Dilemma on being a lonely virgin forever, why?

i'm 23 years old I never had a boyfriend or date , so yeah I am a virgin .why? I'll tell you why because when I was younger my parents mostly , my mother didn't want me to , plus nobody was interested . two guys did ask me at two different times, but I had to say no plus they were strange . that was in high school . though I am not gorgeous , I am not ugly, sort of like ugly betty . so I feel cursed.

I am an only child .I am also a mixed raced (white father , black mother) so I am open to any guy . I am about to leave one college here in los angeles to go to a career college next year . my mother told me from the time I was young that education came first . I'm also 5'1 and overweigt but not by a crazy amount , I'm curvy . I don't have a job and yes I still live with my parents , but the block I live on people my age and up a few of them live with their parents , but I don't know their social lives very well . any way once I have things under control I will move out . I thought about online dating but still not sure about it .

i absolutely do not want to do the bar scene or club scene not my thing . I thought about trying a singles mixer ( I heard it on tyra banks)or speed dating when I finish at my career college and when I get a job , that's if I don't find anybody there. I would like to find someone at 25 or 26 , not 30 . I have two great friends and they are like me but yet they managed to get boyfriends though those relationships didn't last . their virgins too (their catholic) .

well that's my story sorry if it is long but it has been driving me crazy . hopefully you guys and girls can help me if not thanks for reading any way .sadly I feel like the only one in los angeles , yet the world.
Dilemma on being a lonely virgin forever, why?
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