Did the LGBT go too far?

I don't really mind gay marriage being legal. But nowadays they've gone too far, they must be stopped as soon as possible.
Political correctness won't let us criticize them but we shouldn't care anymore, we should rise again and be strong.
The LGTB is now even supporting pedophilia, sexualizing kids, brainwashing them. I'd give you a few examples here. There is a channel on YouTube called "queer kids stuff" dedicated to kids that talks about queer sexual things! There is queer transgender kids in the LGBT community.
If you still don't beleive how disturbing that is look at these pictures.
Some schools had a queer day, where one of these weird looking trans monsters would stay with kids! This ain't ok, this ain't normal we need to do something we need to save our children and our families
And it seems like the church doesn't care, no one would say anything about that. But why are we afraid of being called homophobes? We must launch a 10th crusade against these creatures before they ruin our society. We shouldn't be thought that is is normal anymore. If you can't see how disturbing this is you're blind. But we've already been warned:
(Corhinsians 6-10): " Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, , nor men who practice homosexuality will inherit the kingdom of God.
We need a new crusade DEUS VULT
Did the LGBT go too far?
Did the LGBT go too far?
Did the LGBT go too far?
Did the LGBT go too far?
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Did the LGBT go too far?
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