Do you make victims of victims?

When someone becomes a victim of a crime, many people will start to excuse the criminal or blame the victim without realizing they are doing so.

At the same time, many know they are doing it and continue to do it.

This is commonly called victim blaming. Both men and women will do it towards sexual assault victims, because they should not have been wearing those cloths or been in this place or they drank too much.

Do you make victims of victims?

This is an attempt to shift blame from the criminal to the victim.

Many will say those in bad situations got themselves into it, such as trafficking victims can just walk away or call 911.

If they do not, then they are not truly victims.

I am not strictly referring to sexual crimes though, this happens with almost any type of crime. People who carry a lot of cash and get robbed, could be blamed. Why were they carrying so much cash, that is their own fault.

Someone who was conceal carrying, locked their gun in their car because they can't take it in where they are going, it gets stolen. They are a victim of theft and yet others will blame them when their gun is used in a crime.

Virtually any type of crime, someone will blame the victim.

Do you make victims of victims?

Do you in part blame the victims or wholly? Intentionally or unintentionally. Do thoughts cross your mind, that if they had done or not done (insert whatever) that they would not have become a victim or because they did something they choose to become one?

Yes - I blame the victim entirely as it is their fault.
I blame the victim partially, not entirely but they have some responsibility in it.
No - I never blame the victim, ever... I only blame the perpetuator.
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Do you make victims of victims?
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