Dear Non-Autistic People

Dear non-Autistic people, The topic of Autism has gained popularity. Good, right ? Kinda. It raises education about Autism. But whose...

For those of you who are worried about American society. . .

Here is a letter from some actual Conservatives. . .the Joint Chiefs of Staff. . . MEMORANDUM FOR THE JOINT FORCE SUBJECT: MESSAGE TO...

The US Capitol crisis as told in Spongebob Memes

WARNING ⚠️: The following memes are meant for comedic purposes only. They are not meant to offend or side with any party....

Why I am Very Reluctant to Talk About Politics

In response to the chaos that temporarily interrupted counting of Electoral College votes for the 46th President of the US, I listed...

You wanted it you got it. We are now no better than a 3rd world country with what happened today. THANK YOU

Hey GaGers! It is I... Soo.... The person who you stand by who called the election FAKE how the ELECTION WAS RIGGED.. Yes folks you...

MyTake on Intelligence

You either have it or you don't. You can learn knowledge and education, but most intelligence is instinctual, and much of that is...

Why is the media ignoring that Jacob Blake had a knife?

He got in a fight with the police after having warrants out for disorderly conduct, and sexual assault. He’s now admitted that in the...

Do people usually get indians and Hispanic people confused?

Because i am hispanic and sometimes people be thinking that I am from Pakistan.

What do you think about Turks?

Turks, Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and what do you think about?

Are you willfully ignorant?

Sorry for using big words. I know some of you don’t think so good.

Is the USA going downhill?

Not even all political, there is way too many people. The healthcare system is the worst outside of like Africa. I realize how lucky I...

What would you do if a man pushed you out of his way?

Let's say you are at a restaurant waiting in line. A young man walks in with a bag of food and a baseball bat. He pushes you, a young...

Does anyone else blame Trump for Covid?

He put a travel ban on only China instead of just doing an international travel ban similar to Australia, and New Zealand. I get Trump...

Should America implement universal healthcare?

A large chunk of the world has it, but America is late to the party. I think it’s kinda bizarre that you need to get healthcare through...

Would you work for 14 hours a day?

Or risk being seen as lazy or wrothless according to society and your peers/ parents?

Is racism taught or is it natural?

are people just born hating members of a certain race?

What changes would you like to see concerning key issues you feel have been handled poorly in your country/ state / city / town / hamlet etc?

Anything you feel has nothing received proper attention or action or honest critique... whether you feel it was a failure of politicians...

Do you think most hate nowadays comes from people not knowing enough what/who they hate?

For instance, some people might hate a certain group of people but, if they truly got to know that group, there wouldn't be such hate....

You become invisble what things do you do or hate about it?

an your invisible but you can still be shot or killed

President Joe Biden Puts A Halt To The Progress Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. Thoughts?

Right after his inauguration as 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden signed an executive order that immediately stopped the...

What is your opinion on Big tech starting to deplatform the radical left?

While I normally don’t agree with big tech censorship, I do think that this form of deplatforming of the radical left is a good way of...

Is this women evil in your opinion?

Maria is 21 years old. She loves her boyfriend, Ethan very much. One day, it was discovered that Ethan has cancer and the hospital...