Why I don't support BLM - from a black girl's perspective.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

So to my knowledge, BLM began in response to police brutality against black people.

I agree that police brutality is wrong, but when are we going to adress the issues in the black community? 🤔

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

Why is no one talking about the black on black crimes? The thrash hip hop music promoting sin, sex, drugs, violence, colorism, lust after women and treating them as sex objects which is perpetuating the single parenthood? Why aren't we addressing these issue as a community? Why aren't we protesting their concerts and banning their music? they're causing more negative impact in the black community than these random cops that kill people. There's also a high rate of father absence in black homes, high drop out rate, high abortion rate etc.

Why glorify black on black crimes through music and cry BLM. If we're going to protest and say BLM we need to set an example first.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

And I don't understand why it's now a trend to hate the police. Everybody's screaming "Abolish the police" but when there's danger who do you call? Exactly.

There are great police officers just like there are bad police officers.
One bad egg should not make you throw away the whole crate.

People also started acting as if criminals do not exist, as if they deserve some kind of "special treatment", and that's weird. I'm not saying that they should be killed, but be reasonable. Plus don't believe everything you see on the internet/news make sure you know the full story before jumping into conclusions.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

This 👆🏽 right here is absolutely horrifying to me. What Is this ?

As a black girl I don’t want to see anyone having to be smaller just to help me feel power.

And let's not forget when BLM made the most mediocre list of demands for white people, like asking them to give up their homes.

Every race since the beginning of human kind has experienced slavery and only one of them is asking for reparation from people who didn't enslave them.

Let's not forget that during the protest, black people destroyed black owned business too. All these for what ? How does this prove that black lives matter ? I see these hypocrites stand up only when it's a white man doing something bad to a black man. You can't fight racism with racism.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

This is a twerk video celebrating MLK.
What does Marthin Luther King have to do with twerking? This was really the last straw for me.

Simmons described the video as “advocating for the decolonization of oversexualizing Black women’s bodies to reclaim an ancient sacred dances of liberation and wellness".

This statement makes me feel like my brain commited suicide.

This gives the impression that black women have no self respect at all.

People nowadays look at a black woman and immediately think of twerking. Because people like these encourage the idea that black women have nothing to offer other than their bodies.

And The Black Lives Matter organization is further betraying the movement by promoting such immense disrespect on Dr. King's name, deplorable.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.

In my opinion BLM is all about fear mongering, power and control.
You don't have to support BLM to believe that black lives matter.
Just because you don't support the movement doesn't make you racist.

Furthermore, I'm not speaking against black people, I'm speaking for black people. BLM is reprehensible because it truly paints a bad picture of the black community. BLM does not represent us as black people.

In the end we're human beings with a sinful nature, no one's perfect, what we need to be preaching here is love.

It’s time we come together for once and stop pointing fingers at each other. It does nothing besides cause division between us.

Why I dont support BLM - from a black girls perspective.
Why I don't support BLM - from a black girl's perspective.
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  • Seinna
    I agree with everything you say and we need more black people saying those things :) I'd go further and say that people who disagree with BLM usually care about black lives more than the BLM activists who are just policitally driven and don't care whom they harm in getting their way.

    I can only imagine how much pressure there is in black communities if you can be treated like a nazi for disagreeing with BLM on internet.

    But mostly - I think that people who buy into BLM are the true racists. The ones who bow down to black. Why do they do it? Is it not because deep down they feel guilty of being racist?

    I love all people, we're different but we all have something great to contribute. But taking on the victim mentality is absolutely not the way to go. And that's coming from someone whose nation suffered BADLY in the recent history even if I'm not black.
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  • Lliam
    That was a powerful message, Sweetener_.
    Your words are accurate, authentic, wise and courageous. You have my respect.

    I despise racism and every form of bigotry. The only people I disdain are ass holes, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or religion.

    I am one with my brothers and sisters of proud African heritage. I do not bow down. Rather, I stand shoulder to shoulder with them as equals and allies in the struggle for peace and justice for all. We are all part of the human "race".
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  • Lost_in_the_Woods
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    So much love. It helps a lot to know that not everyone being told this stuff believes it and chooses to take part it in.

    Black people are 10 times as likely to be killed by another black person as they are to be killed by a white person.

    They are also 10 times as likely to be killed by another black person as they are by the police. And out of 241 Black Americas killed by the police, 18 of them were unarmed, and that doesn't even begin to factor in people who were activly trying to kill someone with their bare hands.

    That in no way justifys police brutality, but it absolutely shows that BLM is not genuinely interested in saving black lives.

    The day I lost all respect for the organization was when I saw the story about a 75 year old Black Pawn shop owner who was murdered and looted by BLM protestors. That man lived through the Civil Rights movement and went on to be a successful business owner.

    His life mattered. BLM murdered him, smashed his windows in and left with his guitars and electric equipment.

    It truth, BLM is a political propaganda engine created by the left to win them votes while divideding people as much as possible.

    Joe Biden was a segragationist. Listen to him talk about the bill he wrote in 1994 that incarcerated thousands of first time (Almost exclusively black) non violent offenders.
    https://youtu. be/Yku4Livy0Rw

    He doesn't care about black lives. He doesn't think any of us matter. He just wants to stay in power and get as rich as he can so he plays both sides now. And people fall for it!!!

    But it's so great to know that not everyone does. Not even all young Black Americans.

    Everyones voice is important, but yours is one of the most important ones in the world right now and will be for some time.

    Don't let anyone silence you or convince you that you are alone. You will face great opposition, but that is how you know you are fighting the right battles.

    "If your voice was powerless, they wouldn't try so hard to silence you"

    You are a hero and an inspiration! 🙌
    • I explain it this way.

      Half way between black and white is grey. There are not black people, and there are no white people. We are all just different shades of brown and it really doesn't make any difference.

    • You never meet in the middle by playing tug of war.

      Pull hard enough, you'll snap the rope and all fly backwords. But stop pulling and only the other guys will.

    • Sweetener_

      Thank you 🙌🏾💜

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  • Varanus
    I agree with you 100%

    BLM aired out some legit grievances, like police brutality, and some latent racism in our culture.

    But nobody's talking about some of the extremely toxic culture in black communities, or how to fix it.

    The fact of the matter is that if you want to be treated with respect, you need to behave in a way that's respectable. President Obama exuded that, and while I didn't agree with all his policies, it was hard to deny he behaved in a way worthy of a president. MLK is another great example. Nichelle Nichols. Mae Jemison. The problem is that for every good role model there's a hundred bad examples. I don't see a lot of black kids who've been raised to care about physics, math, computer science, biology, etc. You wanna turn a community around? Teach young people how to get into high-paying fields. Teach them to code. Teach them to like thought-provoking music. Teach them that their ticket out is through their brain, not through sports or rapping about hoes. Companies are desperate to hire intelligent, mature, competent black professionals. I think a lot of racism would disappear on its own if the first thing you thought of when you thought of black people was a scientist or an engineer.

    But those are changes that need to come from within.

    I'm really afraid that the positive messages within BLM are going to evaporate and be replaced with even more division and racism if all people see when they look out the window is violence, looting, extreme sexism, and people behaving like animals. Demanding equality and respect only works if you back it up.
    • Sweetener_

      Couldn't agree more 👏🏾

    • Sweetener_

      Wait, but did you mean that MLK was a bad example?

    • Varanus

      I cited Obama, MLK, Nichelle Nichols, and Mae Jemison as positive role models.

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  • ShadezMcgee
    Well articulated MyTake @Sweetener_

    I find it refreshing to see more black people against BLM for the exact reasons you have said. It is especially polarizing when getting called sellouts or being told how to think or how we should be offended from white people who support the movement.

    Difference in opinion has become way too personal these days and is seen as an attack when that is not the case. It is simple disagreement.
  • Gravit1
    Great points, but the idea of white or black people is a carnal secular concept with roots in atheism and evolution. You either see one man dying at the hands of another or you see white and black and are racist. Anyone who thinks skin color is a motivation for a crime they are racist.

    Also, unless someone were racist saying All Lives Matter shouldn't be a problem. However, to focus on the true issue we should say BFM not blm. Though no one is black or white, but all genetic variances in level of brown pigmentation. For lack of a better term for African American culture or other genetic Africans (though that is quite diverse cultures), let us consider the term "black". BFM would be black families matter, which is true and the real issue considering the staggering crime rates, abortions, and single parent house holds.

    However, to umbrella everyone of African genetics or dark pigmentation to the same group would be grossly naive and racist (sadly the modern left). Single mother holds may be more common in some cultures but it is not caused by skin color, in fact nothing relevant is caused by skin color. Sure there exist genetic traits/qualities more common in some groups, but that is far removed from inherency. The idea that behavior is determined by skin color is a racist concept. That being said culture can be a precursor to behavior, but even culture is a choice.
  • RiverUndertheSkY
    As a black woman girl I agree with everything you just said, with exception of the "every race was colonized" ( personally I think that European conquests were the cruelest colonizers on the planet) - but i digress, other than that I wish more people would have these opinions and have the guts to question just for what cause are we sending them millions of dollars for? So that it can some how go into their leaders mansions?
  • BazookaTrouper
    After all the negative stuff I've seen today, this post is a sight for sore eyes. I've seen the disturbing black supremacism from BLM, the female supremacy from TERFS and their whiteknights, male supremacy from Incels, and overall disdain for democracy and respect for other people's rights across the board.

    About the part with media glorifying violence, gangs, and the kind of stuff that goes behind bars in prison... I've talked to former coworkers of mine who grew up in bad environments where gang shit is glorified.

    I kind of get it; in certain cities where you don't want to appear an easy target you want to look dangerous. And being part of a gang seems to offer protection, community, and in the case of those who don't have much of one: family. But a lot of these kids think they're invincible for some reason and think "putting in work" isn't going to get them thrown in prison for the rest of their lives... until it does.

    Then they go to prison where the gang affiliation follows them and they lose their guns, money, and cars, and all they have left are makeshift daggers they have to hide from Correctional Officers. That gang affiliation will soon lose it's appeal when it starts to feel like the worst 9-5 job ever. Except it's 24/7, and it's riskier than any job you could have outside of prison. Needing to sleep with one eye open every night to make sure you don't get stabbed to death, always looking behind your back, and being forced to kill people you don't want to kill all because they were ordered to under threat of being killed... you know, the things you won't hear these rappers cover.

    Drug use and violence in prisons for example... these are the vices people have that takes control of them. In prison there are drug addicts making syringes out of paper and desperately hiding them just so they can satisfy their fixes at any cost (including getting murdered for not paying debts), and people serving life sentences because they are either addicted to violence or have anger issues they can't control. They'll cry their eyes out and cover themselves with tattoos to look all tough (gang tats excepted).

    The Russian's long-term astroturfing efforts are working: they're destroying the US with the far left and fascists clowns in the right (True Believers, Trump, capitol hill rioters, dominionists)

    halp me
  • Pj1981
    I really just wanted to say this was very inspiring and I am happy I got to read it. I personally have had some really bad experiences with cop's and I will always think very hard before I ever call them but I do still believe there are good ones. I have also really been bothered by the fact people have been doing exactly what you said. Fighting racism with racism is not going to do anything but make the situation worse. I have been so frustrated by it. No one race is better than or more superior than any other. We all have good and bad, rich and poor. Anyway I just wanted to say I agree with you and thank you for the post.
  • Wise4myage
    This is one of the best my takes I have ever seen on this site.
  • ManHater
    Wow. A very very smart woman. Very well done and could not have agreed more.
  • Guanfei
    Let's remember this too:Why I don't support BLM - from a black girl's perspective.They'll call you a coon, a sellout, and other niceties.
    It even arrived in France. Supported by a girl whose almost entire family is criminals. And in their first protect, they looted a couple of stores, insulted black cops and attacked the rest.
    BLM isn't for equality. They're a racist, supremacist movement living on the hate of white people, and the will to take everything from them. To the point they're now supporting segregation.
  • worldscolide
    you're absolutely not wrong here Fantastic take. May i have permission to follow you?
  • Aquariusmystery
    I sort of get it but at the same time can you imagine if a white person wrote this take?😬
    • Sweetener_


    • They would be vigorous attacked for telling the truth by a very vocal minority.

      But, it wouldn't change the facts.

  • MCheetah
    Excellent MyTake! I agree with you. I think arguing over race is one of the stupidest, most primitive and barbaric things humanity still does. And yet ironically, some of the most backwards people in society, Progressives, want us on the other end, to accept absolute absurdity, like "you can change your gender" or that "73 genders exist." They whine about things we shouldn't care about and celebrate things we should care about; just backwards all the hell way around.

    I'm just annoyed the site didn't recommend it to me for three f*cking days! Just now seeing this! SO annoying!
  • anylolone
    You are a smart person.

    If you can, buy a gun and learn to shoot it.
    And pepper spray. And a tactical flash light.

    I'm saying that because you are smart enough to listen.
    Technically that's good advise for everyone, specially nowdays.
  • TyroneJones
    As a black man I agree with everything you said in this post.
  • Reyow
    It because the gov WANTS to keep us divided and stupid so we can't rebel against them.
  • Celtero
    Nice, I think you're the first black girl on this website who isn't retarded.

    BLM is 110% bullshit. Everything is a lie, it has no scrap of legitimacy. It takes instances where a criminal fights back against police and gets hurt and they call it police brutality McRacism. It isn't police brutality, and it isn't racism, but they use it as an excuse to run amok, burn shit down, and hurt and kill people.

    There are real solvable issues in the black community, but they just make everything worse and empowers actual racists in the process.
  • AlexanderAnttila
    Well said as always. The ability of people to forego or ignore blatant agendas simply becauae they want to believe an organisation "for them" does no wrong, is why mad people constantly manage to get a platform. The heads of BLM are purebred Marxists, they've supported the dictatorship of Cuba and had paragraphs on 'destroying' the nuclear family in favor of LGBTQ on their website as well as establishing vigilante mob rule in their districts to 'supervise police work'. Of course, they deleted all this after realizing, well realizing the obvious. But I read it, even as many supporters I spoke with never did even once.

    Then there's the lovely incidents of the rioting and the violence and the demanding of white people surrendering their homes to blacks as 'restitution' or however they motivated it. Anyone supporting BLM is either ignorant or foolish. BLM has nothing to do with black lives and all to do with covert politics.
  • Stoner710
    Yea listen to Candice Owens and officer Tatum there both talking about this kind of stuff same with Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowel, same with Tim Scott and Larry elder but there all considered to be race traitors or uncle toms or they “have embraced there inner whiteness”. Conservatives black peoples are always talking about this kind of stuff, Singe parent house holds, People running out with gun kids telling there parents to shut up this is the kind of stuff they talk about. And then there called white supremest even though they’re saying the same thing you are, it’s really stupid
  • jimmy2
    I asked here when i watch on YouTube a 90 minute show that argued for NLM but also said that 54 cops shot black people but 300 was killed black on black. I hear you iove black women but because i am white i am a racist
  • Xoirwinkan
    BLM is a literal terrorist group. If there are no police crime will only increase.
    • Wise4myage

      Crime is already increasing in most major cities that have voted to defund the police.

  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    "Why is no one talking about the black on black crimes? The thrash hip hop music promoting sin, sex, drugs, violence, colorism, lust after women and treating them as sex objects which is perpetuating the single parenthood? Why aren't we addressing these issue as a community? Why aren't we protesting their concerts and banning their music? they're causing more negative impact in the black community than these random cops that kill people. There's also a high rate of father absence in black homes, high drop out rate, high abortion rate etc."
    Because those are the symptoms of the underlying problem of systemic racism.
    • Really? Because racism was a lot worse in the 40's and all those things are much worse now.

      Your logic is easily disproven by the facts.

    • @Lost_in_the_Woods And yours ignores some basic principles of history like I don't know, that even though there's been a lot of racial progress there's also been a lot of racist progress. Racism doesn't go away but rather adapts to the new political landscape.

      13th amendment outlaws slavery so racists implement the pig laws (look up which misdemeanor offenses are most often committed by African Americans and makes those felonies) do use convict leasing.

      The Civil Rights Act of 1866 guarantees everyone equality before the law and the 15th amendment guarantees everyone's right to vote regardless of race so the Jim Crow south implemented "separate but equal" laws and literacy tests to block the black vote.

      After the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 racists resorted to the war on drugs and austerity politics that are the hallmark of Reaganomics to undo much of what the Civil Rights Movement had accomplished.

      The fight for equality isn't a linear progression; it's an arms race.

    • 1866 was before 1940.

      You are literally too bad at math to try to argue about history.

      Typical brainless brainwashed leftard.

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  • phonetic_au
    BLM was cooked up by marxists, can't get it by class, so use race then
  • Chthou95
    Nice a black person that thinks for themself and has their own opinions. Well done & i agree
  • White_Boy_506
    Honestly. I’d be curious to know how many black people still support it at this point
  • backblueblack22
    Thank you. I knew BLM was communist bullshit from day one (Patrice Cullors openly said they were trained Marxists... and later used BLM money to buy a 1.3 million dollar home).

    The reason BLM gained so much power last year is because of asinine pos libtarded white people supporting it. But those are the worst racists. They using BLM for their own ulterior agendas (socialism). They are actually harming black people the most.

    Anyway we need more black people to speak out against this crap. Everything you said above is 100% true. I know you get horrible backlash in your own community (getting called a “tom”). However this might smack some sense into stupid white people at least. I want to say the same publicly out loud but I could lose my job or worse.
  • Khanqueror
  • bannacookies
    Blacks support BLM? Is that something new? Because I thought most destroyed it unfortunately.
  • Protein_mate
    You’re very bright
  • Avicenna
    Absolutely right- good job of explaining that.
  • Dalisay
    God bless you for saying it.
  • Rangers
    Share the hell outta this, everyone!
  • karaspara
    Well said hun
  • WowwGirl
  • Surely
    Well said! Thank you.
  • JesseJayNeak
    I, as a black dude, don't support it either
  • Anonymous
    BLM has strong communist ideologies that use itself for a vehicle to destroy. Martin luther king had communist connections as well. Its just a fact.
    If I was an African American person that felt oppressed I would feel desperate for the first thing that gives me hope. I know how it feels in a way having suffering economic hardship.
    You would think a group of people could change your life for the better but it will actually suck you into ideologies that kill the group, not help it. Antifa is a loser group as well.
    The best thing I can say is this in living in America-The British brought their currency, trade, religion, writings and economics. The irish brought booze, their work-people and catholicism, the dutch brought trade and knew how to farm, the italians brought food, catholicism, the building trades, unions and art, the french brought... well, not sure (perfume?), the chinese brought chinese food, services, medicines, Germans brought BMW, Mercedes and other technology... What did the russian bring from communist russia? When was the last time you said, hey, there goes one of those great russian products? If I was an African American I would take a look at what makes africa great and turn it into a business. Fruit for example. It sounds stupid but when you look at the unhealthy American diet you could grow and market it for people. Do you know you could make fine wines from fruit? Vitamins? Yogurt? Sell fruit whole? Ice cream... Drinks. do you realize the potential for an African fruit trade? African people are talented, good musicians, smart but feel abandoned yet shouldn't because they aren't... It is quite possible to gain a foothold by producing something else so other African americans can take root too. This way, you would have more jobs.
    This is not racist. I am simply kind of in a similar situation but am looking for realistic alternatives
  • Anonymous
    The most rational argument I have heard in a while. I can assure you that you're not the only black person that thinks this.
  • Anonymous
    Because you’re a white man lover
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for writing this. It gives me hope for the future of America, something I haven't felt for a while. We need more smart and honest black folks like you speaking up and sharing your thoughts on these issues. I have talked with enough black Americans to know plenty of them feel the same way you do, but they are afraid to actually say so.

    I agree with literally 100% of what your wrote here, and so do most Americans. Thank you for having the courage and honesty to stand up and say what you believe.
  • Anonymous
    Very well said. Good to see someone still has a functioning brain and isn't just going with the trends.

    You brought up something that should be obvious and that's the crime rates in black comunities. People act as if cops's only jobs is to pull over people and shoot them if they resist. They quickly forget about gangs that are better armed then most terrorist groups in the world who dream about cops disappearing so they can install dominion and as you said who are you gonna call? Ghost busters?

    And the thing about twerking I never get it. How is twerking associated with freedom and empowerment and all that. It's always been and always will be a hooker move, it's essentially a woman flaunting her sex apeal to arouse men into sleeping with her nothing more nothing less.

    But these issues were clear from say one, still it's refreshing to see someone taking the time talking about it and it's even more refreshing knowing you yourself are black and are chosing the truth over the convenient lies being told