Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook


If you kept track of the news recently, you probably heard of the shocking display of racism that had happened recently.

The startling video shows a white disabled man tied up, gagged, and beaten as four African American teenagers force him to spew profanity.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook
Say f**k Donald Trump, say f**k white people!"

The video was live streamed via Facebook Live by Brittany Herring, one of the kids seen in the clip.

The video shows the young man beaten and tied up, ashes flicked on him as he lays in the corner bloody and beaten as the four teens continue to taunt and abuse him for his race. He is kicked repeatedly and is subjected to racial slurs.

Watch the video below (Note: It is quite graphic so viewer discretion is advised.)

The four people are now in custody since the video has been put up, and Chicago police are conducting further investigation.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

The young man seen in the clip, who has special needs, is now in hospital and is being treated for his injuries.

“The incident took place Tuesday in an apartment on the 3400 block of West Lexington on Chicago’s West Side,” according to police.

...What do I think of this?

As a black girl who leans mostly towards the left, this video infuriates me and makes me ashamed of some of my fellow black people. This incident is a perfect example of how racism goes both ways, and is not just a one-way street. It is disheartening that we as a society have to remind people that you in fact CAN be racist towards white people and that the color of your skin does not give you the green light to be racist towards them.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

After the election, it seems that tension between people is growing ever stronger, and this video is depicting the apex of that. Hardcore SJWs are only fueling the fire by saying that minorities cannot be racist and that it’s okay to hate white people, which is just so wrong.

Reverse racism is not a thing. It’s simply RACISM. The literal definition of racism is:




the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
"a program to combat racism"

Racism does not apply only to minorities. It applies to everybody. Black people can be just as racist as any other race, and I’ve seen it firsthand when my old relatives would blame the white man for everything wrong in the world.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

Just because the color of the victim is white, does not make this act of violence any less shocking or disgusting, and it sucks that hardcore SJW and liberal media is sweeping this under the rug like its nothing, as I only just heard about this happening just yesterday. I can bet any money that if the races were reversed, this would be getting international media attention, and that the white people involved would be executed immediately.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

Bottom line is that anybody has the potential to be racist and that we must take all forms of racism seriously. Doesn’t matter what color you are and if you’re prejudice against people different than you, it will come back to bite you in the ass eventually, just like it did with these four teens. Fighting fire with fire won’t do any good and we must learn to love a little more and work together if we want to move forward.

I feel so embarrassed that members of my own race would do such a thing like this, and I, along with many other black people are completely disgusted with these kids’ behavior. Along with this, it’s also disgusting that there are actually people out there DEFENDING the actions of these teens and are trying to justify it simply because the young man is white, and apparently “ALL WHITES ARE EVIL”.

*eye roll*

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

It’s terrifying and stupid. They were totally sadistic and wrong, period.

This is absolutely disgusting and appalling, and my heart goes out to the young man who will probably be traumatized by this for the rest of this life.

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook

Donate to the victim here: Let's show the Chicago Victim Love

Thanks for reading. Spread love. <3

#Racism #RacismGoesBothWays #SpreadLove

Racism is a Two-Way Street: White Man is Tortured and Beaten Live on Facebook
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  • front2back
    All this really boils down to is two thought camps: Malcolm X and MLK. Two different ideologies trying to achieve the same goal, but polar opposite ways to do it.
    You have the MLK types, the ones who will call out any discriminating actions and want everyone to just be equal and in peace. Those with this thought process would be just as disgusted by this video. They don't want to see ANYBODY be racist, rude, or violent towards each other.
    You also have the Malcolm X types, and these are the people you see in this video and the ones supporting it. They see themselves as victims and whites as an enemy, no matter the situation. They also tried to change the definition of racism to include "institutional power" as a requirement so that no matter what they did, it wasn't racist and was justified.

    You can't just blame BLM, as they contain both types. You have the MLK types who simply protest and speak out, and then you have the Malcolm X types who come in and destroy the city.

    I have met black people of both different types and it's quite astounding how the opinion changes. I live in Charlotte, NC and when we had massive protests over a man being shot by police a couple of months ago, one of my friend Lorenzo said that all the riots were "justified anger" and that is was okay if some people died or got injured because they deserved it. Lorenzo also comes from a very wealthy black family (like 1%ers, in a gated community). Meanwhile, another friend Levi thought it was the stupidest shit he ever saw, and he felt personally embarrassed that this is how he felt like he would be portrayed as.

    I hate to say it but the Malcolm X types are really starting to gain traction as a movement, so more shit like this is going to happen. It's unfortunate too because what we should be focusing on is achievements that blacks are making in society and the higher level positions they take, not shit like this.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Elarra
    Thanks for writing this.

    As a black person, it's really annoying trying to explain to other black people that white people aren't the only racist people in the world. I actually was out-casted by black co-workers when I was server when I told them that black people can be more racist than white people. They laughed at me and then began picking on me because I sided with white people.

    Sad that this happened, but at least it proved the point that racism can come from anyone, not just white people.
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  • Phoenix98
    I know it's wrong but I am kind of laughing because of all the arrogant blacks on stupid channels and shows like MTV and Buzz feed who claim blacks are incapable of racism.

    Yet here we are for the 100th time with blacks being racist *rolls eyes*

    Yeah racsim is not exclusive to whites despite what some blacks may like to think. Anybody can be racist and it is a two way street.
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    • Yes, black people can in fact be racist, just as any race can.

    • Phoenix98

      O I know they can be and indeed.

  • BellePepper
    This wasn't a racial issue though... It was four predators taking advantage of a disabled kid they could bully. By automatically saying that it was only racially motivated you're ignoring the abuse and challenges disabled people face every day.
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    • I realize, they thought he was an easy target do to the fact that he was mentally disabled. But, this did seem like a racially charged crime though as well, as they refer to him by racial slurs.

    • It wasn't motivated by his race. It was motivated by him being an easy target because he's disabled.

    • I'm not ignoring the struggles that the mentally disabled go through, and we will never know the true motives of the criminals because they won't tell us why, but many news outlets are reporting this story as a race thing because he voted for Trump, so it could probably be that too. Also, they targeted him because he is mentally disabled and is less likely to fight back. So I realize that it could be that too.

      I'm tired of people beating each other up and being racist towards each other because that is counterproductive. That was the message of this myTake.

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  • itsallover
    This has absolutely nothing to do with race. This was a group of people taking advantage of a handicapped person who couldn't defend themselves. They'll be going to jail and justice will eventually be served. So I don't know why people are unnecessarily incorporating race into this, and further carrying on the controversy on an issue that shouldn't even be controversial in the first place?
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    • Many big news outlets are reporting this as a racial issue, and they took advantage of this young man because of his disability and for the fact that he couldn't fight back. But, we will never know the true motives of these kids because they'll never be able to tell us exactly why they did it. But the "fuck white people, fuck Donald Trump" makes it seems that this was a racial issue.

      Like I told Belle, I wrote this because I'm tired of us beating each other up and bashing each other because it is counter productive and won't get anything done.

    • I'm going to write a take on the charleston shooter as well

    • itsallover

      I get that, but a lot of people are using this as an excuse to add extra fuel to an already burning fire. They're bringing movements like BLM into it when they had absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand, the perpetrators haven't confirmed any affiliation with the movement. All they want to do is further discredit the goals of these organisations, like they've always done. Notice how a lot of the people commenting here have claimed previously that a lot of police shootings were not racially motivated (even when there's been evidence that some have), yet they're oh so quick to bring race into this.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    The fact that they chose a mentally handicapped person as their target further discredits whatever kind of point they wanted to make.
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    • Exactly. They did it because the guy was an easy target.

  • DoctorNuggets
    I don't condone this kind of ignorance but judging by the comments, you people will believe anything. They're most likely actors. Most unjust killings of black people, I thought, that was an act too. The media loves stirring up racial, sexual, and cultural tension.

    This is just another ploy to get people to feel sour toward black people if you ask me (be honest, a story like this, what are the odds of someone going, "ughh black people"), just like how "mean ol' cops" was a ploy to get black people to distrust the police and get the rest of the world to think they are just that defiant toward authority.

    Somali guy vs school
    Men vs Women (feminism)
    Black vs cop
    Muslims are big meanies bc 9/11
    Least preferred vs most desired
    Black vs white

    Yet you still take the bait because we all need a scapegoat right, or some way to justify our inner wrongdoings by sizing it up with what other's do.

    Mass media wants you to distrust each other, people. The media wants you to develop several scapegoats/enemies:

    Women are the problem
    Men are the problem
    Blacks are the problem
    Asians are the problem
    Police are the problem
    OMG Trump said grab em by the pussy
    and more

    Even with the guy who attacked the gay bar in Florida. It's all a mind game to get us to be divisive among one another, but your confirmation bias will prob tell you to bring up something about statistics, your negative experience with certain people, and general mass media influence.
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  • JiminsHoe
    I'm extremely disgusted. In the past, and even today, black people still suffer racism and they are still part of the minority. But somehow it has evolved to a way of thinking that black people cannot be racist. And thats wrong, because racism has many turns and many different roads, not just one. It can be targeted at any race, and it is in many cases. Off of that point, this was a hate crime obviously targeted at a. his skin color and if they had known it b. his mental ability, considering he has a mental disability. You can see the fear in his eyes and its really saddening that that was someone's son, and no one had an inch of sympathy for the poor kid, just smoking cigarettes and recording is how they react when their friends are beating up the guy. I'm literally disgusted at today's society, not just black people obviously, but all people who act in this kind of manner, despite their skin color. People also have to stop shoving people in a stereotypical mold based on their skin color, like you said, not all black people are violent and not all white people are racist, and racism is never justifiable no matter what skin color the victim or abuser has.
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  • cross98
    well of course any person of any skin color can be racist. however to all the male comments saying "if a bunch of white guys did this then..." , this has happened to a black kid before by three or so white guys and it barely reached the media, and they were given probation and let off, then their charges were taken off. i feel sorry for this special ed kid who was hurt but at the same time i wonder why courts are very weird when it comes to handing out years in jail to certain people. for the guy who said malcolm x was a bad person, lol no, he wasn't, he was just as peaceful as martin luther king. i didn't like how martin gave away black peoples rights to boycott and march in pelham of alabama. anyway, i don't see many whites writing a whole mytake or page on how much racist whites give them a bad name, neither do i hear them actively say how this "puts a strike on their race" but lately i've been reading snarky statements like "black privilege" and "blacks whining". to be honest both people of both races whine their asses off. if people judge one black persons actions as all black people, then they probably didn't like us as black people anyway. i won't lose sleep over this, i won't march, not even write an article, or hope people won't "judge all blacks" but i will sympathize in my heart. in reality people will always see race first, may not be in racist context but it isn't avoidable for a lot of us. we can all try beating and shaming the racist out of people or colorist mentality but all we can do is be thankful of those who don't think like that. i know some whites and forgiveness seeking blacks will love this because i've noticed some whites on here can't just say "thank you" but their tone yells "cocky". honestly from comments i've been reading from a couple white people, i don't think a lot of whites cared that he was just hurt but the fact that he was white and the criminals were black and this could be thrown as "blacks can be racist too" otherwise the outrage wouldn't have been so blown out. in other words, this was their fighting back moment of passively trying to push "black people can be racist against white people movement". think about it for a moment, if this was the other way around and black people were reacting the same way saying " white people can be racist", people would be saying "and?" or "yeah, this is bad". if a white person wrote what you wrote but about whites being racist, they would be called sjws and cucks.
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    • cross98

      i liked your mytake but the comments i've seen and the failure to hide political filled ulterior motives have ticked me off above feeling sympathy.

  • This_is_my_username
    Those guys... They're disgusting. I've not potty or sympathy for any of them. How could you do that to another human being! It's unfathomable especially because of his colour and his political stance. Just brutal. Poor kid. I always enjoy your takes rainbow. They're refreshing and it brings me great joy to know there are teenagers like you in the world that have a good head on your shoulders. 😘💋💓
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    • Thank you hun 💕😘
      And yeah, I would never condemn someone for their skin color or for their political stance. This was just a disgusting act of violence that was not needed at all. Glad you enjoyed. This disgusting ME, a liberal black girl.

    • Disgusted**

  • MassieMolina
    Racism is based off of power construct. No black people can't be racist but they can be prejudice and biogts, as the example showed. However black people cannot make laws that systematically disenfranchise whites or other groups because THEY HOLD NO POWER. My God it's real a simple concept and its not hard to understand.
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  • rjroy3
    I was pissed off at this story from the beginning and it only made it worse that he's mentally disabled. With a younger brother who is autistic stories like this hit even closer to home. These people should rot in prison. Don't care how old they are and I don't care of the circumstances that were leading up to it. It was pure evil to do what they did and that's not a choice you make by mistake. All 4 of them are racist and I can only imagine that was instilled in them by their families.
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  • Hidden_P
    Thank you.

    I've said this for years and even on this website I've been abused for my opinion that "not all racists are white"

    Finally. People are seeing whites can be abused too.
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    • Levin

      Strange that you got down-rated for a simple, obviously correct statement. Shows the nature of this site...

  • JCT666
    Very well written, informative and refreshing take. Sad how this story will eventually die down in a few days as it doesn't fit the SJW/far-liberal agenda.
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    • Is this not an example of SJW? This is an example of social injustice right?

    • @DoctorNuggets no, it's not SJW because SJW scare more about miniorities.

    • So if this were a black crippled kid and the bullies were white, it's SJW material and we should have cared? Silly girl, looking for cool points

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  • PlacentaSalad
    I read an article about this incident and somebody of the media was reporting how the white male was targeted not because he was white, but because he was disabled, despite "fuck all white people" being heard in the video. Leave it to the media to try and hide blatant racism by black perpetrators. His disability just made him an easier target to abuse.
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  • Turkish_Delight
    Such a shame! I'm neither white nor black, and human who aren't mentally disabled or psycopath cannot do that. Also only dumba$$es can label all whites as racist for the things a few ones did. Some blacks blame white people for being racist, but If the thing are doing is not called racism, what is it called? I am also face to face with racism, lots of people on GAG insulted me because of my nationality, For a better world, #notoracism !!!
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  • Falling4UTC
    THANK YOU!!! I always hear people say "I'm not being racist, thats impossible they're white." Yea, Caucasians ARE a race and discriminating against the race is, by definition, racist. I dont get when people say you can't be racist to white people. Thank you for this take!!! Best I've read in a while
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  • BrileyCat
    For Interested Parties Only . It's about neverending White privilige and Black backlash.

    Racism will never end until systematic American Racist City Planning is eradicated;
    Until urban ghettos in America are torn down and rebuilt; Until White Nationalism
    and Black Racism is replaced by Human Respect & Equality. But don't count on it anytime in
    the next 4-8 years or in the next generation. It's about White privilige and Black backlash.

    Black Concentration Camps? Did The Government Purposefully Create Ghettos
    To Keep Whites And Blacks Segregated and Divisive?

  • Jager66
    SJW's and Feminism have been fueling this fire for years.. Their whole "Racism is power + prejudice" bullshit theory that means only white people can be racist.
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  • Blonde401
    Hate crimes come from so many different groups. It's appalling. I know some people are more priveleged than others but at the end of the day we're all human beings and a special needs person is no more priveledged than anyone of those people I'm sure. Smh. Great take!
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  • helloitsmethere
    The four dumbasses who did this have a special place in hell established for them...
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    • Yeah, it's disgusting. :( I feel ashamed to be honest.

    • Same... and it angers me.

    • They didn't need to do that shit. Now this is gonna cause even more racial tension

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  • MrOracle
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