Stairway To Sexism

Stairway To Sexism


Why sleeping around with multiple men is meant to insult women while the same thing other way around is a huge compliment to men?

Screw your evolutionary perspective. It's so anti-woman, like, Oh my God.

Everyone wants to sleep with everyone. Period.

Women enjoy it as much as men do. Period.

Men want babies as much as the next woman. Period!

The so called gender differences would not exist if it weren't for social programming. Think about it, if a woman goes to her friends and informs them about her F buddy β€” there's always at least one annoying female in the group that wants to know why the hell is she having fun, instead of torturing herself by dating that awful, good in bed guy. Why does she get to have the fun? That's not fair? She's a woman, she should always be thinking of settling the hell down, how dare she enjoy pleasures of life without responsibility?

And if it's a guy... Well, men will be men.

Also, I love how Indian guys can stay unmarried as long as they want. But women here are treated as some kind of safe, in a bank, whose security has been malfunctioning. You see where I'm coming from?

Speaking of India, women after 18 are treated like Barbie. Oh, not the Margot Robbie reference, she's too cool for us, no β€” actual dolls.

Arranged marriage requirements for a men :
- should have stable income.
- comes from good family.
- tall

Arranged marriage requirements for women :
- must be fair
- and young
- and fertile
- should look good
- well behaved
- submissive
- should know all housework
- education degrees are a bonus, they'd only let you go if their son is in the hospital, or his death bed, or an alcoholic. Oh, or your children want to luxuriously.
- must respect everyone
- must have traditional mindset
- slim built, no fa_tties
- must be super woman
- must be willing to have children before second anniversary
- should not wear jeans in front of other males in the house, because that's "inappropriate".
- no divorced women please
- no single moms either
- no handic_apped women either, but they should get married nevertheless. Just not to my son.

That's sexist.

In case you couldn't guess.

What? Your daughter is in the college and you aren't looking around for son in laws? Why? I mean, just why? The degree is only useful if she has a horde of kids as a widow. What? Widow remarriage? That never works out.

I mean, it does in case of men. They always need a wife. Duh.

Speaking of widows, they're supposed to work extra hard to assure their eldest son becomes Hercules. And, no they can't have male friends. Or male relatives helping them out. If they go to job, they must look depressed. Period. An Indian woman will never have power without her husband. An alcoholic hubby is better than none. Go figure.

by anon1903

Stairway To Sexism
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