Tara Reade Alligations against Biden?

Democrats, in light of the allegation and "Inquisition" into Justice Kavanaugh and those against Trump as well, how do you feel about the allegations against Biden?


The easiest way to discredit someone and distort perception is to destroy their credability in the eyes of the public. This is the easiest way to do it. However, her allegations have some merit in that she talked about them soon after they happened and told multiple people.I'm on the fence on this one. I've seen women who are definitely wrong about something, but totally believe in what they say (false memories due to PTSD possibly in the case I know of). I was assaulted at work (emotionally) and didn't fight about it and just let it go... by a woman! Yes, women assault people. If that person ran for President, I'd come out against them. But as well, I tend to believe when there is support around the story and the picture fits.

It is best though to come out immediately after any such attacks, have them reported so there is record. These issues go on today, so the past is whatever the past will be.

There is always the viewpoint... so what! Noone is perfect, apologize and move forward. It isn't who they are now. e. g. it isn't that important of an issue. In that case, would you support people saying "I did XYZ" I'm sorry if I hurt them and wish the best for them, lets move on, blah blah. In other words since at least Clinton era... lie lie... deny deny... has been the policy in place by any leader. Would you support changing that so people are honest?
It's BS just to discredt him
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It's probably true but won't matter to me since the other guy is still worse
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It's probably true and might change my view if he assaulted her
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Tara Reade Alligations against Biden?
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