The US Capitol crisis as told in Spongebob Memes

WARNING ⚠️: The following memes are meant for comedic purposes only. They are not meant to offend or side with any party....

Why I am Very Reluctant to Talk About Politics

In response to the chaos that temporarily interrupted counting of Electoral College votes for the 46th President of the US, I listed...

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU

Hey GaGers! It is I... Soo.... The person who you stand by who called the election FAKE how the ELECTION WAS RIGGED.. Yes folks you...

MyTake on Intelligence

You either have it or you don't. You can learn knowledge and education, but most intelligence is instinctual, and much of that is...

We all need to start purging Google from our lives.

(Note: This post has a lot of cursing and swearing in it, cause that's how pissed off they got me.) If you're a typical online user, do...

MGTOW explained

I've been reading these comments about MGTOW and the problem is that MGTOW has been placed in a vacuum that is isolated in its...

Ia this a joke? Trump considers forming his own Partriot Party?

How are you going to achieve 51% if you divide the republiclown party in two?

Does the Biden Administration mean no more economy, no more freedom, and that Covid deaths/cases will triple?

Trump warned us at that rally, and in that tweet. For the love of God, BRING BACK TRUMP!!

Can stockpiling on melee weapons and defensive items be seen as a red flag?

Cattle prods, riot shields, crossbows and blackjacks, alongside helmets and hunting vests. This a place with regulated firearms and...

Why is "Lyin Ted Cruz trying to stay relevant when anything he says will come back and bite him in the end? Ted Cruz Tries To Slam Biden’s First...

Do you believe that showing your emotions is weak?

I don’t believe it’s weak as much as I believe it’s stupid. I need to think logically and clearly at all times so that I can maximize my...

What to do about antifa?

Totally not acceptable... and a surprise. I don't understand Antifa. I thought it was just one side they hated, but they hate it all....

Who Else Is Piss Off That Israel Has Medicare For All Because of American Tax Dollars But The United States Does Not?

You know that Israel has Medicare For All because of our tax dollars but we do not? What the hell Our Tax Dollars should stay here and...

What You Think About This New Bat Species They Found In Guinea?

Guinea is a western Africa nation where they found this new species in the Nimba Mountains

Are the MAGAs who stormed the Capital pissed they didn't get a Trump Presidential pardon?

Not one of the MAGA supporters who attacked the Capital building were not pardoned. Steve Bannon was pardoned. He was convicted after...

Women’s vs men’s grievances, true or false?

Women's complaints about men are valid, not at all self-indulgent and should be taken seriously without scrutiny. Men’s complaints...

Why did Trump revoke his lobbying ban on his way out the door?

Trump Revokes Lobbying Ban He Signed At The Beginning Of His Presidency Big corporations, big pharmaceuticals, big banks, big...

In your mind, has it already been determined whether Joe Biden will be a good or bad president?

I feel like for a lot of people it already has, even though that isn't rational because no one knows what he will actually do, or what...

Now that Trump is gone, are we still going to have Trumpers asking stupid leading questions here?

Questions about Biden, questions about BLM and Antifa, one leading question after another. *Stupid questions* ! Enough is enough.