Emma Watson: a Hypocrite Representing Feminism?


Feminist...that word may bring many different thoughts and ideas to your mind. But what does it REALLY mean? Well, the Merriam-Webster definition states,

1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.
2: organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests.

Why then, can so many feminists themselves not agree? Every day I see something in the news about feminists. However, the latest controversy surrounds a very vocal feminist, Emma Watson. She is being called a hypocrite for posing braless for a Vanity Fair shoot, sparking controversy in the feminist community.

In the interview with Vanity Fair, Watson talks about her life from playing Hermione Grainger to championing women's rights as a UN Ambassador and her upcoming role in the live action remake of a classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Emma Watson: a Hypocrite Representing Feminism?

The high fashion photo shoot features Watson in a wide variety of haute couture outfits. But, one image in particular has proven controversial on social media and some are questioning Watson's feminist values. This image of Watson sporting a Burberry shrug braless is the center of the controversy.

Emma Watson: a Hypocrite Representing Feminism?

Many people took to Twitter to express their thoughts, with some claiming no one would take her or feminism seriously after this.

Some find Watson's action to be hypocritical considering her past of speaking up against over sexualization of women in the media.

One person mentioned the hypocrisy given recent calls from feminists to ban images of topless models in newspapers.

Others jumped at the opportunity to defend Emma Watson by saying those who are angry don't know what feminism is and that the outrage demonstrates why feminism is needed.

This brings up the question, if so many feminists can't even agree on what is okay and what is not okay, how then can anyone else take the movement seriously? Is it okay for women to expose their bodies because it's a personal choice or does exposing our bodies exploit and objectify women, therefore going against feminist ideals? It seems like these are things the feminist movement as a whole needs to figure out. If we are fighting among ourselves, it takes the focus away from other important goals.

What are your thoughts? Post your opinions below!

Emma Watson: a Hypocrite Representing Feminism?
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