"The way someone dresses is how they want to be treated", true or false?

For females with short dresses, with guys with feminine outfits or a caked up dress, etc.


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  • False they do not dress that way to get you to whistle


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  • How someone dresses is a statement on who they are. It's a form of expression.

    But no matter how someone chooses to express themselves through their clothing they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. No outfit is an invitation for violence or harassment.


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  • I think the way a person dressed can say a lot about what kind of person they are.

  • No, that's definitely not true. Though, there's this thing in criminology called "victim precipitation" which suggests that the victim of a violent crime acted in such a way to cause his or hers victimization. An example would be a woman wearing a very provocative dress at a club and then getting sexually assaulted. Clothing can indicate what you want or feel sometimes

    • That's crazy. Isn't that victim blaming?

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    • I didn't say that...
      Victim precipitation implies that many individuals have been found to precipice or cause their own victimization through their indirect or direct actions. Sometimes, certain situations that people put themselves in or certain people they hangout with, increase their own victimization.

    • This is a feminist theory implemented in the U. S. justice system. Where the lesser of two evils persistently argue the invalidity of the victim and the ignoring what constitutes the perpetrators charge. It's bias as a standard of prosecution , whereas the violation of guaranteed due process for the victim and the perpetrator as a whole. This impeeds upon constitutionally protected rights guaranteed by our constitutional amendments. Both are biased by the law at whole.

  • Don't even know what that means... I wear American flag stuff or fishing shirts with khakis. What does that mean I want? Do I want to be treated like a fish? Not preferably

  • i think it is false in most cases

  • Maybe this is just me, but as a mature man, I don't dress how I want to be "treated", I dress functionally depending on situation. If I am exercising I wear fitness gear, if I am at work I dress business casual, if I am at a metal concert I wear jeans and a printed T (band or horror), if I am trying to be attractive at an event or at a bar I wear something classic (button down, indigo jeans, fashion sneakers or dress boots), if it is a formal event I wear a suit, tie, and a pair of black oxfords.

    There is some truth that people treat you differently depending on how well put together you are or what your sense of style is. If you dress like you are going to a metal concert every where you go, chances are, only people who have the same mind set as you are going to understand and fully appreciate your style choice. If you don't give a crap about how you look, it will show. If you wear clothes too big or small, it will also show.

    As for women, mature women do the same. However it is also true that at a night club or some other venue, if the woman is dressing extra sexily, like in a short cocktail dress with heels, chances are she is looking for validation and maybe even some guys to approach her. She is obviously trying to either boost her own confidence or trying to be attractive. If not, then she is going to be annoyed by all the unwanted attention. Same goes for an attractive guy who puts a lot of extra effort into his look to show off, he might get tons of female (and male) attention regardless if he is looking for it or not.

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  • Well, the girl in the picture above (Danielle Robertson) is a very decent girl; so I would have to disagree in her case. She's an athlete.

    It depends on the intentions of the individual prior to wearing a specific outfit. Some people will feel insecure, & seek attention; others will dress to gain respect; some will dress to avoid mediocrity.

    The latter is me; I was born a rebel & I don't conform to the rules of society.

    It depends on what you value in life, how you were raised, & it sometimes is a direct reflection of how you see yourself or how you feel at that very moment.

    Women, in my opinion, seek the most attention & validation, because they are emotional thinkers. Men think on a very basic & logical level; except probably when they have to dress for a specific occasion.

    It's a very subjective topic.

    I think when we go out, we're all prone to pay more attention to the way we dress, & our appearance overall; as we're going out to meet new people.

    Valuing your appearance means that you value yourself.

    However, considering girls who show a lot of cleavage & who wear skimpy clothes every other day; reflects that they need attention & validation from men in order to feel significant - it's a deep-seated insecurity; & it's visible to most people who observe these kinds of women. It may reflect a lack of self-respect, which is why men wouldn't think twice of putting these women in the "MRS. RIGHT NOW" category when on a date. Most decent men in this case, wouldn't see you as girlfriend material if you dress provocatively all of the time (bad idea on a first date). It's proven psychologically, as all men compartmentalize their thoughts through what they observe - it's in their biology.

  • Nobody ever has the right to rape or abuse someone based on their clothes they wear... i know a lot of girls were probably thrown out of and laughed out of a police station because she was wearing a mini dress when she was raped but men don't understand they never have the right to rape women and i don't think enough people understand that and it seems 1/2 of women agree if a girl wears sexy clothes she deserves to be raped but your all so far off.

    • Then stop lookin like a trashy looking hooker

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    • @angelica453 when I was raped I wasn't dressed trashy. Go fist yourself you judgmental c*nt.

    • @angelica453 i'll say it again a man never has a right to rape a woman no matter what a woman wears or doesn't wear... i could curse you out call you every name in the book accuse you of anything i want but you'll always be an a**hole

  • False. No one wants to ne treated badly. Even if they dress in a provocative way.
    I like wearing pretty dresses and skirts but not because I like being harrassed but because I like being pretty and I want other people to see that invest energy and time in my appearance. That won't happen if I go outside wearing jeans and hoodies.

  • I think that everyone wants to be treated with human decency/respect (at least I hope they do). But, I've often noticed that people will treat those who dress nice/professionally better than those who dress more casually.

  • That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    If you wore a t-shirt that said "murder me" and someone did, they would still be charged with murder. I believe a judge said this during a trial, or perhaps in reference to a rape trial. It is unreasonable to expect that how someone dresses is how they want to be treated.

    • Thats like saying a ( fake ) skater girl wearing short shorts that almost show her ass when she know damn well she just want some dick

    • @angelica453 stupid is as stupid does. Thanks for the demonstration.

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