What would you do to 'save' this kid?


I say "save" meaning, recover his life so it isn't a waste. You see the problem, right?

You know the story, if not, here's a brief history:


* Pulled a gun on some people, $100 bond and released... stupid system!

* Attacked a woman stealing money, she's in traction now for a long time...


The woman, Nhung Truong, thankfully has family for support, but I can only imagine the support required. Look her up and help her out... you can do that by providing money, praying, helping others. After all... what do you do if you have to work, pay bills... and you are now paralyzed? This requires community support.

Do your homework, I believe this is the correct gofundme


... SAVING Him...

Here's the truth..."hurt people hurt people"! The young man, no matter how this goes... will be out of jail... that's our stupid system that bases decisions on "time" not "problem solved". Would you take your car to a mechanic, and he says..."took 5 hours... car released"! You ask, so the "so it's fixed right"? "No sir, spent time, send home... call us back if have more problem". WTF? That's what we do with messed up humans.

No you wouldn't, you'd lock up til fixed or dispose of that car because it's too far gone. So let's see your plan, since this is your world. My plan is he's immersed in God/Jesus Christ until his underlying emotional problems are resolved. Then he's retrained for job skills.. then F#$@#43ing released.

We gotta be smarter than this... could be you or me next...

What would you do to save this kid?
Immerse in Christ/God, mentoring, with therapy until resolved, and retraining
Therapy, mediate, release
Firing squad [note this is not a real solution since no-one died].
Other idea
Don't need saved, you are the problem!
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What would you do to 'save' this kid?
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