Why sports betting is terrible and how it ruins purity of sportsmanship


Our sports are often betted on with lines and money that favors the favorite or underdog depending on what they want to happen. It is often set up to feed into the greedy money culture.

Why sports betting is terrible and how it ruins purity of sportsmanship


Many times when people place a bet on teams, they often are doing dirty things that should not be involved. By eliminating betting, you are putting a bigger emphasis on winning the right way with sportsmanship and purity. Often when a line is -5.5, the betters take the underdogs because they place the bet where the house will likely get the greatest share of the money and people lose when they bet. Betting on games makes you a loser in my book and this should never have been passed.


Some states legalized betting because the outcry was that it was done with good intentions and all fair and lovely but the truth is that many times that there are things happening behind the scenes and under the table maneuvers that tries to cheat the system and people get penalized in many sections unknowingly as the bettors will not share this inside secret to them.


The reason so many people are no shown the winning ways in sports and how to be leaders is because they have galvanized to viewing leagues set teams in papers as favorites and underdogs and this should never be the situation. Showing how to win and thinking you are the better team because Vegas arbitrarily says so means nothing. When you put in the work ethic, you become winners. I rather have a team who finishes 29-6 doing it the right way by giving it their all and not paying attention to distractions than a team who goes 35-0 but used players that really violated rules and spent time wagering on games.

This was on my mind. Please tell me how you feel about sports betting and how I can improve this MyTake.

Why sports betting is terrible and how it ruins purity of sportsmanship
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  • 0112358
    A) Betting lines are about balancing books, not what experts think the line should be if all bettors were rational. There's an element of that, but its ultimately more driven by balancing books. Bookies are brokers, not dealers, if they have a choice.

    B) High betting does indeed raise concerns about manipulation of results, but i'll note that so do things like tv ratings etc. It's generally illegal for players to bet on the games, even if betting on themselves.
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  • madhatters4
    "Some states legalized betting because the outcry was that it was done with good intentions"

    the reason sports betting is legal is because states want the money. they were tired of seeing people flock to vegas OR even worse use offshore betting sites or illegal bookies. they can generate hundreds of millions from taxing sports books, and avoid the black market book makers and websites
  • WhiteSteve
    I’m just bored by it, honestly. A) I don’t like gambling, conceptually. The thrill of winning money I didn’t have is FAR outweighed by the anguish of losing money I already DID have.

    My thing has always just been: I watch sports because I enjoy watching sports. If you need to gamble to “make it interesting”, you just might not be that big of a sports fan, and that’s ok.
    • WhiteSteve

      There was supposed to be a “B)” in there for the second paragraph haha

    • sports betting is so much fun, though! i don't bet money, but i play pick'em football every year for nfl and college. you learn so much (about the sport, players and math). it's no different than if you fill out a march madness bracket.

    • WhiteSteve

      @Other_Tommy_Wiseau yeah, I mean, that stuff is all well and fine, pick em, super bowl squares, NCAA brackets, etc. I’m thinking more about traditional gambling with bookies and whatnot, haha. “Hey Biff, I want to lay down ten dimes on Occidental over North-Central Eastern West Virginia College Of Pharmacy, to cover, and I’ll take the over.”😂

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  • Phanta
    I don't know much about sports betting. But what I do know that all forms of gambling are sinful. Gambling in all its forms is addictive and is a form of covetousness. I would simply add these facts.
  • NerdInDenial
    I think it’s a great business model and it will never die because greed is intuitive.
  • John_Doesnt
    Sports would be boring for me without betting and alochol.
    • Who do you think will win the National Championship in basketball: Virginia, Michigan State, Texas Tech or Auburn?

  • Evil_Chuck
    I have never bet on sports and never will. I watch for the entertainment of the game itself, and what little I do have, I can't afford to gamble with.
  • jacquesvol
    The name of the ugly Beast is greed and $
    • WOW. This is only the 2nd time you replied to my question seriously.

      Yes, greed is a big evil in this world.

  • CT_CD
    I agree

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