My boyfriend's relationship with his female boss makes me uncomfortable

My boyfriend's relationship with his female boss makes me uncomfortable.

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and live together. Great relationship. I love him so much.He worked for a company for 3 years. He had a female supervisor whom he would go out for drinks at the bar with along with other coworkers on a regular basis throughout those years. I was never invited. But didn't really think much of it because we both do things apart from each other with freinds and coworkers. I started getting a little uneasy when I found out she was driving him to and from his physical therapy appointments but let it go.About two months ago said supervisor got a job at a new company. He and I went to her going away party and it was my first time meeting her. She is my age and single. And she was downribt catty to me at her party. I walked away disliking her very much and thinking she has a thing for my man. But let it go cause she was history. Right? Not so much.Two weeks later she gets him a job with her new company. He gave his notice at old company and went to work with her. Again. He brought a big box of his stuff home on his last day at his old job. His coworkers had given him lots of farewell gifts and we were going through everything and I found an old card from the supervisor and it endedwith "love you". I thought that was strange. Brought it up and he got so mad at me and accused me of being jealous and stupid.Now they work very closely together. She texts all the time. About random stuff. Last Thursday we were laying in bed and a text came through from her and she invited him to a party on Friday night. I saw the text. And his response. He said no thanks that he and I were gonna spend a quiet weekend at home as things have been crazy with him starting the new job and such. She immediately replied saying ease reconsider and let her know if he did. I found this extremely offensive. She is his BOSS not his coworker. She shouldn't be inviting him out to socialize or text about non work stuff during his off time. I asked him to please not text her during off time or respond to her texts. He thinks I am being crazy and jealous. I think he is giving her the wrong idea by responding. And responding right away. It all seems weord to me and I don't know what to do. She is a big bar person and is ALWAYS inviting him to go drinking. I also told hi. It made me uncomfortable for them to be riding around in her car together alone. Am I being crazy? Jealous? How would you handle this as my boyfriend just gets angry and calls me jealous.
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I want to reiterate that I never expected him not to respond to her about work related issues. Only random texts and calls during his off hours when we are hanging out.
My boyfriend's relationship with his female boss makes me uncomfortable
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