, lessen the value of life, make consequences and accountability "uncool" and destroy the family. I can't tell you how many women I know who have hit the wall after sleeping with a large number of men, they have no husband, kids and live a sad depressed live with no meaning or purpose Most are in poor health and drink a lot. Feminism has sold a lie to Western women, they have been told that they should fight against their biological imperative and be "strong and independent women" but they end up being neither. Modern Western women have never been less happy and healthy. Enjoy the bed you made.
  • Mgpretty23
    well I think that if the person was scared of say giving birth and/or bringing someone into this dark world then it’s not murder.
  • Chthou95
    Again you want to do that shit, fine. However you should have to pay for your abortions on your own and a man should have a choice to leave if the woman still wants to keep the baby. That's equality
  • Celtero

    There's a reason why it's against the law to smash an endangered bird's or sea turtle's eggs. We've just decided that human life is not all that valuable.

    And your argument is very bad. Pain doesn't have to do with anything. If I could kill someone painlessly it'd still be immoral. And "muh clump of cells" isn't an argument either. You're a clump of cells too, just a larger scale one. A fetus is to a baby what a baby is to a toddler. In primitive cultures, it's normal to practice infanticide instead of feticide.
    • Elsa143

      Killing someone painlessly is immoral but it's a crime if you force a woman to go through physical and psychological pain of pregnancy and dangerous side effects. Pain and torture does have to do with a woman who is gonna bear and deliver that child. Seriously, it's better to torture a woman than to kill an unwanted thing painlessly?
      What about trying to force pain or even encouraging the risk of death on some woman who wasn't ready to bear something inside her? What if she was raped at teenage? Do you even know how terrible it to keep something inside your body while experiencing depression, PAIN, nausea, cramps, vomiting and even fainting? She can even get diabetes or high blood pressure post delivery.

    • Celtero

      @Elsa143 Almost all abortion is used as plan C birth control so don't even mention rape to me.

      A baby doesn't start growing spontaneously, people are too damn stupid to use contraceptives properly. Nobody's forcing anyone to do anything to women. Aborters are the ones too stupid to use a condom or the pill the right way so they have to force death upon their unborn child.

  • Archerer
    The only thing bad about abortion is that they are hard to get and painful in most cases.
  • andreasderjuengere
    I think that to MURDER - the 'victim' must be a conscious individual.
    To kill a fish isn't murder. To kill an embryo isn't murder either.
    I'd prefer to see a situation that's not even make an abortion a thing to consider.
    But there are scenarios that are beyond our own control.
    When I saw my own daughter on an ultra-sound for the first time, I did not 'see' a human. Our decision to have her completed was rather the decision to give it/her a chance... because we could handle it.
    Other people may NOT be able to handle it; I have no reason to condemn them.
  • Massageman
    "medical, factual evidence"?
    Too bad you haven't found it yet. I'll help you out a bit.

    5 weeks - heartbeat
    6 weeks- brain activity
    15 weeks- perceives bright light through mother's womb
    19 weeks - responds to your voice
    21 weeks - swallows, tastes
    23 weeks - senses mother's motion
    27 weeks - develops sleep/wake cycle
    Medically reviewed by Aaron Deutsch, M. D., maternal-fetal medicine

    If a killer murders a pregnant woman, and she and her baby die, he/she is charged with


    Case closed!
  • zagor
    Why aren't all these anti-abortion activists pushing harder for improvements in birth control technology to make it much less common?
  • Eyering
    Your arguments make sense, but I would very much appreciate it if you could provide your sources of information, especially about fetuses 24 weeks old cannot feel pain.

    I have not chosen my side for the pro life vs pro choice debate. I am still reading what supporters of each side have to say before I make the decision. Therefore, the following comments are not meant to be attacks, but rather counter-arguments for the sake of logic. I would welcome it if you reply back counter-counter-arguments :)

    You said that abortions are justified because fetuses cannot feel pain. I wonder whether that mean we can ethically kill living beings that do not experience sensations? For example, is it okay to kill a person who has analgesia (the inability to feel pain) when that person is asleep (so that he/she doesn't even know that he/she is about to be killed, no fear involved)?
    • whatever choice you make at least, unlike literally everyone else, look into countries that already have abortion banned. how did it end up for them? have rates gone down?

      personally in my findings it seems it not only doesn't stop abortion but actually increases the death rate for maternal women as they use unsafe and unsanitary methods to abort, causing their own, and their babies deaths. people think an outright ban fixes everything... it doesn't... it never does. nothing thats banned just disappears it just gets more dangerous. its the exact reason why weed was legalised.

  • Jesus_is_the_guey
    Shooting someone that inconvenienced me in the chest isn’t murder or bad !
  • FakeName123
    "A fetus at 24 weeks cannot feel pain because they do not yet have the brain connections to do so."
    So by that logic if the killer anaesthetises the victim, it is not murder, because the victim cannot feel pain anymore?

    "some fertilized egg is no way the same as a 4 year old, the life worth of them both are very different"
    And a 4 year old isn't the same as a 12 years old. Where do youd raw the lien?

    "People like to think that abortions cause women to have terrible phycological damage, and after abortions women will drown in regret and guilt and that they will never be the same again"
    There is research actually proving it. Like it or not, it is happening.

    "a study was made were actually 95% of women that got abortions thought it was the right decision."
    Thinking something was the right decision doesn't mean it causes no psychological damage. Those are two very separate manners.
  • You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about regarding abortion, and yes, sorry, it IS murder!
  • fred_durst
    good , now i can get a girls pregnant and tell her to abort it , dont worry , i will pay all the abortion cost