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My rant about anti anti vaxxers


Please note whatever I say should not be taken offensively or used as genuine facts - im a 15 year old gal what do I know after all?

Scene: History class - baso every frickin day

My history teacher loves to relate what she teaches us to modern life and with COVID it's an overused reference as we are studying the history of health in Britain. Today she was talking about the small pox vaccine and good old ed jenner - who fyi created the first ever vaccine. She made a comment saying how she does not understand why people don't want to take it and that they are selfish not to due to herd immunity blah blah blah

That's so rude! Is she a medic? Doesn't she know I am entitled to my own opinion? Personally I think what she stated and has stated many times before is absurd as she hasn't anything to back up her point. People are ant-vaccine for reasons whether it be health problems or just fear ig.

First of all - people who do not get the COVID vaccine are not ARE NOT all anti vaccine - I've had my HPV/MMR/Meningitis and all that jing bang but I refuse this one in particular due to the lack of research and knowledge of future effects. No one can say what it will do to you 50 years down the line. Some may argue EXACTLY WE DON'T KNOW - but I say EXACTLY - good for you if there is no effect but the fact that no one knows is enough reason for taking it and not taking it.

Secondly, no one can say it is effective (at least i dont think they can) - people who've taken it have had COVID, was it milder? yes maybe but also no. Does it reduce transmission? Idfk I'm not an expert, you tell me? no one truly knows anything.

Therefore my friends, I have a right to do whatever tf I want in this case - it's my body - if we reach herd immunity with these vaccines - great - but you can do it without me :)

So Miss you can just cry about it

me whilst yall are reading this
me whilst y'all are reading this
My rant about anti anti vaxxers
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  • Anonymous
    Most of this has been a psyop.

    First things first, you were probably taught about vaccines earlier on, or you should have been. It’s basic shit, my 5 year old understands it.

    You’re injected with a small dose of a virus or disease, your body fights it off, and then you stand a better chance of fighting it off the next time you come into contact with whatever it is you were vaccinated against because your immune system remembers how to create the right antibodies to fight it off quickly.

    First thing they said which set off alarm bells was that they don’t know whether you’re immune after catching it, and they said that you still need to be vaccinated afterwards.

    What is a vaccine? Small dose of the virus, you fight it off, you’re immune. If you just had the virus and you fought it off your body reacts in exactly the same way. Like I said basic knowledge.

    The only difference between catching something and being vaccinated for something is that the initial exposure to the disease/virus should be milder than actually catching it, and therefore safer. Yet this is an illness with which most people have symptoms of the common cold, especially 15 year olds. In fact something like 80% are asymptomatic, which is the reasoning behind all of us wearing masks despite showing no symptoms.

    So basically if you had it already and you were fine you’re as protected as anybody who had the vaccine.

    Second thing is when they started saying that the vaccinated couldn’t possibly spread the virus. Yet we were told to wear masks because of asymptomic people spreading it.

    What does it mean if you’re asymptomic? Well you have the virus, but your body is fighting it off very well. In all likelihood you had it before with mild cold symptoms and assumed that it was just a cold, and as a result you have the antibodies.

    Alright, so you get the vaccine, and now you have a stronger ability to fight it off if you’re exposed to it again. How do you fight it off? Well in order to fight it off your body has to be infected with it, it has to be inside your body.

    Now, the next time you’re exposed to it you’re basically an asymptomatic carrier of it. We’ve been told that asymptomatic people spread it, and that happens. They admitted it after saying before that the vaccinated definitely would not. Again, basic knowledge.

    Since vaccinated people can still catch the virus, and still spread it, this means that the idea of heard immunity is complete nonsense. The idea behind that is that if we can stop the spread we can prevent new variants from mutating, but vaccines don’t stop the spread. The only reason to get a vaccine is to protect yourself if you think it will, whether or not others get it shouldn’t concern you at all.

    Thirdly they speak about new killer variant all the time to convince people to take endless boosters, they act as if each new variant will be worse than the last. Yet, viruses tend to be most deadly when new, and then when they mutate they tend to become more infectious but less deadly. This is because it’s easier for a virus to spread if it kills less of it’s hosts. The Omicron variant is much more infectious than the original variant, and much less deadly.
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    • one thing these vaccines aren't like what you stated these tamper with your DNA - the Pfizer is injecting the mRNA of the spike protein of corona into you and the AstraZeneca is one step behind and is the instructions to make the spike protein hence they don't offer that to kids - it has risks of stuff like blood clotting etc. My parents being doctors told me me and my siblings shouldn't get it because you don't know how it could affect you in 50 years - mutations are as easy as anything - i don't wanna risk my gene codes getting messed up for something that may or may not even serve its purpose. But yeah agreed it's your choice completely - you choose what you put in your body - but I've made my choice.

    • Anonymous

      They’re not like normal vaccines, but my arguments here are the arguments I’d make against the people who are all for mandatory vaccinations who make ridiculous arguments about “following the science” despite the fact that they don’t understand basic science.

      All of this I believe will be over very soon anyway. The CDC have admitted that natural immunity is actually more effective than the vaccine. The WHO admitted that many people who died actually died “with” the virus not “of” the virus. The Israelis who are on their 4th doses are basically saying that Omicron is infecting the vaccinated also and that the vaccines are making zero difference. But also Omicron is much milder as I mentioned, it’s not worth vaccinating against. The entire narrative is crumbling.

  • justaboredhuman
    Well said. I agree. I don't think anyone in a free country should be forced to do anything they don't want to do. It's has been my body my choice with so many other things in life why is this any different?
    I did get the vaccine and I also got covid after getting the vaccine. My symptoms were mild. Bit I am in fairly good shape, was that because of the vaccine or because I took decent care of myself? I don't know. But I do know is that even with the vaccine you can still get covid and you can still give it to someone else. It is not truly a vaccine in the general sense. It is merely a way to suppress the symptoms. The so called experts have flip flopped on everything they have said from the beginning.
    So like everything else we get exposed to it comes down to choice. Get it don't get it. I am not going to judge you either way. But being told we have to do it is just authoritarian and shows poor leadership.
    I am also no scholar on the matter just someone with an opinion. You don't have to like mine either but don't come after me because I don't agree with you.
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    • 100% facts right there - there was this guy in my lessons all day teasing me because i didn't get the vaccine in school today i kept getting called an anti vaxxers - he was obviously joking but amidst it telling me how i should get it because there are so many people in hospital with it and dying etc - i get that fully like my condolences but by taking the vaccine will this change - no one can say can they - how many millions have been vaccinated and yet still there are so many dying and in hospital

    • DesiUwU

      The ones dying in hospitals are the ones without vaccines…

    • Chthou95

      @DesiUwU Inflated numbers

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  • MCheetah
    You seem to be even more growing proof that Zoomers are a far smarter and superior generation than Millennials could ever be. Imagine a 15 year old girl being wiser than her idiot teachers. Well done for this MyTake!

    I should add in another reason why to not take it: Medical professionals from around the world have been speaking out against this vaccine and it's shady AF. Of course, they're being censored and deplatformed left and right. The S1 spike protein in the vaccine is said to be poison that'll permanently f*ck up your immune system for life, leaving you dependent on pharmaceuticals until you die. Or else, you will die early. https://www.youtube.com/embed/gsDlHprql-ghttps://www.youtube.com/embed/E6nh6dKlhhwAnd another reason why to not take it: Politicians and their corporate overlords are pushing for the vaccine for purely financial reasons. Or do the "vax or die" people lack the intelligence to realize that politicians can invest in the stock market, too? That's why Biden and almost every Democrat was pushing for these mandates, even breaking the law to do so: Purely for the $$$. Corporations win, politician investors win, everyone else lose, including the idiot far-left sheep who make themselves pawns for the elitists. https://www.youtube.com/embed/iaEfxnxd-bEYeah, but good luck trying to convince retards that politicians and billion dollar pharmaceutical giants have their back, but everyday healthcare professionals and doctors are just "Trump supporting flat-earther conspiracy theorists."

    Anyway, great MyTake. Do not lose your intelligence as you get older. It's becoming an even rarer commodity than it was before.
  • Paige90
    I agree with you 100%. I am not against a real vaccine (the current Covid shot does not prevent Covid so it isn't a vaccine). I am against being told I have to get it or I can't go or do certain things. I also don't believe a year is long enough to test any medicine.
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  • EmyyWolf
    The “medicine” literally came out in less than a year from the “sickness” happening.

    Y’all think about THAT!

    Bet you that the “sickness” ISS inside the “medicine”!!! Bet you that the ZOMBIE VIRUS is inside of that! F*lken Sheeeeep!! BEHHHHH! F*lken BOTS !!!
    Watch how y’all doom everyone for being little gullible p$$$izzz
  • Levin
    You are the coolest 15 year old ever.

    How do your mates feel about this and what proportion of them have taken the death jab?

    I was watching this today, 'tis where I am on the matter.https://www.youtube.com/embed/0LG7Xr-M46s
    • thanks lol
      basically all my friends have taken it through the school and had both jabs - i just don't talk about it because when i did i got called an anti vaxxer. oh well their loss ig - when i did tell one friend about how it works they got scared yet still had to get the vaccine later on

  • Slartybartfast
    I work in a hospital, I'm often in the morgue. I also live across from a cemitary.

    We lost more people in a one year period than in four years of WWII. The morgue, despite building an entirely new facility in ADDITION to the old one. Is full right now.

    I don't believe in mandatory vaccination, however I do believe it's a stupid thing to not be vaccinated. It's your choice to be stupid, but I shouldn't have to pay your medical bills when you make that choice and it goes horribly wrong.
    At this point these are among the most tested and distributed vaccines in history.
    As a nurse said to me yesterday, "we only lose the unvaccinated now.. ".

    She wasn't being "political" she was just tired of watching people die.
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    • as i said im just a 15 year old saying what im saying - yes it's tiring to see people dying - my dad has cancer he's high risk yet he told me not to take it - yes he is a doctor himself - he's read into the vaccines and same with my mum - im obeying my parents - you don't have to pay my medical bills i have the NHS (i live in the UK) - im not tryna convince anyone anything but using terms like stupid and selfish for someone who doesn't want to inject a substance into their body - now that's stupid

    • Levin

      @TDDMS "And considering the vast majority of the deceased never cared about their health - never took care of themselves, it then begs the question: Why the fuck should any of us worry about their health?"

      This is a very good way to frame it. People aren't dying because they are unvaccinated. They are dying for the most part, because they are obese, co-morbid and chronically ill. Many of these people indeed never looked after their own health.

    • @Levin I have bits of dead people on my hands and smell like the gross anatomy lab right now.

      We lost 860,000+ more people in 2020 than in 2019.

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  • Waldoe
    Personal Freedom is supposed to be Guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution... I chose to take the vaccine, I am 71, that was MY choice... your have the RIGHT to make your own choices... I have fought and I will fight to defend that Right. Make your own decisions, based on whatever influences you want.. Stars, Holoscope, roll the dice... whatever... it is your choice
    • Waldoe

      if... you choose to NOT get the vaccine, (and God forbid), you get COVID, I am still protected, I hope, by my choice to get the vaccine... so it's still "NONE OF MY BUSINESS"

    • 71 kind of might make sense. That don't mean killing babies is ok, long as the baby Daddy can always deny child support. Do libtards ever make any kind of sense?

  • AviatorTom
    You have a good mind for a 15 year old. Well thought out essay.
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  • abc3643
    • How about the adverse reactions website?

    • What kind of sadistic avatar is that?

    • abc3643

      @dumbassmcgee There are ALWAYS adverse reactions to somethings. With billions of people on this planet, each of us is going to have an adverse reaction to something. For instance, I was never allergic to anything. Then, when I was 55, I got prostatitis and had to take an antibiotic. They gave me ciprofloxacin. It worked great but, after a day, my left side of my face swelled up making it difficult to talk clearly. I was off cipro and given something else.

      Should ciprofloxacin be banned or not used? Of course not! It helps millions every day. It even helped me, but __I__ shouldn't take it again because __I__ had an allergic reaction For others, they won't and ciprofloxacin wiill save their life.

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  • string43
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. This is to me the question of our times and not one with an easy answer. It can be frustrating how binary people seem to be on this. I have lost friends due to them feeling threatened by a nuanced approach to this.
    What I find most unsettling about this is that it sets the stage to expect 100% compliance with the dictums of agencies under tremendous political pressures that make it difficult to establish any sort of trust even if they are well intentioned with road to being what it is.
    And I say this as someone who did get vaccinated. Keep true to your convictions I’m glad there are still a few lights in this dark.
  • joeldalton
    We will never achieve herd immunity with this shots because they have such a high failure rate.

    Best bet is to get omicron if you can. Natural immunity is best.
    • Sheeeitt, I've probably had covid 8 times and don't even know it. It's so deadly.

  • Aerissa_Jade
    One thing people forget is the Polio vaccine took 20+ years or so to develop, plus there was trial runs where manufacturing issues actually gave Polio to people.

    I fully expect by 2024 or 2025 there will not be too much opposition to the covid vaccine anymore, might take a little longer.

    The US has legal protections to give the manufacturers blanket legal immunity from lawsuits for serious side effects. That alone tells everyone it can't be safe, if they have the need for that.

    One of the few things Trump did that Biden has left in place.
    • goaded

      The polio vaccine was developed halfway between now and the civil war. The covid vaccines have been given to billions of people, more than the 1950's population of the Earth. If they were anything like as dangerous as the covid virus, we'd have noticed long ago.

  • goaded
    mRNA vaccines do not affect your DNA. You have been misinformed.

    They are also effective. Otherwise the number of vaccinated people dying would match the proportion of unvaccinated people dying, and it doesn't, not by a long way. Simply put, your (admittedly low, at 15) chance of dying is reduced by 20x by vaccination and boosting.

    If you don't know these things, you haven't been looking in the right places.

  • TheBigGuy9
    Most teachers in schools are leftists. They have an agenda to run. They want to brainwash young kids.
    • I live in a dem ran crap hole of state, the metro area, and two big cities, otherwise it's all red, and we are all sane, makes sense right?

    • TheBigGuy9

      Same here

    • Of course. The whole country, you live outside a populated area it's red. Most counties won ever vs the least, yet 81 quadrillion votes happened without shenanigans?

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  • Massageman
    Thank you for a breath of fresh air.

    (One of ) the big problems with the Wuhan virus is the fact that you can be infected, be contagious, yet still have very mild symptoms. Then BANG, it hits you like a ton of bricks on that 4th or 5th day! But a few days later when you still feel like a pile of poop, you are considered not longer "contagious". And that timeline is only approximate since each variant has its own idiosyncrasies.

    The "vaccines" created and released for "emergency use", are really treatments and not preventative vaccines. We're waiting for Nova-max- more of a true vaccine- to be approved for use in the United States. Of course, the biggest stumbling blocks are likely to be the Big Pharma special interest people getting in the way.
  • DevinAM
    I'm not opposed to vaccines as a concept but I don't do needles, besides I have various anti-germ habits that have kept me healthy.
  • Mister_Hangry
    Your public school has turned you into a socialist.
  • msc545
    You need to do some reading.
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    • Read the first sentence

    • msc545

      I've read it. You are uneducated, and spreading misinformation.

    • i said a disclaimer i didn't say anything was true or false - it's a take it or leave it situation - i appreciate your opinion "you need to do some reading" but i don't NEED to do anything -

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  • EffaMan
    They can do it without you
  • emperor90
    They are so whingy
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  • Chthou95
    A kid thinking critically? Wow bravo
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