Libra Man...What Should I Do? Relationship or Whatever?

I'm a Taurus by the way.

OK so, part of me has severed 8.5/10 strings of my heart from this guy.

He's so...vague and somewhat evasive, it's utterly ANNOYING.

Tonight I asked him how he felt about me (as I do more frequently lately) not because I'm insecure but simply because all I get is "Perfect" -this is not the first I've heard this from a guy- and that's it...No beautiful, sweet, nice, etc. Just perfect (unrealistic to me). So I'm like, I just can't accept that without understanding what that means to you.

He simply says, "Nevermind, I'll never call you perfect again...My mistake."

So I'm like "what is perfect in your eyes because in mine it means having no flaws which I do have."

This Libra signed mother f____er has the nerve to say "I see this heading into an argument so moving on..." It really wasn't until he said that. I'm just trying to understand his feelings for me seeing as he has been very superficial when it comes to me. The majority of our time spent revolves around my sexiness. Rarely is it beautiful, it's sexy. (It being me)

So I'm saying. What the f__k is this? Can somebody explain this fool to me because I'm trying...really I am. I've done so much to avoid fights and to avoid him feeling insulted and it just never seems to work. Oh and on top of that he can be passive aggressive and expect me to be a mind reader.

He's f__king insane please help me to understand.
Libra Man...What Should I Do? Relationship or Whatever?
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