Help by Traveling Vacation|


|Help by Traveling Vacation|

Help by Traveling Vacation|

First before I begin. Everyone has heard of Sri Lanka. A beautiful place that is pure, and innocent.

Recently they had a tragedy. Many of these good people where wronged. So I say bless the heart's of the ones struggling. Rest in peace for those who died because of poor choices.

The after math of this injustice is despicable. between Terrorist, and natural disasters many countries struggle to rebuild. Please choose to vacation at those places to help rebuild. As you know donating to organization's only give's them scrapings of what's donated. So instead try vacationing, and spending money there instead.

Here are a few countries that need your help.


In recent decade this country has had many disasters. With the threat of many earthquakes looming over their head's they need a security fund. Help them rebuild their country, and get back up fund's.

This castle is one of many place to visit at Haiti
This castle is one of many place to visit at Haiti

Here is a brief history of the picture referenced above. It was on January 1, 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared Saint Dominique– a French colony on the Hispaniola Island- an independent country and renamed it Haiti.

The landmarks are beautiful despite the wreckage in a few. Here are few out of the many you should come, and see. Fort de Anglais in Zanglais, Haiti a three hundred year old beauty. Labadee An area located in northern Haiti that is famous for its striking natural beauty and great beaches. A place a feel like a need to mention Heros de Vertieres located at Cap-Haitien 1113 Haiti. This landmark represents the historic victory for the enslaved people of Haiti and stands as a highly significant marker on the way to a slave free world and hope for reality of liberty and equal rights for all people everywhere.

Don't forget the scenic, and landmark's may be epic. However there are lots of shopping places to visit. Buy trinket's, food, and exedra.

|Sri Lanka|

This place was recently hit with a bombing disaster by terrorist. My have died, and are in critical condition. Now more than ever they need you to help. Rather than wasting your money by donating. Go, and visit Sri Lanka. Help them rebuild there country.

Help by Traveling Vacation|

Everywhere on this country is beautiful. It is like the piece of the garden of eden we are allowed to enter. Good loving people live, and have lived here. If any of you live or visited in Sri Lanka comment bellow about the places to go. It is best to find stuff out from people who know this precious gemstone well. Please pray for these people. They need as much help as possible. Remember vacation her asap. Save lot' of money up, and use as much as you can in Sri Lanka. Help them rebuild after the tragedy. Keep up with the news about there country. I hope they catch the terrorist that are responsible for this horrific messed up tragedy.

Help by Traveling Vacation|
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