19 November - World Toilet Day


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World Toilet Day (WTD) is an official United Nations international observance day, celebrated on 19 November to raise awareness of the global sanitation crisis.

19 November - World Toilet Day

This is done through public communications, campaigns, reports and events. Worldwide 4.5 billion people live without "safely managed sanitation.

The global sanitation crisis affects people in developing countries the most. World Toilet Day is a call to action. The right to water and sanitation was officially declared a human right by the UN on 28 July 2010.

19 November - World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day was established by the World Toilet Organization in 2001. In 2013 UN passed a resolution recognizing World Toilet Day as an official UN international day.

World's biggest toilet pot model was unveiled at Marora, popularly known as the "TRUMP VILLAGE" in Haryana on the World Toilet Day today in a bid to create awareness towards sanitation and use of toilets.

19 November - World Toilet Day

The nondescript village, with a population of 1,800, in Mewat region was in June rechristened as "Trump village" by NGO Sulabh International Social Service Organisation.

19 November - World Toilet Day

Sulabh International Social Service Organisation in a gesture to US president Donald Trump Sanitation expert and Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak and other dignitaries inaugurated the "biggest toilet pot of the world"

Organising a programme in a remote village of Haryana on the World Toilet Day was a promotional concept in connection with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision to make villages in India free from open defecation on the occasion of Mahatma Gandh's 150th birth anniversary year in 2019

19 November - World Toilet Day

"Trump's slogan is 'Make America Great Again' and our Prime Minister's credo is Make In India so we thought why not make a humble beginning honouring the friendship of the two.

Apart from inaugurating individual toilets, books on the use of toilets and sanitation were also released. We hope the move would win enough attention and goodwill to raise awareness for a major social problem.

19 November - World Toilet Day

And various other books.

Prime Minister on Twitter

19 November - World Toilet Day

"On World Toilet Day, we reaffirm our commitment towards improving sanitation facilities across our nation."

19 November - World Toilet Day

In India more than 1334 cities

and five states have been declared Open Defecation Free (ODF)"

The Prime Minister said that while Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana and Uttarkhand have been declared ODF, states like Gujarat and some others are moving forward in that direction.

75 per cent villages along the banks of Ganga in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal have been declared as ODF. Waste management programme has been planned so that village’s garbage does not pollute the river."

He also highlighted how tweets related to uncleanliness in railways prompt response and are met with quick action, reflecting his government’s commitment to ensure cleanliness.

Almost all government schools, there are different toilets for girls and boys. Chapters of cleanliness have been added in schools."

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has launched a mobile app where complaints for over 55,000 petrol pumps can be lodged if toilets in their premises are found to be unclean.

19 November - World Toilet Day

India’s Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) has released the Swachhata Status Report, 2016

The report also brings together all relevant information about different sanitation programmes being implemented by the government. We found Some Important Findings of the Report.

The report says that more than 5.8 million toilets were constructed during the year 2014-15. This exceeds the target of 5 million individual rural household toilets.

19 November - World Toilet Day

(Source: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation)

Rajasthan tops the list in construction of rural household toilets followed by West Bengal. Besides, 1,109 community sanitary complexes, 25,264 school toilets and 8,377 anganwadi toilets were constructed under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin).

School and anganwadi toilets constructed over the years under SBM (Gramin)

19 November - World Toilet Day

(Source: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation)

More than 4.9 million household toilets were constructed after the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin), indicating substantial acceleration in the pace of construction after its launch by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 2 2014.

It is seen in graphs that while there has been an increase in individual household toilets over the years the number of school and anganwadi toilets has drastically decreased.

In urban areas, 1 million toilets were constructed.

The new mission aimed to rope in private and public sector companies for the construction of toilets.

19 November - World Toilet Day

Until March 31, 2015, only 3,466 toilets were constructed in schools by corporates. while PSUs constructed more toilets at around 141,000.

19 November - World Toilet Day

Around 81,400 toilets were constructed under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in 2015-16 as against 672,000 toilets constructed under the same scheme in 2014-15.

Modi has emphasised that functioning toilets need to be available for girls in government schools. The safety of women is another major area of concern.

Boost the Economy.

The Swach Bharat scheme could boost ceramic tile makers and sanitary-ware manufactures by 15%

(Source : Times of India )

Recent Participation by Corporate Houses

Tata Consultancy Services has invested Rs 100 crore to build toilets for girls across 10,000 schools across the country.

Bharti Enterprises has announced a budget of Rs 100 crore for Satya Bharti Abhiyaan, an initiative to construct toilets in Ludhiana and the neighbouring areas.

Hindustan Lever has built 24,000 toilets across Maharashtra.

The Aditya Birla Group has onstructed 10,000 sanitation facilities in states like Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

19 November - World Toilet Day

Hindustan Zinc plans to construct 30,000 toilets across rural areas in Rajasthan (and has already built 9,000 of these).

ITC , meanwhile, has announced an initiative called Mission Sunehra Kal ( 🤔 Golden Future) part of which invovles improving sanitation facilities in rural areas.

(Source : CSR Department of Various Companies from their official websites)

Ministry of Railway and the Ministry of Environment and Forests are developing alternative sanitation strategies.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Movement) has created a buzz. People are coming with ideas and innovation to contribute towards this initiative.

Current Situation (19 November, 2017)

19 November - World Toilet Day

19 November - World Toilet Day

19 November - World Toilet Day

Source : Swachh Bharat Urban

(Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs)

Clean India Song created by Children

TEDx Talk about Clean India Movement

(Note : Date : July 11, 2017) 🤔👍

Fun Fact : Birds joining Clean India Movement.

Bollywood Movie - Toilet - A Love Story

19 November - World Toilet Day

Toilet: A Love Story) is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film. The film is a satirical comedy in support of governmental campaigns to improve the sanitation conditions, with an emphasis on the eradication of open defecation, especially in rural areas.

Apps Created by Government

Part of E - Governance Campaign

19 November - World Toilet Day

1. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan App

2. Susuvidha - Clean Toilet Finder

3. Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar

InitiatI've taken by Government

I see one toilet built as a real change. Massive public sector undertakings and avid participation, I do have complete hope and trust in this pioneering campaign."

19 November - World Toilet Day

‘Swachh Bharat’ is more than a campaign. It is an IDEOLOGY."

From my point of view Few Media / News companies are more concerned about the TRP & viewer engagement rather than just the actual news.

Asian countries related news suffer a poor portrayal. Surprisingly, some XENOPHOBIC media houses show successes but also add a bit of spices. These spices include listing a lot of weaknesses of Asian Countries and then mocking them, thus effectively undermining the achievements.


What is opinion of IMMATURE people suffering from INDOPHOBIA who are unable to understand the real meaning of "Take Poo to the Loo" Campaign by UNICEF to create awareness?

Share your Valuable Opinion.

In reality their exist many Indian who are unaware about the real Statistics. If you will ask any Indian about Clean India Movement then he/she might give you information based on his/her experience in his/her area/locality. Good Indian is Researcher. Research Community and Indian Bloggers avoid joining because of STEREOTYPICAL STATEMENTS.

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19 November - World Toilet Day
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