Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?

Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?

So guess who can be a boy scout if they want now? Girls! Hooray!

I know I should be like, go girls go, you can do anything...except there is already a parallel scouting program not surprisingly known as the Girl Scouts and after this historic announcement, the president of the GSA was not a happy camper.

Some girls and their families want to join Boy Scouts for a few reasons: one, parents like the option of dropping all the kids off to one activity. Two, many girls want to obtain Eagle scout status, the boy scouts highest achievement ( the Gold Award offered for Girl Scouts is their highest honor, but not as well known). Third, girls want to reap the benefits of a lot of the training not offered to the girl scouts, but that is offered to boy scouts.

Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?

From NBC News: "The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor. "We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children," said Michael Surbaugh, chief executive of the Boy Scouts.The scouting board of directors voted unanimously to make the historic change in an organization that has been primarily for boys since its founding more than 100 years ago."

Okay, so again, reading that, I should be like yea!, but this for me wasn't a case of, oh hey it's about time like schools having to both fund girls and boys sports programming. This was more like a meh (shrug). In case you're wondering if the girls and boys in the upcoming "scouts" will be interacting with one, none of that. They still believe in segregation over there, and if girls want to join, it will need to be in an all girls den and the boys, in an all boys den--you know, because cubs live in dens.

Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?

The leader of the GSA is of the opinion that the Boy Scouts are essentially preying on their stock and trade. Girl Scouts of America has prided itself for decades on educating women in life skills, character building, and growing strong women in these modern times and feels the Boy Scouts should quite literally stay in their lane.

I guess with all said and done now, what will be will be, but this isn't a case of lack of fairness, or sexism, or poor funding of the GSA or anything of that nature. I honestly see this as more of a money grab from the Boy Scouts and an effort to pave over what has been a rocky road with it's dealings with gay scouts and gay scout leaders. On the opposite end, this puts a bit of a black eye on the face of the Girl Scouts because it makes them seem like they are incapable of offering programing that caters to the young girls and women of the 21st century who'd rather be cubs, stars, and eagles, than daisy's, brownies, and ambassadors.

Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?

I was a girl scout for most of my years in elementary school and learned a lot of skills that I still use to this day. I found the experience invaluable with the amount of travel, volunteering, camping, life, survival, and social skills I was able to learn. Do I think girls can get that in boy scouts, sure, but I'm not so sure this was a necessary move that needed to happen for the advancement of girls in this world.

Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?
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  • itslizx3
    I have so many mixed views on this but I think they should just make a "scout club". I think combining the two would be very beneficial. I was in girl scouts and I hated it! We sat around painting, coloring, and selling cookies when that isn't what I wanted to do! I think they should allow girls to join because if I had a daughter, I'm sorry but I'd want her in boy scouts.
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    • Anonymous

      But wouldn't it have made more sense for the Girl Scouts to offer more programming that you would have liked in the first place? I was in quite an outdoorsy troop that did more "boy scout" type activities and I loved it, but for either boy or girl scouts if you just have a crappy troop/leader who doesn't latch on to all of the opportunities available, yeah, it's going to be lame.

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  • Margillard
    As long as girls will be allowed to fight on the front lines in combat, I'm OK with that. That's equality.Guess Who Can Be a Boy Scout Now?
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  • D_Bone_Steak
    Great... a place for young men to get away from their nagging Mom's and Sisters, etc... gone. As a 15 year old boy, I'm sure I'd focus just as well on fingerprinting merit badges while little susie is being all sexy and stuff.

    I was in the Boy Scouts. At first it was awesome. We went camping every weekend, would do rope climbing, hunting, building fires, learning how to properly sharpen our knives, and climbed mountains. Then one day it happend to my particular troop.

    No it wasn't girls that came and changed everything that made my boyscouts experience utterly insufferable, but almost the same.

    They merged us with the cub scouts. All of a sudden our all weekend long camping trips turned into "day camp" where we were used like babysitters to spoiled little brats children. I quit about 2 months into that... it simply became boring. Gee... I wonder how the camping trips will be affected... probably like recess in school... slowly dwindled away to better suit the girls and their abilities... then you'll wonder why boys are increasingly weak and... dare I say, more girl like. :-/
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    • MzAsh

      Don't worry, with your attitude, you'll have the rest of your life to be away from women.

    • @MzAsh Any point to that or are you just virtue signaling?

    • MzAsh

      I think I've made my point clear enough. But just so there's no confusion: Your attitude about women sucks, if that is how you really feel.

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  • jacquesvol
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  • matchrestore
    I agree with you on the point about cub scout dens being segregated by gender. That defeats one of the main benefits I could have seen coming from this- a leadership-focused program like boy scouts that is co-ed. I was in a branch-off of boy scouts called venture scouts. This branch of the boy scouts left the decision to allow girls or not up to the local "crews". The crew I was in did allow girls. Our crew's elected leader was a girl for one of the 3 years I was in that crew. I think that provides a good opertunity for young people to interact in a setting like that with people of the opposite gender. It wasn't always smooth sailing, as some of the boys weren't previously used to answering to a girl, but damn if they weren't much less misogynistic by the end of it. Some of my best friends to this day are the boys and girls from that crew.
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    • Anonymous

      I think that is a wonderful thing that happened for you, but I also think, at least in the US where gender specific schools are not the norm, students must interact together already. When I was in the GSA, I found it to be refreshing to be able to focus on just us and it felt like more of a safe space where you could let loose and 'be girls' as I'm sure many boy scouts feel the same way. But it just depends on the people involved. Clearly with the doors open, people can make their own choices what they want out of it.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    I highly doubt this has to do with them trying to barge in on "girl scout territory" and more about how feminist and feminist organizations (like NOW) pressuring them to allow girls in to the boy scouts because to not do so is "discriminatory". This is something that feminist groups have been pushing for for years. Again, I don't think it has to do with them trying to take girls into the boy scouts but rather caving into social pressures.
  • Lopezz1999
    What I want to know is why so many women want to be Eagle Scouts. I get that the rank only exists in the Boy Scout community, but it feels like a huge gender infiltration as the women are daring to enter an only guy community. I'm not too sure what too feel about this, especially since I was a former Boy Scout.
    • Anonymous

      And as a former girl scout myself, I feel the same way. Like I said, this is not an issue of discrimination, sexism, or unfairness or not having some equivalent for young girls, so I'm not sure why this needed to happen. I guess their one saving grace is that the girls must start their own boy scout troops and won't be mixing with the boy troops, because really, somethings are just made to be gender specific so that both sides can feel safe to shine, and do more gender specific activities without having to cater to the other. I have no problems with this 'because' there is already a girl scouts.

  • Oram52
    I don't know much about boys/girls scouts I must admit. But doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Times change and you adapt with times. I would think boys would be happy spending time with girls. Doesn't look like to me either boys or girls have any issues with merger.

    Either way same activities & opportunities should be available to both genders. It wouldn't make financial sense to provide two different groups same activities. Hey at that age I would've joined boy scouts just to meet girls.
  • ADFSDF1996
    As much as I disagree with this decision, most people need to know that it is restricted to the cub scouts. That doesn’t make it any better but at least the Boy Scouts still have areas that are restricted to males

    A better alternative to this is implementing Boy Scout training into the girlscout program.

  • Nachowedgie
    Oh jeez something else all this PC crap has ruined. It's called boy scouts for a reason, cuz it's for Boys! They made girl scouts for girls, you wanna know why? Cuz it's for Girls! This whole making everything equal and making gender non important will be the downfall of humanity.
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    • Dale1982

      Your learning important life lessons here. 1; most kids have more common sense than most adults as you've just shown, and 2; morons make the important decisions in this world. They tell us how to act and talk and think and everything but they don't have a clue about us or how we live. Only once they've fucked up tons of lives do they go, 5 years down the line, we mightve been a bit harsh with that legislation, maybe we should review it

    • @Dale1982 Clearly you're the moron, you're the one who voted them in xD

  • FrenchyRomain
    so you're telling me people were bitching about girls not being able to become boy scouts, when they could become girl scouts? ... looking for usefulness... looking for logic... sorry can't find it
    so yay for gender equality? ... why not work on women's pay? women's treatment in the office? you know... the things that actually matter?
  • raspberry0416
    Why don't the GSA rip off the boy scout's program so the girls will have parallel programs? It seems like an oxymoron to have girls joining BOY scouts.
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    • Because it's not about "girls learning these skills", but about infiltrating and destroying male spheres. It's political ideology. And it is a vile and toxic one at that.

      I remember when the argument about boyscouts not allowing girls into them came up 5-6 years ago. People were just downplaying it - like always - that it's "only" a few extremists. And here we are now.

  • Anywayysss
    why dont they just get rid of the gender segregation and just make them "The Scouts" would be a lot easier.
  • ATuairiscean
    I actually thought this had happened years ago but it is good that it has happened - I have a feeling in Ireland that it was open to boys and girls for quite a while but I may be wrong.
  • meowcow
    The Boy Scouts have fallen into the political correctness trap laid out by SJWs. They supposedly teach leadership skills, but they failed miserably in this context.

    As you mentioned, there is already a Girl Scouts, so I fail to see any valid reason to allow girls into the Boy Scouts. If parents of those girls want their daughters to enlist in a co-ed scouting group, go right ahead.

    But what has happened now is totally stupid. Men bond with men very differently than they do with women. Even as kids.
    The Girl Scouts will continue to be girls only. No boy would ever want to be a Girl Scout, even if they were allowed to join.
    The Boy Scouts should rename themselves to just... Scouts. The brotherly bond of the Boy Scouts will be broken, as no group wants to have 50 boys... and then the odd girl to fuck up the dynamic.

    Overall, I think this spells the end to the way people perceive the Boy Scouts.
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  • Djaaay
    Actually , they're still separated. Girls scout and boys scout are held seprately. It's not co-ed.
    What's going to be absolutely hilarious is how the (LGBQT) scouts form and how they're placed. LMFAOSH...
  • macix670
    I don't understand why they just don't include the same activities for the girls scouts?
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    • Because it's not about "girls learning these skills", but about infiltrating and destroying male spheres. It's political ideology. And it is a vile and toxic one at that.

      I remember when the argument about boyscouts not allowing girls into them came up 5-6 years ago. People were just downplaying it - like always - that it's "only" a few extremists. And here we are now.

  • Curmudgeon
    Can't they just do certain activities jointly, without taking apart both organizations?
    • Dale1982

      C'mon women need to feel they've oppressed somebody or something before they feel that theyve accomplished something. Can't have compromises, they want to take over the world

  • Belgie
    You know what? Maybe just maybe there wouldn't be so much unbelievable ignorance about the opposite sex, if they were allowed to mingle more. Integrating the scouts for those who want it, makes a lot of sense. Since typically, the sort of boy who liked collecting badges, making knots and reading about stuff, didn't really encounter girls as girls and learn to talk to them as peers and people. They need help getting over the shy and awkward phase of youth. So bringing them together like this is a good thing. Maybe there won't be as much of a need for websites like this in 20 years.
    • Anonymous

      but they won't be intermingling. The organization states that if girls want to join, they will need to start their own troops within the organization separate from the boys. I'm sure in their minds, this avoids issues with things like co-ed camping situations that may make parents nervous.

    • Belgie

      Then what the hell are the conservatives complaining about?

    • Anonymous

      Specifically this was what was said: "Starting in 2018, the Cub Scouts (the program for seven to 10-year olds) will begin accepting female members. Existing packs will be offered the choice of establishing separate all-boy or all-girl sub-groups (called “dens”), or remaining boy-only. All dens will be single-gender, but will teach the same curriculum and allow the same progression through the organization’s ranks. Both were inaccessible to girls until now."

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  • TobyWinters
    I'm all for it, but I'm worried what it will to do venturing and girl scouts. Venturing will be the only coed option for older scouts, but wouldn't that lead venturing to be a program for people who specifically want coed and high adventure? Well, and those who age out.

    Also, while I'm a boy scout myself, I've been going to girl scout camp for almost 17 years and I love the community they have. What will happen to that if girls can get eagles and learn more advanced outdoorsing strategies in the BSA?

    So props to BSA, but we have a few wrinkles to smooth out and we need a name change.
  • troychapman
    now how did i know a girl was going to say this. i think they should change the name because girls aren't boys so make a name that fits both gender"s
    • Anonymous

      Say what?

    • if its both genders it shouldn't be called boy scout anymore should be a name that fits for both boys and girls

    • Anonymous

      Title wouldn't really have made sense if I said Scouts because there are 2 versions of "Scouts," boy and girl for now and as far as I know, Boys cannot yet join Girl Scouts. However, the Boy Scouts have said in a statement (and you can take any issues up with them) as for now, that they will not be changing the name of their organization. According to the organization, girls may join Cub Scouts (Cubs are neither male or female in nature specifically) starting next year in 2018. BSA also starting admitting trans kids into BSA earlier this year, but they haven't changed the name to "Scouts" either for that reason.

  • Investigator
    Y'know, I find the push for girls into the Boy Scouts a fascinating contradiction of feminist ideology. I see no evidence that this is "equality" or else the Girl Scouts of America would be announcing how boys have finally been allowed to enter their ranks. On the one hand, feminists are trying their damndest to push men out of everything, because misogyny. One the other hand, they want girls to join the boys' ranks, which (at least from the perspective of their rose-tinted glasses) would be the source of the very misogyny women are trying to get away from.

    If we were to extend this kind of behavior into adulthood, it's almost like feminists "trying to get in with the men", just so that they can then cry foul about all the horrible things they see perceive men doing. It must be difficult to live life as a walking contradiction, like complaining about misogyny (like preferential treatment) while also enjoying the benefits of misogyny.
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