Did the LGBT go too far?

I don't really mind gay marriage being legal. But nowadays they've gone too far, they must be stopped as soon as possible.
Political correctness won't let us criticize them but we shouldn't care anymore, we should rise again and be strong.
The LGTB is now even supporting pedophilia, sexualizing kids, brainwashing them. I'd give you a few examples here. There is a channel on YouTube called "queer kids stuff" dedicated to kids that talks about queer sexual things! There is queer transgender kids in the LGBT community.
If you still don't beleive how disturbing that is look at these pictures.
Some schools had a queer day, where one of these weird looking trans monsters would stay with kids! This ain't ok, this ain't normal we need to do something we need to save our children and our families
And it seems like the church doesn't care, no one would say anything about that. But why are we afraid of being called homophobes? We must launch a 10th crusade against these creatures before they ruin our society. We shouldn't be thought that is is normal anymore. If you can't see how disturbing this is you're blind. But we've already been warned:
(Corhinsians 6-10): " Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, , nor men who practice homosexuality will inherit the kingdom of God.
We need a new crusade DEUS VULT Did the LGBT go too far?Did the LGBT go too far?Did the LGBT go too far?Did the LGBT go too far?
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  • You are right (I don't support gay marriage by the way, transgenderism is more tolerable than homosexuality in my opinion.)

    I don't care about anyone's religion or gender (there are only 2 genders and you cannot prove me wrong.)

    The LGBT community is despised and looked upon down in the place I live, not because 90% of our population is Muslim, but because their lifestyle is just disgusting.

    Plus most of the "homosexual" and "want to be trans" people are not homosexual or have hormonal disorders in fact, they act like that because Western culture and the LGBT community is cool. If they are naturally gay I wouldn't hate on them that much.

    Do I walk in the street almost naked in front of children, ans shout "I'm heteroooooo"
    No I don't because my sexual preference does not concern anyone.

    If you are gay or trans, go live it in your own world. No one is obliged to see moustached women and lady-like men shouting like gorillas and showing off their disgusting bodies. (Most of the LGBT people are hairy, smell bad and ugly as hell as I have noticed, in my country. I don't know about the LGBT people in other countries.)

    Plus most of the LGBT supporters in my country support the seperatist pro-Kurdish party which is linked to terror. That's why I will never sympathize with them. They use this as a political propaganda, and encourage Turkish youth to become homosexual while telling Kurdish kids that they must be heterosexual and have too much children. I'm glad that they are hated that much in Turkey since they deserve it.

    And recently that MAP (Minor attracted person, referring to normalizing pedophilia) bullshit has appeared, that makes the movement double disgusting.

    Plus kids under 18 cannot decide their sexual identity, transgenderism must be forbidden before 18.

    Otherwise who fucks who, is none of my business, as long as they are adults.

    I still think homosexuality is degeneracy but If LGBT people live it without showing off it will not harm anyone, I will tolerate them If that happens so. But not likely to happen in foreseeable future. They will keep on living with this mentally ill lifestyle as long as *someone* does not stop them.

    If Christians decide to exterminate these creatures you've shown above (not gays who live a regular life), I will totally support it, most Muslims will also.

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    • Most women are bisexual is just SJW propaganda.

  • What a bunch of bullshit you're spouting.

    • What a bunch of bullshit they're putting in people's head in this century...

  • That first picture makes me want to either cry myself insane while in the fetal position or set myself on fire and leap on the horrifying neck beard demon thus killing us both. That last one is a win win. I don't have to pay for the years of therapy resulting from witnessing that eldritch abomination and humanity is spared the unparalleled terror that is that "things" continued existice.

    Please kill me,
    - Mr. Brick

    • I bet we'll have a trans zombie apocalypse

    • Woah, you survived! I can't beleive it! Another sane person survived in this comment section

  • Our species is turning into hideous mutants and we can't do shit about it cuz of "Social Justice" which is utter bullshit

    Now that the pedo movement is happening, we can be sure that the LGBT is a bunch of insecure retards who have no self-control and don't know anything about humanity or themselves

    Way to go, humans getting led by the most inferior to them with mental illnesses

  • U haven't been to Canada. You cannot say "Mom" or "Dad", you can say only "Parent" in Canada. Otherwise you will get shamed and most probably fired, because som fag would be insulted by that.

    • Oh I really feel sorry for Canadians. It's so sad seeing such a beautiful country getting destroyed. But I'm not so surprised, what do you expect when someone like trudeo is a president lol

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    • Yeah, we'll have more problems though

    • I don't mind if the women STFU and stop showing off their naked bodies.

  • First of all dude CtFD. Also I applaud you on once again creatively pulling bible verses out of the greater context. The Bible also says “ For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it.” James 2:10. In other words all who sin are just as guilty as the rest. Are you trying to tell me you have never sinned, because I find that unlikely. I find it puzzling how much hatred people who claim to be Christians show to people simply because they don’t fit in your perfect little mold. Do I believe homosexuality is wrong? Yes I do, just as much as any other sin be it speaking hateful language towards others or stealing from another. Do I believe people who are homosexual cannot be Christians? No I don’t believe that because according to the Bible all sins are equal and the Bible is the the word of God, the Bible is the way and the truth and the light. Jesus didn’t say go out and segregate thyselves from all who commit sin, because newsflash that’s all of us. Jesus said go out amongst the sinners. Be the salt and light of the world. Jesus, the only perfect man to ever live associated with thieves and prostitutes and adulterers. Jesus the only perfect man to ever live, the son of God walked among the poor the beaten down the infirm and the willfully sinful. He didn’t condemn them, he set an example for them. He didn’t abandon them, he died for them. Just as surely as he died for you and me. The Bible also says “ Thou shall not judge lest ye be judged”. I wish more Christians would remember that, maybe then less people would think were jaded hateful bigots who think we’re better than everyone else, because we aren’t better than them so maybe we should stop acting like it.

    • Sorry friend but there is a huge difference here. I do sin and I won't deny that, but I know that what I do/did is wrong and I want to stop it. But gays they don't beleive what they did I wrong they don't wanna stop they wanna continue doing the same thing over and over and not just that, they want us to do like them and if we say "that's a bad thing" we're being shamed for it. We're not fighting to punish them, that's not our job, we're fighting to stop this ideology from spready and most importantly spreading among kids

    • And there you go once again generalizing, I know several homosexuals who are ashamed of the urges they have. I have a few friends that are homosexual, some of them are repentant some are not. Just because people fit into a certain category doesn’t mean they all think the same way. I’ve never met a homosexual man or woman who has tried to convince me or anyone around me that we should be gay to. For the most part they’re happy to be left alone to live their life as they wish it. What your doing is looking at the highly publicized extremes, and assuming that’s how the whole group acts. As for stopping that ideology from spreading, you don’t convince people they’re wrong by telling them that. That just upsets them. You convince people they’re wrong by listening to what they have to say calmly and quietly, and then letting them know in a respectful manner what you believe.

    • You’d be amazed how often listening to others without condemning their beliefs works. How can you expect others to listen to you when you won’t listen to them. The power of Gods word doesn’t need you to tell other people they’re wrong to shine through, it will shine through on its own merit. All you calling names and pointing fingers does is distract from the real issue. That issue being what God thinks not what you think.
      There are dozens of verses that go against everything you’ve said in this chat.
      verses like
      Luke 6:27-28 ESV

      “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.

      Romans 12:20-21 ESV

      To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

      Romans 12:19 ESV

      Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

      Proverbs 24:17 ESV

      Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles,

      Matthew 5:38-39 ESV

      “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

  • John.8. [1] Jesus went unto the mount of Olives. ... But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. [7] So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

    • Yes, who said "kill those faggots"? I didn't mention killing them

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    • God will punish them. We're not here to punish these people but to defend ourselves. If we don't do that there won't be any Christians left. Everyone will be a trans zombie.
      The bible may preach peace but when it is christendom itself that is threatened then it is every Christian's duty to defend themselves

    • So defend you're self by not feeding into the propaganda simple no action needs to be taken on anyone but your selfs like the choice to not Indulge in any other sin

  • quite sad, but only a minority are the extreme like many other cases. so don't generalize like you do kid and dude christianity was so 2000 years ago, get with the time.

  • I get what the point was of the pedo movement part.

    It's the fact that these people aren't able to help themselves and need help and acceptance. A pedo is not a child abuser. A person labeled as pedo, doesn't mean he harmed any one or committed any related crimes. He might just have a disorder and is trying to manage it.

    How society looks on them, even if they try to get help is quite sad. Imagine being a social outcast and you can't help it. And when you finally try to seek for help people shame you.

    they turned it into a thing where they should be accepted without having to go through rehab or get professional help. They try to normalize it, like it's no biggie.

    The LGBT community also exposes kids to sexuality, a thing they don't understand yet. When I was a kid I didn't understand why we naturally we fall in love with people of the opposite sex. You shouldn't force a kid to know he must know this.

    • Yes pedos, just like gays and trans have a mental disorder and must be helped without being attacked

  • Well, i myself am part of lgbt, but that is just wrong. I agree on that part that sexualizing kids should be stoped asap, but disagree if you wanna get rid of whole lgbt community

  • A few bad apples need to go. But let me tell you - most of us queers hate this stuff. So please don't generalize us.

    • And fuck off with religious bullshit. "Muh holy book" is not an argument.

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    • @Tilin29 that is what I mean though, I'm saying not all gays, lesbians and others are like that, only a vocal minority.

    • @100lbguy
      Again. I said majority of the community is like that and supports this. Every LGBT person I've talked to has so far as well...

  • I think you need a nap.

    • I think you need to go to a doctor and check your vision, you really can't see

    • Sure, every crazy thinks that they are the only one seeing the truth 😂

    • Man I'm not really kidding, how the hell do people think 5 years old boy wearing a fucking bra normal? What the hell is going on with people nowadays? Why did I have to be born in this century 🙄

  • Nope

  • omgg wtf r they even doing lololl

  • Third option-- are you legitimately retarded?

    • So I'm restarted for saying basic sience that people know since alnost 2000 before christ but a man walking in the streets with his ass naked and wearing a bra and putting lipstick and saying "hell is fabulous" isn't? Can't you see how disturbing these pictures are? You for real man? I can't beleive how these assholes are making people beleive in their propaganda. That's worse than a zombie apocalypse

  • why don't you take the lead then? what are you going to do about it?

    • If I take the lead, I'll be in prison.
      We need more people, this movement should spread around the world and it will start when people aren't afraid of being called "homophobes"

    • ever heard of the gay purge in chechnya?

  • Wow its almost like lgbtq kids aren't taught safe sex in their sex ed class, only cis straight kids are.

    • there is nothing Sutch as "gay sex" that's not sex, that's a man's ass...

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    • Gay sex isn't real sex, if you say that to a kid he'll beleive it, and he'll grow up thinking that this is a real thing. Just like kids beleive in things they've never seen like Santa... they'll grow up believing that this shit is normal

    • I dont really care what your uneducated 13 year old opinion is. Either way it can still spread stds and stis like any other sex and people need to know how to do stuff safely.

  • Wow. You seem really upset by all this. I mean I know it’s not uncommon to see snowflakes in January but no one called for a blizzard like this.

    • I'm not a snowflake, people who go mad for being called f@ggots are. And you know that it snows in Jan right?

    • I’ve seen your other posts, snowflake.

  • Mental disorders should be medicated not celebrated.


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