What paint color matches a black and silver wallpaper ?

I know that's so out of place, but really couldn't think of anywhere to ask this

so I'm moving in a new house and I got a black and silver wallpaper to cover one side of the room, now I'm wondering which color should I be painting my room? I was thinking about pink, bubblegum pink, will it match ?

Also what color should I get the furniture ?

Thanks :)

Thank you all guys :)


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  • Choose one of those color tones.

    I will order them for you.

    #1 link the room will look girlie with this. xD

    #2 link

    #3 link

    Also I think the white color will go well too.

    As for the furniture, I think if you use the same wall colors, it would be nice. ^_^

    Also, I think if you choose the kind of pink I posted above,

    this color for the furniture will look okay with it link ^_^

    • the fist one is actually the one I was thinking about ^.^

      you think pink furniture would be nice ? I thought about it but then I thought about black furniture, what do you think :) /

    • Well, firstly thanks for the Best Answer. ^_^

      Secondly, if you want to choose the first color (pink) then I think the crimson wood color (the last link) for the furniture would look very neat. ^_^

      And yeah black furniture would look elegant too, but pink furniture hmm it's okay but I don't think it would be suitable.

      And congrats for the new house. ^_^

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  • Turquoise would work well with silver and black if you get the right shade.

    • Here's kind of what that color scheme looks like. This is more towards the turquoise though. link

    • it looks very nice, but I'm not a big fan of turquoise, anyway thanks for the effort <3

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  • Black, silver, turquoise, purple, light green, and pink look nice together. (all pastel versions of the colors btw)

  • Personally, I think silver, black, blue, and purple look good together in most combinations. But that's my personal preference. I think pink would look fine, too.

  • Yellow would look good but id go with a sea green or light blue someone light and bright pink is also nice

  • Orange or brown most people don't use it

  • Any color would look good

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