"A Storm of Epic Proportions" Hurricane Florence Hits The Carolinas: A Look at the Devastation and Destruction


If you have been near a tv or internet the last 72 hours, you have probably heard about Hurricane Florence.

The category 1 Hurricane hit the coast of North Carolina around 7 AM Eastern Time on Friday Morning. Immediately the storm impacted the NC Coast. The storm first hit in New Bern immediately causing flooding and damage from the storm surges. Later in the afternoon, the storm headed towards Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. Later that night the storm headed south towards Myrtle Beach then went inland very slowly at 2 mph. As the storm moved slowly several of NC's main roads were cut off and cities were flooding. Later into the weekend, the storm was heading through The Carolinas heading towards the west to Charlotte. So far the death toll in The Carolinas is 23 people. Wilmington is completely cut off from the rest of the state as most of the major roads including Interstate 95 and Interstate 40 are flooded in areas. Military, civilian rescue groups and rescuers are still working to save trapped people and start recovery. People trying to reenter NC are being advised to detour around the state through Tennessee and Georgia as those are the

two border states that were not affected majorly by the storm.

This picture right here is one of the saddest. At this house, a tree fell killing a mother and baby and seriously injuring the father.

Sadly this is not all the destruction that has been done in The Carolinas. Most of the major rivers in NC have yet to crest. Most of those will crest on Tuesday. The threat is far from over. Even though the storm itself has weakened and moved north, the flooding in the rivers is still a threat. There are alligators, rodents, snakes, bacteria, and diseases in the floodwaters. Wilmington being cut off means it's harder to get supplies to people. Right now the NC government is trying to think of ways to deliver food and medicine to 60,000 people. This is truly a tragedy for North and South Carolina, but I know Things will eventually build back and get stronger.



"A Storm of Epic Proportions" Hurricane Florence Hits The Carolinas: A Look at the Devastation and Destruction
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