Do you believe a “race war” will happen?

One of the dumbest things I’ve heard about recently is the idea of a “race war”. That people will actual swear allegiance to their race and die for it. It’s the most ridiculous concept I’ve ever heard and shows that humans truly cannot deviate from their tribal instincts, making us no better than wild animals. I’m a black dude. I don’t mind being black, but what I’m not going to stand for is people thinking I have some sort of allegiance to them because I’m black. Even if a race war were to break out, black people wouldn’t win because black people are the lowest of the totem pole of races throughout the world. Everyone would just team up with the white people. We should care for intellectual advancement of human society, not our emotions towards people who look like us. So why even beget the idea of a race war in the first place?
Do you believe a “race war” will happen?
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