Why is rape a crime but paternity fraud isn't?

Ok I get it, rape from women's view is the worst thing ever, worse than famine, war, pestilence, and volcanic eruptions. Us men don't genuinely understand what the big deal about it is, but we play along and feign outrage cause we can clearly see it's a big deal to women.

Paternity fraud from men's view is far worse than rape, we have our life stolen from us for 20 years and our right to reproduce, basically it's castration. We slave and struggle for decades raising what we think are our children until in old age we find out we had no children at all, and she's been deceiving you in the most disgusting way possible every single day you've spent living with her. What is wrong with the West? I'm not saying we should go full sharia but why don't males have a spine? So what if women don't view it as a big deal? Why does the world revolve around what they think is important? DNA tests have been possible for decades now yet we still don't have the guts to demand even our most basic human rights. Why? Because women don't approve that's why.
Why is rape a crime but paternity fraud isn't?
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