How about this solution, Partial "Racial" Segregation?

So as a part of a racial/culture workshop online back in the 90s I constructed this idea in my late 20s. We were having these discussion on a bulletin board online. It was conveniently titled Race Relations. Of course there many racists there advocating for the race war etc. So I came up with a proposal that I thought made sense. It was called Partial Racial Segregation.

Where we would divide the nation up into two parts. The larger part is the just where life proceeds normally. Then one area would be designated a "racial nation". In this nation, you could construct "no go zones" based upon race or whatever standard you guys were comfortable with.

That way, you can have a "White" city or county or state. Or a "Black" one. Or an Arab one. I mean depending upon how many wanted this "freedom". You could create your racial. religious, or whatever state based upon whatever rules you see fit. I think there should be a minimum requirement in terms of population. I mean you can't create a zone for a dozen people. That's ridiculous.

I played around with the idea and it would be costly. But less costly than riots, looting, lawsuits, turmoil, etc. that goes along with our insane race problems that have existed since we were a nation. It is a proposal that could save us.

What do you guys think? Workable?
How about this solution, Partial Racial Segregation?
How about this solution, Partial Racial Segregation?
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Come on everybody! Get up here and vote! Looks like many people are just shook up by this proposal. Even the racists! Haha!! Wow. You would think they would be happy about this. A chance to be away from all the things that pisses them off. They don't have to go back to Europe. They can build a "White" utopia that will be rich and prosperous! Look at this. I can't get one thumbs up.
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It is an interesting exercise. But I think solutions like these must be apart of the discussion. We have been at this for 150 years and people still believe in race and racial ranking systems. People claim this is a defeatist attitude. On the contrary. We are late in figuring out how to work with one another. Just because you are labeled a liberal does not mean you are immune to bias and racial weirdness. Being "Black" does not stop you from being aggressively ignorant.
How about this solution, Partial "Racial" Segregation?
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