Should Public Nudity Be Legal?

I'm not talking at say only nude beaches. I mean anywhere and everywhere like
In Vermont. Before you answer this poll ask yourself the reason you are voting the way you are. Example is it because you truly feel public nudity is wrong or is it because you don't want to agree to something that may lead you to seeing a "fat", "old" or "ugly" person naked... If that is the reason you are guilty of body shaming. The equivalent of being discriminatory based on looks.
Public Nudity Should Be Legal
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Public Nudity Should Continue To Be Illegal
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One thing to consider is the law a violation of your rights? "Life, Liberty and Freedom"?
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Okay folks I'm going to leave this up for as long as they allow, I will not be picking a "Best Opinion" only because I refuse to pick something biased by my own opinions. Sorry if that's a disappointment or let down but I feel that is the only way to truly treat each person's opinion as important, By not showing favoritism or biases.
Should Public Nudity Be Legal?
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