#RichOrRescue If you were naked and stranded on an island for 30 days, what price would you pay to survive (read below for details)?

You can buy any of these for $25,000 each:
#1 Fishing Rod #2 Flashlight/Batteries
#3 Comb/Brush #4 Water Purifier #5 Sunscreen #6 Matches #7 First Aid Kit (Bandages/Meds)
#8 Bug Spray

You can buy any of these for $50,000 each:
#1 Tent/Blanket #2 Bottled Water for 30 days
#3 Canned Food for 30 days + Can Opener,
#4 Camp Stove with frying pan #5 Mosquito Net #6 Lighter #7 Six Pack of Beer/Soda #8 Umbrella

You can buy any of these for $100,000 each:
#1 Warm Coat #2 Hiking Shoes #3 Sunglasses #4 Pants/Shorts #5 Bra/Undies #6 Shirt #7 Hat

You can buy any of these for $250,000 each:
#1 Machete #2 Pocket knife #3 Shotgun
#4 Pistol #5 Chainsaw #6 Jug of Gasoline

You can buy any of these for $500,000 each:
#1 4-Wheeler #2 Map of Island #3 Life Boat
#4 One Phone Call that may not go through
#5 Bring Dream Guy/Girl to join #6 Compass
#7 Radio #8 Flare Gun (1 Flare)


I got the idea from MTVs new show:

You take home the money you dont spend. I'd spend
$25,000 Flashlight
$25,000 First Aid Kit
$25,000 Bug Spray
$50,000 Tent
$50,000 Bottled Water
$50,000 Canned Food
$50,000 Soda
$50,000 Lighter
$100,000 Coat
$100,000 Shirt
$100,000 Shoes
$100,000 Pants
$250,000 Shotgun
=$975,000 TOTAL
LMAO IM ONLY TAKING $25,000 of $1Milli HOME


Most Helpful Guy

  • My survival skills come from TV. Bear Grylls shows aren't a reliable way to do it because the guy has a crew around and probably for help from them. There was a Canadian who did the survival thing for 7-day session, alone, no crew, he filmed himself. What he always had with him was shoes, pants and multitool. His most frequent problem was getting water and food. In fact, the most reliable way to get food was gathering rather than traps. Water would be hit or miss but he almost never could get any decent camp near water because he had to move around.

    Spent 100k on food and water. This solves 65% of the problems. I don't have to hunt for food and water and I don't have to get sick trying something stupid. I can deduct 25k more by using water purifier if I can find water but it will be risky. If the purifier can purify salt water then I will skip the water bottles for it.

    Tent/Blanket, shoes and matches. 225k. You will want shoes to move around and gather stuff. Blanket to make some clothes but it really depends on the climate. You can hang around for days with this as you have all 3 basic stuff to live: food, water and shelter.

    300k maybe. Again depending on where. Colder climate will be more costly.

    • Whooaaa all planned out ;-) i enjoyed reading this

    • Dispite what you see on TV.

      Don't touch any fruit that haven't see an animal like bird or mammal eating or signs of them eating. It's not uncommon to get something nasty like extremely itchy throat, diarrhea or something along the line.

      Don't drink unboiled water in strange region. Diarrhea is guaranteed. If you can't keep boiled water frequently then mix 2/3 boiled and 1/3 unboiled at the beginning then try some unboiled water after a couple days then you can drink full unboiled water.

      Having food and water would be exceedingly easy to survive. Being naked would be a problem without shoes and underwear.

    • You're riiight

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would try it without buying anything, I have survival skills from my uncle who was in the marines. I know how to make shelter, start a fire, trapping, and hunting. I would try to survive for as long as I could just by using those skills, depending on weather conditions I would probably buy other things. I did go camping for 2 weeks without food or water, my uncle showed me how to live off the land, wild edibles, purifying water, etc. I would have a better chance at survival than most people. I REALLY want to be on Naked and Afraid, but I'm self conscious of my body.. :(

    If I got desperate though I would get a tent and a water purifier.

    • Save that money girl lol

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    • Interesting. What job/rank is he?

      Ya see I considered that too but you'd have to make stupid friction fires and open coconuts with a pointy stick stuck in the ground.

    • How would you start fire? Trap and hunt? I assume that you at least had a knife when you were with your uncle

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  • Fun question! :-)

    Let's see... most of these are not absolutely necessary.
    First of all, it depends on what the island looks like and what resources it offers. Since MTV is not too evil and they want people to have a real chance, I'm assuming they bring candidates to islands that do have fresh water.
    If the fresh water is running (stream, river, waterfall), I can drink it just like that. If it is standing water, I need to boil it up before consumption. In order to boil it up, I need a fire-proof container (a metal pot or something like that). Anyone who's ever watched Bear Grylls' "Man vs. Wild" knows how much trash lies around even at the most remote places on earth. So finding a metal pot that was washed against the beach is actually quite possible. Otherwise, I would have to buy one.

    1. Fishing rod: I would try to survive off a vegetarian diet. For 30 days, this should work. I would also try to set up traps for small animals.
    2. Pocket knife: sharp stones can do the trick
    3. Comb/Brush: Totally unnecessary
    4. Water purifier: I can boil it up if necessary
    5. Sunscreen: mud does the trick too
    6. Matches: Mayyybe. If I can't get a fire ready, I might buy some.
    7. First aid kit: only if necessary
    8. Bug spray: I would try to stay in the smoke of my fire or down at the beach
    9. Tent/Blanket: Not necessary, I can build my own makeshift bed
    10. Bottled water: probably not necessary
    11. Canned food: definitely not necessary
    12. Camp stove: an open fire is actually better
    13. Mosquito net: Maybe. Depends how bad it is...
    14. Lighter: probably not necessary. I would try to keep the fire going.
    15. Sixpack of beer/soda: don't need that. Gets warm anyway.
    16. Umbrella: not necessary
    17. Warm coat: I have my fire
    18. Hiking shoes: Very tempting but I would try to build my own first
    19. Sunglasses: not necessary
    20. Pants/shorts: not necessary
    21. Bra/undies: not necessary
    22. Shirt: not necessary
    23. Hat: not necessary

    All the other things are either too expensive or useless. I don't need pistols and shotguns. There are no grizzly bears on tropical islands. The small animals would probably be more problematic than the big ones.
    I would obviously try to save as much money as I possibly can ;-). 30 days are survivable. I might lose a lot of weight and feel weak afterwards but at least I've got some money ;-).

    • Lmao you just gone stay naked

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    • But when its rainy you may get sick

    • Well, it's tropical rain, so it'll hopefully be warm ;-). And one of my priorities (after looking for water and food) will be to build some kind of shelter. Palm leaves can work wonders... :-)

  • #4 Water Purifier $ 25,000
    #5 Sunscreen $ 25,000
    #6 Matches $ 25,000
    #7 First Aid Kit (Bandages/Meds) $ 25,000
    #8 Bug Spray $ 25,000
    #1 Tent/Blanket $ 50,000
    #2 Bottled Water for 30 days $ 50,000
    #3 Canned Food/Can Opener $ 50,000
    #4 Pants/Shorts $100,000
    #6 Shirt $100,000

    TOTAL $475,000

  • Pants (corduroy just in case it's cold), canned food, blanket, flashlight, first aid and dream woman.
    We can make hunting weapons out of stones, wood or resources we find. We can make a bonfire to cook. There might be wild fruit growing, we can boil water to purify it. Boiling salt water underneath a large leaf can produce freshwater since the salt doesn't evaporate. Tents can be made from large leaves and pieces of wood. It's tempting to just use all 1 million dollars to go home though.

  • Wait... how am I "stranded" on an island if there is a place I can buy stuff? I'd just break in and take what I need.

  • #1 Fishing Rod #
    #4 Water Purifier#6 Matches #7 First Aid Kit (Bandages/Meds)
    #3 Shotgun #1 Machete
    So I'm left with 400 Grand

  • I'll buy a shirt shorts and hiking shoes for $100,000

  • Thanks for A2A!

    Where's Internet? I won't survive.

    This has a lot of plot holes. I mean, we don't know if there's fresh water sources or not. If yes, why would we buy it? And what kind of vegetation is there? And if I buy the map, why would I need anything else at all as I'll just go there and collect whatever I need.

    Anyway, most of the things are useless considering their price. But I'll pick..
    Matches $25000
    Bottled Water for 30 days $50000
    Canned Food for 30 days + Can Opener $50000
    Mosquito Net $50000
    Bring Dream Guy/Girl to join $500000

    Total : 625000
    Reward : 375000

    Matches will help in the night and fighting with the wild animals and to protect me from the weather. Lighter is too mainstream and overpriced which works the same.

    Food for obvious reasons. I'm very bad at fishing (I didn't try yet tho). And who knows if there's a crocodile waiting for me there. This is the best money invested.

    Mosquito net because I don't want to die because of malaria or dengue. And it can also protect me from other bugs. As I'm not spending money on clothes because

    I selected my dream girl to stay there as well. Half a million to meet my dream girl is very good deal. In the absence of video games, music and internet, I know how to pass my time there. In fact, I wanna know if I could live there forever? This sounds like a paradise.

  • 30 days of canned food and opener and I'll keep the rest. Food is guaranteed. I assume there is water someplace and I'm not worried about purifying it. The weather? Meh, I'll manage somehow. I'm not worried about animals. They won't bother me and I won't bother them.

    • Wow you're going home with stacks haha

    • Lol, I wouldn't spend it there either. I don't know what I'd spend it on. I don't really want much. I could probably manage to spend 30K if I tried.

  • #1 Fishing Rod
    #4 Water Purifier
    #6 Matches
    #7 First Aid Kit (Bandages/Meds)



    #1 Machete = $250,000

    Total = $350,000


    Literally all I need. I'm going to assume I have regular clothes and I'm not completely naked. Water purify is an obvious one along with first aid kid. Flashlights and lighters are pointless when you have matches. Flare isn't necessary when you can start very large controlled fires with the matches. Canned foods aren't necessary when you can fish (fishing poll) and hunt (Machete). Rifle isn't necessary because I I have a Machete and firearms need ammunition (which will run out). Compass isn't necessary since I don't even know where I'm at anyways, I'd figure out the area and mark it up to be able to differentiate. I have all the resources I need.

    • No you're completely naked. No shoes no underwear NOTHING! Sure you dont wanna but some kinda clothing?

    • I may put back my shirt and keep just the jacket. That way i can take home $125k

  • It depends what the layout of the island is like. If it's warm, cold, has sand, vegetation etc.

    I would take the tent and blanket regardless, I can fashion my clothing out of the blanket and I can fashion together an attempt at a basic water filter (very much easier if sand is there). As rope isn't on this list I'd choose the fishing rod too assuming it comes with enough line for me to go fishing and still use some of the line to help fashion a spear (All I need then is a rock and stick). So that's $75k. This way I just gotta chill for 30 days. I got food capability, weapon, shelter, clothing and water.

  • Ouuu fun fun

    This wouldn't be so bad.. for one where are we? Close to the equator or no... amywhooo... im walking away with 450,000 or 500,000 for sure... like this

    250,000 for machete BUT I might take this out.. maybe
    100,000 pants
    100,000 shoes
    50,000 for 30 days worth of canned food
    50,000 30 days worth of bottled water
    50,000 for a tent... shelter is too important
    25,000 matches
    Walk out with 380k at the minimum
    250,000 machete out, use a stick sharpened for protection
    100k Pants out, make some genital coverage and forget that ill be sleeping with bugs
    25,000 matches out, old fashioned sticks and stones
    Walk out with 750k

  • I would rather go home broke. And give back the money. If you get a bad bug bite, bad animal bite or a bad infection from tainted food, water and plants then surviving would be useless without proper medical treatment and medicine.

  • Well if was a show like that one, well im sure they wouldn't allow anyone to die, rather just be for myself there also, so first just ditch everyone else and not buy anything, I could survive 30 days. Be tough no doubt, but certainly doable. And if a camera crew anywhere, just steal their shit, lol.

    • Lol ignore the show, we based this one off my instructions above

    • ill still manage, I wouldn't buy anything :). Lived in middle of nowhere most of my life and been so much in the forrest and wilderness i would probably be just fine :).

  • 250000 machete
    100000 shorts
    25000 first aid
    25000 fishing rod
    25000 water purifier
    50000 camp stove with frying pan
    25000 flashlight/batteries
    500000 either a life boat or a dream girl to join (if she desires)

    I'd potentially use all the money. I feel I could survive being stranded on an island for 30 days - or I'm willing to take that chance. And I don't need to be rich. I've worked all my life. As long as I have my basic essentials paid for, I don't need anything else. I don't "NEED" luxury. Would it be nice? I'm sure, but it's not a true NEED.

  • That tv show looks so dramatic man...
    Making such a deal out of living in conditions that many natives lived in and still live to this day on a daily basis.

    But realistically speaking, you want containers and cooking accessories.
    You can do without cutting tools or cordage - but you will quickly realize boiling water is actually pretty damn hard unless you have a pot or something.

    • Read everything I typed above. If you want yhe stove and equipment, thats $50,000. That minus $1 Mill still leaves you with a handful of money to take home after 30 days

  • You dropped 50 grand on Soda... reaaaaally lmao.

    Water purifier 25k
    Fishing rod 25k
    Shotgun 250k
    Radio 500k

    I think i'd walk home with 200k

  • I do not eat fish and I have decent night visions, as the moonlight provides some light naturally.

    Water purifier is a must. Plenty of matches too. First Aid Kit too because health over everything else!
    = $75,000

    Tents, Food+Can Opener.
    Stove with frying pan, Mosquito Net, Umbrella.
    > $75,000 + $250,000 = $325,000

    Pants, Shirt, Hat, shoes.
    > $325,000 + $400,000 = $725,000

    I'll take an AA12 Shotgun :)
    > $725,000 + $250,000 = $975,000

    $1,000,000 - $975,000 = $25,000 made in a month. That's pretty good I'd say and very solid survival.

    • Haha well done ;-)

    • Actually I can give up the umbrella if i have tents. So that would be $75.000 leftover for me =)

  • In all honestly all I need to survive a sharpening stone, flint and a good strong durable and sharp knife.

    Everything else I need i can make or get from nature, traps, weapons, food, water, fire and even clothing. I can even make a bow and arrows for fishing if I need to.

    So I'll stay naked and just buy those 3 items.

  • I won't spend a penny on any of those because I'm a very wise man and I don't want to blow my inheritance, and it's only 30 days anyway so I will make my own stuff with my bare hands things I find on the island

  • I'd only need the Machete.
    I'd take the fishing pole i fit came with braided line and a pack of 100 stainless steel hooks.

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    • You gone spend $1mil on 2 girls you couldve gotten back home

    • Civilization sucks.. I'd rather spend it on an island with some beautiful girls;-)

  • $25,000: Fishing Rod, Flashlight/Batteries, Water Purifier.
    $50,000: Tent/Blanket
    $100,000: Hiking Shoes
    $250,000: Shotgun
    $500,000: Lifeboat
    Total: $975,000

    Hope I can survive!

    • Lol why risk gettin lost at sea on a lifeboat 😂 You'll automatically be rescued in 30 days

    • I just don't have a clue about how to survive in such hostile environments... I've never been in a forest in my life xD

    • I've been but ughh we won't go into details haha. Just stay on the island and buy the stuff you need ;-)

  • I'd give up the million for rescue. This is a classic example of something that philosophers call a utilitarian lottery.

  • I'm good, just send me home, haha

  • Comb/brush - Gotta stay fabulous
    Tent - Gotta live in luxury y'know?
    Pants - Don't want the mosquitoes to bite where they shouldn't
    Machete - It's fun to chop and slice shit
    Dream Girl - Well.. I do have a tent and it would be a shame to have all that extra space go to waste...

    • Lmao!! You paying $500k for a girl you couldve seen 30 days later back at home. And the comb/brush 😂

    • But back home has no girl :(

    • But you can take the money leftover and buy a girl back home for much less 😂

  • Fishing Rod
    Water Purifier
    Canned Food/Opener

    Why would I get a life boat lol I only have to stay for a month and then I'm free

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    • Well damn I can't even say I was kidding now or I'll look like a pervert haha

    • You can say it, because i totally lied 😂

  • all I want is the pocket knife and matches. I can start a fire without matches, but it is a pain in the ass. I'll use the pocket knife to make spears and a few simple traps for food and protection. I'll cover myself in mud for the bugs. I'll build a shelter from branches, sticks, and leaves. and I'll drink water from any springs I find, or from the tops of leaves if it rains.

  • $25,000 Flashlight
    $25,000 First Aid Kit
    $50,000 Bottled Water
    $50,000 Canned Food
    $50,000 Lighter
    $100,000 Pants
    $100,000 Shoes
    $250,000 Shotgun

    Bug spray = just go in the shallow water
    Tent = something to spend time making
    Soda = i try not to drink soda
    Coat = i live in Australia so the island i pictured wasent cold
    Shirt = luxury

    • Lol smart ;-) but i imagine the island will be cold at night

    • then i guess i would attempt to make a sort of blanket out of leaves and stuff

  • Water Purifier- $25,000
    Flashlight/Batteries- $25000
    Matches- $25000
    First aid kit- $25000
    Tent/blanket- $50000
    Canned Food for 30 days- $50000
    Pant- $100000
    Shirt- $100000
    Shotgun- $250000

    Total spent- $650000
    Profit- $350000
    P. S I am a vegan so no fishing.
    I would set up my tent on the shores out of the reach of waves but not inside the jungle too.

  • How are 75% of that crap worth more than a lighter and 90% worth more than a water purifier? And no knife or rope? These people are retarded... give me a knife, rope and lighter and I'm set... So, technically $50k

  • Ohh interesting question!

    total $75,000
    #2 Flashlight (Very useful at nighttime)
    #6 Matches (To start fires, important)
    #7 First Aid Kit (in case of emergencies)

    total $100,000
    #2 Bottled Water for 30 days
    #3 Canned Food for 30 days
    #1 Tent/Blanket

    total $250,000
    #1 Machete (Use as weapon or clearing terrain)

    GRAND COST: $425,000
    Taking home: $575,000

    Have the necessities. Just wait out the 30 days. :P

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  • $25,000 Flashlight/Batteries
    $25,000 Sunscreen
    $25,000 Matches
    $25,000 First Aid Kit (Bandages/Meds)
    = $100,000

    $50,000 Tent/Blanket
    $50,000 Bottled Water for 30 days
    $50,000 Canned Food for 30 days + Can Opener
    $50,000 Camp Stove with frying pan
    = $200,00

    $100,000 Warm Coat
    $100,000 Hiking Shoes
    $100,000 Pants/Shorts
    $100,000 Bra/Undies Shirt
    = $400,000

    $250,000 Machete
    = $250,000

    = $950,000

  • I'd spend:550.00 lol

    Food ( no need to fish or hunt) lol
    Bottled water
    Coat ( no need for clothes under a coat lol) I don't need shoes, I'll not be walking far lol )
    Bug spray
    Flash light
    Shotgun ( to shoot wild animals if they attactk me)
    Tent / blanket

    I'd stay in the comfort of my tent with my food, water, gun and flash light until I'm rescued after 30 days 😂

  • Not at all fair they never cast someone who knows wtf they're doing I can go 30days naked it's an island what ever I kill will be my new clothes there's wood there's vine has no one ever gone roughing it? I don't need any of that shit there's probably a lake and if not I'll go for the water cleaner but even then heeeelllo you can do that naturally

  • I'd buy sunscreen, machete, hiking shoes, pants, shirt, hat, and pistol. I would take home 75,000$

  • Flashlight, matches, first aid kit and water purifier: $100,000

    Tent, canned food: $100,000 food and shelter.

    And some shorts for another 100k. I don't care about my top half or shoes.

    So I'd take home $700,000 if all went well.

  • Life boat $500,000
    Machete $250,000
    Warm coat $100,000
    Canned food $50,000
    Fishing rod, first aide kit and matches for 75,000

  • Warm Coat, Pants, Shirt, hiking shoes, water purifier, flashlight/batteries, first aid kit, fishing rod, machete, matches.- 250K left.

    • Sounds good haha

    • Thanks. Depending on the terrain, I'd want shoes. (coming from a person who likes going barefoot outside)
      I'll learn intensely on how to survive in the wild tho.

  • Immediate rescue. Fat load of good the money will do me if I'm dead.

  • Flashlight
    Water purifier
    Med kit
    Canned Food

    All that and I should leave with 725,000 I think

  • immediate rescue please lol I need to many things to survive... I don't even see pads or a toothbrush on here lol nope #rescueme

    • Lmao you're right!! I don't know how i forgot toothbrush and yea the period being on 😂😂😂 yeaaaa i may better buy some underwear!! And dang i forgot tissue for doin #2 😂😂😂

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    • Nahhh I wouldve give the toothbrush and pads for $25k each

  • Can I just go home? I'm too cute to play Survivor

    • If you choose to go home, you have to leave all the money behind

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    • Haha, 50k for soda? Girl!

    • Lmao i love my coke and sprite 😂😂😂

  • #s 2, 4, 7 (1st section) then 1, 2, and 3 (2nd section)

    Total: $225,000 spent

  • Water Purifier
    Pocket knife

  • I'll just watch a ton of man vs wild and wing it.

  • Only food , water, clothes and a guy that's enough lmao

    • But the guy will cost $500k? I understand though if you dont want to be alone...

    • I can endure ANYTHING except being hungry and loneliness lol

  • Tent
    Fishing rode
    I would be a nudist
    Bug Spray

  • Tent
    Fishing rod
    Bug Spray
    First Aid Kit
    Canned Food

  • ahhhh I'm not good at math. All I know is that water is by far the most important.

  • Wait, how long do you have to be on the island before you win the million dollars?

    • You have to be there for 30 days. Read everything i typed above. Plus you're not gonna leave with a full million because you will need something from above

    • H2O purifier, matches, first aid kit=75k
      tent, food=100k
      I get 550k for me. I'd be set for life.

  • I'll get back to this

  • Been there, done that.

  • I would not even go on an island. -_-"

  • I'd give up all the money to just go home.

  • I wouldn't pay anything. I'd rather die thanks.