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Why is it important to read about the country you're planning to visit?

Why is it important to read about the country youre planning to visit?

Okay, so I've seen many people who travel and that's okay, I mean, who doesn't love travelling and exploring different cities, cultures, and more? But I know many people who have travelled without having read about the country they are travelling to.

Why do we have to read before travelling to a country?

1. Knowing exactly where the country is gives you a clearer idea of ​​its geography. For example, I met this guy who went to England, and he said «I'm going to the UK!», I asked «Oh! Where exactly? Would you go to Scotland» And he said «What do you mean? And no, why would I go there? I said the UK, not Scotland, duh»... Mm, OK.

2. If you read about its geography, it'll be easier for you to decide the places you'd go within the country. You will know what the safest places are!

3. You do have to read about its history. Please. There's nothing more beautiful than being in a different country knowing what happened right where you are and why, when! It makes you feel like you're part of them! Learning about culture is excessively beautiful!!!

4. You can read about tourism and the places, you must visit, such as museums, events, restaurants, cities, streets, avenues, shops! Everything! I mean, going to London and forget about the London Eye? No way! Or going to Mexico and forget about tacos, tequila and folk dance of Mexico?! Whaaaat?! ¡No manches!

5. Try to learn their language, at least a few words! Learning is beautiful. And when you learn a language you learn a lot about different cultures.

6. Read about the do's and don'ts! This is very important, who knows? Perhaps you can avoid some years in jail.

I have lots of reasons why you should read about your next favourite place but seriously, do you want natives to think you're ignorant/idiot just because you don't know (enough) about their culture, cuisine, history or geography? Do you really want to travel without knowing where you are and what happened there?

Read. It's good, it's healthy and it's fun.

Why is it important to read about the country you're planning to visit?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kymberz
    oh yes - i soooo agree with you! and even if you are not traveling - even if you just have a friend from another part of the world - you need to learn about their culture and ask questions so that you will not offend them or appear rude because if you do not want to learn about their country and culture then why are you visiting their country? or being their friend? yes it is very important to know about the customs and history and the stories of the place you are visiting - even if you are only visiting by having a friend there to talk with and share. make sense?
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    • kymberz

      thank you sooooo much for this Gurl! you know exactly what this means to me! and the sun is shining so brightly and i am thinking of you!

  • Street view on Google earth is a good way of checking out what the tourist industry doesn't tell you. Is there a lot of graffiti? Do the locals look a bit dodgy? Does the area look run down?
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    • kymberz

      Gurl - you are awesome - like butter! bahahahahah!

Most Helpful Guys

    You also should learn a little bit about the culture and it's good manners. For example it is bad manners to leave a tip for a waiter at a restaurant. It is considered very rude. Once you know the reason why and what your actions should be you can avoid many problems. Other than that have fun and don't be afraid to ask. Maybe the local people will be willing to show you where the best food is or better hotel and stay away from the tourist traps. 😋
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    • aspiegirl_

      Here in my country it is rude not to leave a tip, haha

    • See. It is different everywhere. I know in France it is rude to leave a tip because the service is well paid for by the cost of the meal already. I like it because you can keep tabs on how service should be done throughout the restaurant. Here in the United States tipping is usually done if the service is good and you can lower the percentage or not give it to reflect your opinion on the service. In some restaurants they also add all of the tips from every server and split it evenly. I don't think that is fair because it encourages the bad servers to not have to improve. I tip based on how i liked the server. If they are nice and friendly and did everything they can do i base the tip based on more than the usual 15%.

  • parjacpar
    Scotland , England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all part of the United Kingdom.

    I know that as I live there.

    So many different names is Britain and Great Britain.

    Google them for meanings.

    Laws of the country are good idea to research ie some Arabic country's alcohol is forbidden.

    Also there might be b places you want to visit.
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    • aspiegirl_

      Hahaha, yeah! I know! That's what I told my friend when he said "Why would I go there? I wanna go to the UK not Scotland" and I was like "Mate, Scotland is part of the UK. Also, Northern Ireland, England AND Wales. And there's no British accent"

      I agree with you!

    • parjacpar

      Wales has longest train station name in the world and it's in Welsh which means it's a tongue twister

      Scotland's known for loch Ness monster amongst other things.
      ie Edinburgh festival , Edinburgh tattoo , bag pipes etc etc

      England. . Most people know London but not how expensive it is.

      British accents. . So many different accents ie Liverpool ( scouse )
      Newcastle upon tyne ( Geordie )
      Brummie ( Birmingham) accent

      Cockney rhyming slang
      Apple and pears = stairs
      Dog and bone = phone etc etc

      Northern Ireland WAS none for IRA and all the bombs but that's over know still got all the murals on the end of houses to connected to it.

      Irish Accent

      Got to be videos on YouTube you can watch and listen to

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  • YHL6965
    Me when I read #1 : website that has been very helpful to me is wikitravel. It tells you a lot about different things like culture, habits, the state of transportation, things you can visit and all of that. It's really great.
  • Floki-raven
    That it what is wrong Today to many fines to few public executions of Tourists acting out says the guy Who witnessed the damaging of en 3000 year old side by American tourists
  • Anoniemus
    To be educated on the culture. You don't want to end up in jail or worse for a mistake. :)
  • akakiran
    Because some times what u do in casual can be offensive/ rude to culture
    So it's better to get baisc info on it
    Doesn't it look like comman sence I guess
  • zagor
    Definitely. If you want to get drunk and wander randomly about Tokyo, you will probably be OK. In Nairobi, maybe not.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    In short, because ignorance of the law is not an excuse
  • Pete671
    Perfectly said, it's good to study to avoid faux pas,,,
  • Plitty-Tank
    So you know what to expect. They could have bad food or known diseases.
  • Mindwipe
    Important, so I don't get robbed.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take