In 2024 will Trump win for a 3rd time?

In 2024 will Trump win for a 3rd time?
Trump has it in the shade if he doesn't get cheated out of it again. Biden with no mind, Afgan disaster, economy sucking, 350,000 people laid off every week, weaker military, China feeding us our lunch, taking Americans freedoms away, and Covid still around. Soon a stock market crash, soon housing crisis, soon 20% unemployment, forced mandates, border disaster letting in murderers, rapists, and people with diseases in to our country. Taking resources away from Americans and giving it to illegals.
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Yes , he will really win like in 2020 , but Democrats will cheat again and keep in out of office
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14 d
This proves what I say. Time and Time again , people here say Trump will win and think election was rigged. This is the majority of people. This means most people voted for him and proves yes indeed the Democrats cheated.
In 2024 will Trump win for a 3rd time?
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