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What things have YOU seen that other people wouldn't believe? Anything that you can remember? just caught you off guard, You never forgot it and its one of those things where you just had to be there to believe it?
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Given what's going on in Georgia, does the anniversary of the "Mississippi Burning Murders" seem more relevant than previous years? To all of you who claim that people who oppose voter ID laws are the "real racists" for thinking black people can't get an ID, well I guess the Freedom Summer volunteers of '64...
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Is this cultural appropriation?
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Thoughts on Macey Grey wanting the American flag changed? watch add an opinion, thoughts etc. there is no wrong answer no judgement here GAG community. let me hear you
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Are We Currently at the Perfect Level of Wokeness? I stumbled upon this youtube video showing a clip from a long time ago. I think it was originally from like 15 or 20 years ago. Apparently this was during a time when a hungry...
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Mostly peaceful drive by?

They fired around 30 rounds and only hit one person, so 97% of the rounds fired hit nothing. So this was a mostly peaceful drive by, it's not fair to characterize this as an act of criminal violence, right?...
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What does "loving yourself" mean?

To you.
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What is your opinion on General de Gaulle?

I'm not talking so much about his personality, although if you have an opinion on that you can give it, but I mean what do you think of the resistance, of the policy he has pursued etc?
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Which state in the US republican friendly?

Everyone knows how intolerant and violent democrats are towards conservative republicans. If you were trying to raise a moral ethical family based on good values/work ethic, not screwed up by the lefts sick and twisted...
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What do you think will be the result of the Arizona Audit?
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Are black people the least supporting of their own race?

if one of them makes it, they tend to not give a fuck in bringing up anyone else of their race and in fact may go as far as even sabotage them so they can be the only one that made it. We saw an example of this with black...
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Human trafficking is on the rise during Covid, why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Here’s a website where you can look up sex offenders in your neighborhood (keep you, your children, etc safe ❤️): I literally found out from this that five sex offenders live across the...
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Who handled the visit to Windsor Castle PROPERLY and with ETIQUETTE? - VS - IT IS NOT TROLLING If you piss someone off over a question. Its a HISTORY LESSON. It is not my fault I made you look like chump...
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"Give me your baby" how would you respond?

I acknowledge that in this scenario, blessing her with my POM OC spray is the better answer, if I heard someone say that, I'd have to reply "Here's my motherfuckin' baby" as I draw my firearm and put it in the low ready...
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Why does Biden run off stage when trump answered questions all day long?

he always says he'd get in trouble if he answers questions.
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