Will We Colonize Mars by 2019 Thanks to Elon Musk?

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

As some of you may know, Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who owns numerous companies that all revolve around the idea of changing the future of humanity. Space X is one of his companies that was created by Elon and others in the hopes to one day colonize Mars! They manufacture and design rockets capable of flying out into space and coming back down to earth and landing.

Space X Rockets
Space X Rockets

Their Falcon 9 rockets had successful vertical landings in 2015 which was a major deal for Space X because they showed everyone that their technology works! Before the landing was successful, Space X used all of its funding to keep testing more and more of these types of rockets and they would all fail at first. Then they had one more shot, one more rocket. So Elon chose to use the last of the remaining funding to try landing the rocket again and if it failed, then Space X would have been finished, but it actually succeeded.

Last year in 2017, they delivered a Tesla car as a payload on top of a rocket to a space station in orbit. This shows that the technology is now capable of delivering a heavy load to orbit. Could this be a step in the right direction for humans to be able to colonize a planet? Space X also launched a Falcon 9 rocket around this time that looked like a shooting star in the night sky over southern California and it made people outdoors stop and take their phones out to film it!

Space X plans to launch its first crewed space craft in the beginning of 2019!



Will We Colonize Mars by 2019 Thanks to Elon Musk?
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  • TrixiePooch
    Sounds more like a suicide mission. The sheer amount of stuff that would have to be sent to Mars for even a small colony is staggering. You would need a ship bigger than anything that could be launched from earth so it would require some large Star Trek type space port in orbit or something on the moon. We're talking many trillions of dollars. Who has that kind of money when the National Debt is like $21 Trillion? And what will be gained when no one can survive on Mars without a lot of shielding, water, and oxygen? It's a dream that just funds all the companies that would stand to profit for building all this stuff. Wo will be the losers? The taxpayers, who would be funding another boon doggle.
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    • Well said. With current technology it isn't going to happen.

    • bkoul

      I mean we have to start somewhere, I see your point though, however this will trigger a little step in colonizing even if its unsuccessful.

Most Helpful Guy

  • LegateLanius
    Not unless they figured out a work around of the biosphere problem.
    Bioshere 1 and 2 were designed to make a closed ecosystem in with water and plants to make it possible to have them on other planets eventually. They both failed, having to import water from outside.
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  • Lissy6789
    It's really exciting to see this type of thing happening in my lifetime. NASA claims that the idea of being able to terraform planets like mars is not likely to happen but I hope that with someone as motivated as Musk it could help bring attention to the subject and hopefully with the advancement of technology it could also help to make the idea more feasible. He's also super funny, I love seeing public figures with a good sense of humor
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  • abundantlyrich
    He is not the first one. But he is going to be the first public celebrity to endorse how it's glamorous to live in Mars and promote future settlement there but in reality, Mars and Moon already has people there already. They live in the underground installation.

    Now i am thinking that he is either naive or just playing dumb to the government agenda.
  • goaded
    No, of course not. The journey alone takes six-twelve months, and a few people going there to die are not a colony.
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  • binarybabe001
    Awesome take cobra! 👍 so glad you posted this, I sincerely hope it happens too.
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  • Jjpayne
    That sounds pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing that!
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  • 14amortalman
    Lol no...
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  • Kayla45
    probably not!

    interesting mytake!
  • douride2
    I doubt it will happen any time soon.
  • AdmiralBailey
    Space is fake
  • Arborialhedgehog
    Can I choose who gets sent to Mars?
  • ThePundertaker
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    He'll be bankrupt before
  • Anonymous
    I really liked this one.