Girls, 'Pantsing' a Girl after she did it to me?

I have a large group of friends where we all usually hang out together. One of my friends in the group is a girl, who I guess to be funny, has 'pantsed' me (pulled my pants down) twice in front of everyone. Needless to say, everyone in the group has seen me standing there in my boxer-briefs.

I was talking with two friends, one of them said I should pants her back, since she did it to me. But the other said it wouldn't be right to pants a girl in front of everyone.

What do you think? Should I pants her since she did it to me? Or would it be wrong for a guy to do that to a girl?
You can pants her back, it's only fair.
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No, a guy shouldn't pants a girl even if she did it to him.
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Girls, 'Pantsing' a Girl after she did it to me?
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