Australian bush fires

Australian bush fires

As you know, the beautiful country of Australia has suffered from over 150+ fires in each state with half a billion worth of animals dead (koalas, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos.) this has been going on for months destroying houses, families, animals, and the overall economy of Australia. I as an Australian would like to bring notice to these bushfires, not because I want too but because I need too. even though it may be useless on here but I want to notify what's going on to a serious extent.

Koala among many affected by the fire (s)
Koala among many affected by the fire (s)

Animals in Australia range from big too small, but no matter the size they are still being killed. Firefighters and locals are trying their best to help them but their best can sometimes, well most, of the time, can be limited due to their own families (and them) being affected by these fires. This koala displayed above^ is one of many that are lucky enough to survive. Many (half a billion are killed or left stranded with no hope apart from humans rescuing them) not just koalas but kangaroos, wallabies, wombats

NSW fires
NSW fires

familys are being destroyed,, and people are missing, firefighters are dying trying to protect their nation, just think if you were in this situation you would want help and to bring notice to your state, so help someone and emphasise with their point like many celebrities have been trying to achieve without you, and individual Australia will never recover.

Scott Morrison Australias MP
Scott Morrison Australias MP

People from Australia and affected areas have been ditched by their MP for a trip to Hawaii the other side of the world, it shows his complete lack of empathy and sympathy towards Australia as well as being the MP responsible for any casualties or in this case; catastrophes in exchange to sit on his ass this prooves how much help Australia does need. Firefighters have no respect towards him as well as citizens this has been reported on news outlets such as SBS, ABC and current affair, the project etc. This proves that if the leader can't help us then no one will.


Australian bush fires

we would all like to say thank you for whoever has donated to help services if you would like to make a donation there are many go fund me's and donation as well as volunteer working services you can take part in, it's massive favour to ask but its the right thing to do please help us all or else Australia will be burnt down. dont destroy our spirtis!

Australian bush fires

Thank you for reading and I hope you a good day, mates and sorry this was short but it gets to the point.

Australian bush fires
Australian bush fires
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  • Darcia
    What have you done to do your part in helping your community? Have you spent time with the council, city officials, firefighters, or anyone to get this issue resolved? Donate to the cause? Took your time out and gone down to volunteer? Used your water line to put out some of the fire. Anything helps.
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take...
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  • katrina123456
    Yeah I’m
    Over in Australia but safe from the bushfires. It is sad a lot of people lost there homes.
  • Gatman34
    Still don’t care I have my own problems
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  • Manuel2
    Hopefully they will be less deaths
  • Marisa00
    Sorry to hear sad to hear that’s going on.
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  • Anonymous
    I hope that him and his family are ok❤️