Why are short people discriminated?

Better known as heightism.

Women are not as discriminated when it comes to pay and a lot of other things compared to short people. It's insane how much less short people are paid compared to people that are tall. Tall people are nothing special compared to people that are short. So in this case dudes that are short will be paid less and think of as less intelligent compared to taller men. Women who are short will just be looked upon like their a child in the work force. "The truth is, tall people do make more money. They make $789 more per inch per year," says Arianne Cohen, author of "The Tall Book" (Bloomsbury USA, June, 2009). In more than a century, no U. S. president has been below average height (the last one was William McKinley, at 5 feet 7 inches, and he was ridiculed in the press as a "little boy," Judge said).

Though in a way if taller men get paid more and a lot of women want really tall men. Doesn't that mean they could be gold diggers due to that knowledge?
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I got onto this subject with my boyfriend earlier today. He told me he's not ashamed of his height (5'4"), though he's worried about him making less due to it. Which his fears on that is sadly true.
Why are short people discriminated?
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