America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!

America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!

America, we're a free country. We believe in equality and an easy life, or that's what we dream of at least. We are a country full of busy people with things to do it's no surprise tgat we rank up there in the worlds worst wasters. On average we waste roughly 4.4lbs (1.996 kg) of waste per individual per day. That becomes roughly 1,606 lbs per year, now times that by 326,474,013. Now you see how it's a problem? America alone produces more waste in pounds than there are people on this planet, insane. One of our biggest waste is food, one the most important factors of life. How on earth can we create so much waste? Well it's simple. Modern technology and the way we live.

America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!

You're driving down the highway to visit granny and you feel your stomach growling. You haven't eaten anything since five this morning and it's a quarter past 12. So you watch the road signs to see when the next exit it, as you pass it a huge smile crosses your face. (Insert Fast Food of Choice) is painted beautifully upon the sign as a place to eat at the next exit. Cheap, quick, and the best fries ever. You think to yourself, why not? You have another hour before you get to granny's, so you pull up and make your order. Here's what you didn't know. Every 5 minutes they dump out the fries, yes it guarantees that it is freshly cooked but they can end up dumping pounds of them out a day.

They throw away chicken nuggets if they are stuck together, which happens quiet often. They keep huge trash bins for their "waste food" that they have to clean often because they get filled quickly. They constantly throw away food that wasn't used within a five minute span. Now maybe that doesn't seem to bad to you, but consider how many fast food places are in your area, now in your state.....let's make it even better, the country. Now that accumulates to a lot of waste. All because we don't have "time" anymore to prepare our own meal and our need for perfection (a whole other topic).

America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!

Well you enjoyed your quick and delicious large fry and are back on the road again. You absent mindedly just toss your trash out the window, it will decompose. Right? Well most of the trash on roadsides, specifically highways, is fast food litter. You can drive anywhere in the US and will find aluminium cans or soda cups on the road side, as of date there is roughly 52 billion peices of trash on US roads, that's 6,700 items per mile. To make matters worse most litter (53% of it) on roads are from drivers, the rest are from cyclist and walkers who simply could not wait until they got home or near a park to throw it away. Most of the things we litter the ground with is actually recyclable, yet a lot of Americans even admit that they don't recycle. Yet most states cannot afford to help all of its counties to attain recycling plants, so for some people it's almost impossible to recycle.

Well you finally make it to granny's house, when an awful stench assaults your nose. You don't want to blame your granny for smelling bad but you did not notice until you made it to her house. But you keep quiet and grab a glass from the cupboard. As you're about to fill your glass with water your granny yells for you to stop. She informs you that she lives 2 miles from the landfill and some of the waste run off has entered her well. Well isn't that great, at least you know the bad smell wasn't granny's fault, well for the most part. Landfills are a poor way to take care if waste.

They are basically a hole dug in the ground lined with a special material, which is supposed to prevent leakage of harmful chemicals into the soil and underground rivers, that we fill up with waste and cover with dirt hoping that we can take care of it in the future. Most trash in landfills never decompose because they do not get oxygen and other elements that aid in the decomposing of most materials. So basically we just preserve our waste and just keep making more. We are trying hard to create more earth friendly materials but it is hard to commit to eco-friendly when we are just so busy.

America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!

How are we ever going to solve our wasteful wasting habits? Do we push for eco-friendly laws and regulations that make recycling mandatory? How will me make recycling an available option for everyone? Do we slow down our busy lives and try to eat at home to try to reduce the amount of fast food waste? Are we going to push for a more logical way of tending the trash? Well you don't have to worry about that as you leave granny's, do you? It isn't your problem, just the next generations. At least, for your sake, granny doesn't live by the ocean. That is a whole other fish to fry, especially when it comes down to waste. In conclusion, let's not waste the earth's time....let us try to be a little less wasteful.

America, Home of the Free, and Home of the Waste!
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  • Bananaman177
    When I worked at a nursing home, we used to lay plates heaping with food in front of these demented old people who would usually eat three bites on average and then we would throw 90% of the food away.

    But if we tried giving them a smaller amount of food, closer in size to the amount they would actually eat, State Inspectors would come fine us tens of thousands of dollars for abusing the elderly.

    That's what I think of when I hear people say, "oh, the planet is overpopulated, we can't possibly feed 7 billion people!"

    Bullshit. We could feed 20 billion people EASILY just with the food 7 billion people throw in the trash every day. Don't tell me there's not enough food. We've got enough food to waste 90% of it. It's fucking cloudy with a chance of meatballs up in this bitch.
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    • It's fucking cloudy with a chance of meatballs up in this bitch.
      Best quote EVER!!

Most Helpful Girl

  • ColoradoChick84
    That's why I make my boyfriend to clean up trails and sides of the roads with me. Sometimes, I get my friends to help. Leave No Trace
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  • Curmudgeon
    The classic public service message comes to mind:
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    • That is an awesome ad. I'm really into Native American and Mountain Men time era. I approve lol

    • Curmudgeon

      However, understand that was from 1971, 46 years ago. Some problems are timeless.

    • I know, it drives me up a wall

  • meatballs21
    Well done for using a picture of the UK for your 'waste on the side of the road picture, shame on Americans' gibberish. But yes, it's all those fat Americans and their junk food who are to blame. It must have been American tourists who threw the garbage in the picture.
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    • Trash is trash dude. I don't see why you had to be an arse about it.

    • Because you set out to rant and froth about Americans this and Americans that... and then there's a picture showing it's a problem elsewhere. At the end of it, you don't really offer anything beyond the vaguest of solutions.

    • Well you're just a bloody ass troll in the end. I live in America so I can bitch about it. I don't know how it is else where but I know here it is bad. A picture is a fucking picture. Grow up.

  • Bezbozhnikustanka
    I used to be a chef, we put waste food in big metal bins, we were told to keep them padlocked to stop homeless people "stealing" food. Why? It's not as if by deneying them free food we're going to force them to come inside and psy for it, they had no money. All waste fries and stuck together chicken nuggets should be given to homeless people.
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    • I agree. It makes me so mad! I work at a fast food and I just want to punch corporate for that. It's awful.

  • Anticipation
    I was told, one of the biggest single commodity filling up our landfills is disposable diapers,, have to go back and use cloth,,, being the oldest in my family I had to change their diapers with cloth...
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  • SarahsSummer
    I stopped reading after I learned you "You absent mindedly just toss your trash out the window,"
    That's really deplorable.
    I'll also add that several of the garbage dumps/land fills in my community have since been turned into golf courses and parks.
    Don't waste food, don't throw trash on the roadside, recycle and reuse.
  • John_Doesnt
    This is what happens when you vote Republican or Libertarian.
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    • I never voted 😅 I just believe we need to worry about the planet before anything else or we won't have s place to worry about everything else on.

    • not voting is just as bad.

    • Lol I was to young at the time. I just turned 18, grazie. 👏

  • NerdInDenial
    Earth will still be here long after humans are extinct. To implement laws to force people to do something is inherently against a person's free will. You have to make recycling easy and use a whole bunch of guilt ads to entice people.
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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    Meh. IDGAF. I don't recycle anything, and when I'm driving trash generally goes out the window. The planet will be clean enough for the rest of my lifetime, and I don't care what happens after I'm dead.
  • TheLuckyPizzaDog
    All i really got out of this is that wendys has awful food management. i used to work at mcds and we pretty much never had to throw out food unless there was something really wrong with it or a customer returned it.

  • likitb4istickit
    As long as there's profits to be made who cares about a nickel when you are making Benjamins? As far as the environment, fuck it, it will fix itself when humans eventually go extinct.
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  • Phoenix98
    Well speak for your own state but my state is quite clean and trash is taken care of quite well. Your states poor habits are not mine so don't bunch us together.
  • Vyrakh
    Maybe instead of pushing for legislation, maybe instead of condemning people for being wasteful, you should try appealing to their self-interest. It also doesn't help that environmentalism and its advocates are even more apocalyptic and hypocritical than the average Bible thumper, so maybe you should start there.
  • TooskilledforU
    The United States is not the only wasteful country, China has been known to dump toxic waste into its river systems and pour it onto the dirt to get rid of it. The issue is that we have developed a highly materialistic culture that has become incredibly disconnected from the world around us and narcissistic. Many cultures used to be more involved in nature and would praise and respect the ground they walked on, the animals that gave them food, and the processes that ran life, however the more we live in cities and have all our modern (or futuristic) technology, the more that we will not respect nature. This is one reason I hate cities with a firey passion.
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  • jacquesvol
    sifting waste at home, collecting it on different days for each type, then recycling it
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    • jacquesvol

      We have several waste bins: paper, plastic & aluminium, glass, general food waste. We should have one for toxic waste and one more for vegetable waste.

  • catelyntje
    I agree they should just throw that in the trash if they don't they should get an ticket for it
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  • UncleRayRay
    Penn and Teller have an episode in their myth debunking series where they address this. Something like a few square miles is all that is needed to store all trash in the USA for like the next 1,000 years. It's not nice however there are way bigger problems that need tackling than this one and I believe technology in the next couple decades will very likely solve this.

    They already have plans for an incinerator that blasts trash with such heat that it breaks everything into the base elements which can then be harvested.
  • Justinaveragedude
    I work at a movie theater. We feed a lot of people, and to reduce waste we only make food to order. The sad part is, almost half of our still gets thrown out.
  • Liisjak
    Home of the free... highest incarceration rate per population in the world lol, South fucking Africa is behind you... and they're fucked up.
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  • oddwaffle
    In Canada, they would give me a tiny green bucket to dump my weekly food waste in. It's only for food waste. It's a really really small bucket, roughly 10gal.

    If you have more than one person and you wanted more buckets (they only give one per house), you would have to request for more. Most people never bothered and they just had less scraps out food instead.

    I doubt any of them thought about 'save the world's thing but they only did it because they keep remembering they can't pack more waste into that tiny bucket.
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  • zagor
    Lots of other countries do this as well, and a lot of them aren't as careful about how they dispose of the waste.
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