Does anyone still 'Believe Women' any more, now that they're wildly accusing everyone of 'sex crimes' every single day?

Seriously though, can you name a single male politician or celebrity in the world, who's moderately powerful and/or famous (or gay, or trans, since these celebs seem to be exempt- for now), at this point who HASN'T been accused of sexual harassment, solicitation, molestation and/or straight-up rape at this point? Most often, by dozens of women who've accused thousands of other men of the same things, without having ever met or had any form of contact with any of those men? And hasn't this just become a complete farce by this point? These MeToo activists said "Believe All Women"- but haven't they made sure that, eventually, no-one will ever believe any of them, or their fellow women, with these sorts of shock-value, oh-so-conveniently timed, cancel-culture sex allegations ever again?

I know I don't believe any of this bullshit any more; at this stage, I'd look at any sex allegations and think "yawn, just politically-charged shit-tossing yet again, get a life". Because that's just what women are like now- and the fact that no women have or will ever speak out against false sexual abuse allegations, or even acknowledge their existence, means that they all condone and encourage it. And while the true sufferers, who will just be ignored, now have my sympathy and condolences, they'll never have a scrap of my trust or belief in their accusations ever again; and it's all women's fault for politicizing, weaponizing and abusing our sympathies for them, as they always have, do and will with every single thing we care (d) about defending them from. What about you lot? What do you think?
Hell nah, I never did and never will, can't trust any of them
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I used to try, but not any more
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I didn't before, but they're telling me to so now I do
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Does anyone still 'Believe Women' any more, now that they're wildly accusing everyone of 'sex crimes' every single day?
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