Does anyone else use Duolingo. What do you think of it?


I used to like it. I want to improve my Spanish. I used it for close to 200 consecutive days now

But I am so fucking sick of all the woke bullshit they throw into it. You want gay couples for Spanish lessons? Fine. You want woke feminists with purple hair? I will tolerate them every once in a blue moon but they are insufferable when they are displayed in every Spanish lesson.

There are seriously more “progressive” stereotypes, scenarios and relationships in it then there are traditional situations. I swear over 70% of the relationship examples on duolingo are gay relationship examples. Also there is all sorts of feminism examples where the men are often acting stupid and weak vs the women acting smart and confident.

It’s just way over the top and the agenda has gotten to the point I just want to delete the app. On top of that I know for a fact that Mexicans overall hate woke progressive crap more than Americans do.

I lived in Mexico for a while and know for a fact Mexicans tend to be much more conservative and traditional when it comes to family values. So why try to brainwash Americans in speaking into a progressive tone that will make them disliked by many conservative Latinos?

Are there any other good language apps that don’t do don’t have a leftist agenda with all this bullshit?

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It’s alright
I hate it.
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I spend ten bucks a month on “super Duolingo” which is the paid subscription of the app.

If the app stuck to reality and just taught Spanish it would be well worth it. But I hate spending money on companies that push woke indoctrination. I don’t want to support them. But I don’t know who else to go to.
Does anyone else use Duolingo. What do you think of it?
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