Why are things so awkward between us now?

There is this guy who is two years older than me. We started talking one night because we have mutual friends and sh*t. So I was talking to this guy for like 3 hours, the whole time he was flirting with me. We were asking each other questions about guys and girls, and then they got more personal like "what is your favorite color eyes for boys?" is what he asked me. We had so much in common that most of our answers matched up perfectly. Eventually he could just guess things about me and be right about it. He saw a pic I had of my eyes and he said they were mad pretty, and I told him he was sweet for the compliment and he told me I was sweet too. Eventually his fb status was "its like I know what I got to say but I don't know how to say it to you" [was it wrong of me to assume this was about me?]. Then I said I felt weird and he said I hope you feel better. Then it was quiet and said "say anything" and he said "you too". Then he said "honestly speak your mind right now" [this sounds pretty romantic to me right?] I said "i like you" and he told me "you're pretty cute, mad fun to talk to and I want to get to know you better".

We continued to talk a little bit. And we talked about going to this thing together, but he had to check his work schedule and that he would talk to me later [it was late]. I said sure.

The next day, he never "talked to me later" and so I texted him and asked him if we were still going, he said he couldn't [I didn't care too much]. He also told me he was not interested in a relationship. I told him me either and mentioned something about flirting w/each other. He agreed. That weekend. My friend texted me and said she was hanging out with him [one of the nights we were supposed to hang out]. She told him that she was texting me and she said that he said he wasn't interested in talking to me.

Now we avoid each other, even though I just want to be friends.

Why are things so awkward between us now?
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