Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur

Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur

In the latest mea culpa, on Wednesday, very well known Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman was suspended indefinitely after he made an on-air homophobic slur right after he was caught unawares on mic after the Fox Sports Ohio feed returned from a commercial break before the top of the seventh inning in the first game of a doubleheader at Kansas City. He said that some city was “one of the f-g capitals of the world” during the Reds broadcast.

Not realizing this had been caught on air, he went on to call the game as usual while social media was blowing up in response to the slur. When he was presumably alerted to this in his headset, in the middle of his broadcast, he said, "I made a comment earlier tonight that I guess went out over the air that I am deeply ashamed of," he said. "If I have hurt anyone out there, I can't tell you how much I say from the bottom of my heart, I am very, very sorry."

After pausing to announce a home run by Cincinnati's Nick Castellanos, Brennaman added: "I don't know if I'm going to be putting on this headset again" and apologized to the Reds, Fox Sports and his coworkers. "I can't begin to tell you how deeply sorry I am," Brennaman said. "That is not who I am and never has been. I like to think maybe I could have some people who can back that up. I am very, very sorry and I beg for your forgiveness."

Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur


Do I believe people can change? Sure, absolutely...people can change OVER TIME, but that doesn't happen within two hours of you dropping an on air homophobic slur. Is he trying to convince the world that suddenly he is some totally upstanding guy who would NEVER say something like....what he literally just did? Keep in mind, whether he knew it or not, this guy was mic'd up. Anyone who has been in the business as long as he has, knows that someone could flip that on air switch at any time, so probably not the best place for one to just freely show their true colors. What's even worse, is he went on in his apology to say he is a man of faith as if that somehow should just clear things right on up and make it right with the world.

No one just says something like that randomly. Racism, sexism, homophobia, all of that isn't just sitting there at the ready from good upstanding people who never would do anything to hurt or marginalize another group. These are things people like him say all the time, and unfortunately they are never called on it because either they hang out with like minded people or they are just never caught in a public way....until now.

Well, the string of apologies have been piling up from players, from his own family, from Fox, from lawyers, and everyone else in between about how this guy does not represent them or how they feel about the LGBTQI+ community. Social media has of course, already done away with him, and only time will tell if he will be able to work again, given zero tolerance policies for such things in contracts and all. He said it himself, he doesn't now if he will ever be able to put on the headphones again. That.

Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    But was he right about that particular city? And if sticking the tool of life in the hole of death is something to be proud of, then why the aggravation about him associating a city with it?

    "Gay" "pride" makes no sense at all. Neither does this totalitarian thought control insanity.

    The fake apology was dumb though. He should know by now the mobs are never appeased, until blood is spilled. He should've instead hunkered down, tripled down, and stocked up on incendiary ammo!

    Answer the mob in the only language it understands: ultraviolence!

    To call someone a "phobe," and then immediately give them a legitimate reason to fear you, is patent absurdity and hypocrisy. Lefttardation, and separation from God, causes both gay activists and Islamic ones to be equally guilty of this absurdity. With equally destructive results.
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    • 8lutty

      his sorry is the dumpest thing he does, should have said it is a joke or sthing

  • Anonymous
    If they placed a microphone in every house in the United States for one day, I guarantee 100% of those recorded would be caught saying something they shouldn’t have... including you the asker...
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    • Anonymous

      This guy was at work. Not his home, and I am positive he can be fired for this in his contract.

    • Anonymous

      So? People still talk crazy at work too... literally all the time

    • Yeah uh, he was at work. Not his house. So...

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    First, I hate the concept of "homophobia." Just because someone disagrees with something doesn't mean they're scared if it. I wish this term would fucking die a violent death.

    Second, he shouldn't have said what he said. It is wrong to be disrespectful or hateful toward anyone regardless how much you disagree with them.

    Third, I don't think he should be fired. He apologized, and should be given time to "bear fruits worthy of repentance"
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    • 8lutty

      i think as long as he doesn't directly affect those he hate (like cause them fired, or thing like that), he should have the right to said he hate them, esp he doesn't mean to broadcast it, if he have to sry, he should only be sorry for doesn't turn off the mics

  • supercutebutt
    If this guy was in high school, we could cut him sum slack for being young and dumb. But this dude is old and living in 2020. He should know better. Maybe let him keep his job but make him broadcast all of this season and next while wearing leather chaps and/or one of those tail buttpugs that are gaining in popularity.
    I am sorry
    I am sorry
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    • lol such intolerance, and a current year fallacy to boot

    • @007kingifrit We aren't living in 2020?

    • it is a current year fallacy to suggest that there is significance in the year. as if somehow we are progressing towards something. we aren't.

      do you really think that when climate change hits and the quality of life drops your peaceful tolerant ways will survive? of course not. your values and inclusivity can only exist in times of extreme luxury. that coach's ideas are more durable than yours

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  • cth96190
    What creates actual hate in the minds of people who did not care yesterday, is when the Marxist/homosexual outrage mob descends upon anyone who expresses a view that is not aligned with the mob’s dogma of the day.
    Keep on going gay boys. You digging your own grave.
    • DaMack999

      Exactly just cause someone has different view from you shouldn't be crucified.

    • @DaMack999 ... Um. He wasn't crucified-- he lost his job. He speaks to the public about a sports team, and he offended a large swath of that public. He's not dead. Hopefully he learns from the experience and comes out a better person.

    • Guanfei

      You're right, he's not dead. No one is. All is there are people crying about a word.

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  • DaMack999
  • If everyone had a hot mic in their homes we would all be asking for forgiveness! Everyone has said something they regret! I know the man and his father personally and have never heard him use this language in my prescience! He should apologize and reap the consequences. In the end he and everyone should be given another chance especially when we have all said something we aren’t proud of... we just never got caught either... so does that make us any better?
    • he shouldn't even regret it, he did nothing wrong

  • Walrus_au
    He's free to say it. and the sport is free to say they don't want to tollerate or put up with that kind of behaviour. Good for the broadcasting company.

    Don't want to be fired for being a homophobic or hateful jerk, don't be a homophobic or hateful jerk.
    Astonishingly simple really.
  • Akachan
    Don't say words that don't belong to you. He should've said "gayest capital" not fag, fag is a slur. I mean you wouldn't call a city with a majority of black people the niggerest city.
    Also no one outside of the community can accept his apology it's not your apology to accept.
    I'm black and gay✨try me✨
  • Dansnlawlipop
    This is my thing:
    You know what the word means. You know what it is used to convey. You know who the target is.
    Why not call them something else that actually conveys the way you feel about them (performance, etc)? Unless you were trying to insult their sexual orientation (for some reason).

    The apology-after-I'm-caught means nothing to me other than showing that you like to save face but are truly an ass in private.
  • Darcia
    He apologized, as society we should accept his apology. Everyone makes mistakes this is very common. Should he be fired? No, but should he get less airtime, yes. Brian Williams was fired for misspeaking. We hear lots and lots of news anchors being fired, why not this guy? In this time and age he should’ve known that speaking inappropriately especially with a job such as his his punishment will not be taken lightly.
    • brian williams was not fired , he was promoted to MSNBC

  • di6n9
    Definitely feel bad for him. The guys' comments already said it all. Oversensitive people are now firing every possible person out there.
  • raven6933
    Saying"I am sorry" is not an apology, but a presence of being and that he definitely is sorry. Just another trying to hold his position, I guess he figures if one can do why not him. Just wondering if they will do like the media that carried dog the bounty hunter did. Wait till it blows over then allow to return?
  • ThisDudeHere
    Zero terance is one of the most evil concepts ever. It goes against human nature in regards to change and forgivness.
  • madgoat
    For a number of reasons, and based on what you're telling us, I'd be inclined to cut him a break if this is a first offence. I'm not in favour of destroying someone's career because of one off the cuff comment.
  • Thatsamazing
    Yeah it was bizarre and uncalled for. And his apology was only half of what it should have been. I never liked him as a broadcaster anyway.
  • Bowdabra
    I mean this might hurt peoples felling and stuff but I could care less about what he said and who he said it too. There is way too much important stuff going on in the world to worry about a homophobic slur. Now i am excuseing what he said or did he would not have said it but he did.
  • Tamera952
    What a dumb-motherfucker. He deserves to be fired. If your job is to broadcast on the air, you should never let your guard down, and ASSUME you're on the air and that the mic is LIVE, the entire time you're working, just in case.
  • LOL cancel culture at its finest.. Destroy as man's life over something he said.. This is exactly why i have ZERO respect for any of the "Special" Communities including the alphabet people. you and your kind make me sick..
    • Oram52

      Not cancel culture, he said something offensive and being held accountable for that. He's not being cancelled for disagreeing with his views. Replace homophobic slur with N word.

    • @Oram52 no matter what his words are... Its cancel culture.. End of story end of discussion Now screw off leftist.

    • Oram52

      I'm a Libertarian, the fact you had to resort to insults instead of providing alternative view point says it all. So if someone uses N word and faces the consequences for racism he should face no consequences? In Trump era it may feel like such language can be tolerated but you'd be wrong!

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  • StephenCF
    If former soccer player, Jamie Carragher, can keep his punditry job after spitting at a family’s car on camera, then I disagree that this commentator should be fired for using this word once
  • Likes2drive
    Yeah next time he needs to put his hand over the mic when venting, people are so sensitive these days, I guess free speech is out the window on this one if you do it during work. Obviously his opinion wasn’t changing in 2 hours, he was just sorry they heard his opinion on air
  • Apple1996
    So he said fag? Like I dont get why it's such a big deal. If he wants to call gay people fags then he is allowed to. I dont think he should lose his job over using a inappropriate word
    Biggest mistake people make it apologizing 😂
    I would double down! Like yeah those fags are gross! I call it like I see it! And I am expert at that!
    Never apologize!
    • Oram52

      Your ass will be fired!!

    • _SOARER

      @Oram52 most of these people get fired anyways 😂
      I would just find another job

    • Change your profile now. You dont love everyone, you dont think everyone deserves dignity and respect, so change your goddamn profile right now!😠

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  • I think it's hilarious how you people keep banging on about your alleged freedom of speech and how us Europeans are oppressed and then shit like this happens.
    • in your country its literally illegal to criticize the gays. this guy got suspended but most people don't approve of him getting suspended its just corporations and sjw on twitter

    • zagor

      True, in the UK you can get arrested for hate speech.

  • DCooper
  • OlderAndWiser
    A television show can be entitled "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," and that is perfectly acceptable, but. . . but if I refer to a homosexual as a "queer," the SJW kingdom will send a rain of flaming arrows in my direction.

    A rap"artist" can call other blacks "nigga" all day long but let someone else do that and they are in the shit for sure.

    WITF is wrong with this culture? You think you can control what certain people think by what they say and everyone is chomping at the bit to find the next offender who can be placed in the guillotine. You are so eager to prove how woke you are that you don't care how ridiculous all of this shit gets. PC idiots, beware - you may be next.

    And, unlike the poster of this fine example of PC nonsense, notice that I am not posting anonymously.
    • yeah you're exactly right... People like ms anon are whats wrong with this country.

    • there is a reason why they are called hypocrites. They have double standards and choose to criticize selectively like the instances you mentioned above

  • He said "Gay Economy" I think. What is the big deal? I don't know what that means. I still say stuff like that is Gay. I also think people are way too sensitive today. If you don't think Gay people make straight jokes you are fooling yourself. I try to stay aways from Gay people myself. Makes me feel uncomfortable. It is still not normal behavior. I guess a handicap.
    • _Jay_

      Saying its gay is ok. But he used a slur that has very dark backstory. Either way making fun of a minority on something that should be neutral is shit.

  • cloud9vortex1234
    His true thoughts were said when he didn't think it was on the air. I would have more respect for him if he just owned it and didn't start apologizing.
  • Guanfei
    Oh em gee he used a word, that probably killed thousands of people!

    ... Fucking snowflakes.
  • mrgspoter
    So he said people are gay and it's bad cause they don't like being gay or don't want to be, so they are also thinking they are wrong for being gay too or don't like to be reminded of it they must know they gay so what's the problem, they don't want a gay city or something thought they would like that being gay this is weird is it not?
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    • Leona567

      Is Proco the name of the website?

  • David_Kek
    Kill him.
    What he said was offensive, and if you offend anyone for any reason what so ever, then something serious might happen, like they might get offended.
  • Guffrus
    So does that mean that none of the matches he cast ever happened now?

    Will they have to play them again?

  • OutdoorsForLife
    Irony: he will be fired and senator Tom Carper will not lose his seat.
  • DaddyFapper
    Homophobia is awful. We are the only animal/breed/whatever that has shown it. Good he got suspended
    • What if they come for you when you say something wrong that you thought was said in private?

    • @ThisDudeHere I know I use some slurs in private (I'm bi and make a lot of gay jokes and such) and if he was remorseful I could understand where he's coming from

    • Apparently he was, so how come it's good that he got suspended?

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  • BlckGrl
    Listen yes he most likely says shit like this on a regular but cmon. Because he said faggot?
    • zagor

      He said fag. XX is one of the biggest fag cities, or something like that. The city he was talking about wasn't broadcast as only the last part of his comment was picked up when the broadcast resumed after an ad break.

    • BlckGrl

      Wow that's crazy

  • hi_it_is_me123
    I like how mgtow incels suddenly turns into homophobic people in the comment section but they are the one who omplain about me being homophobic whenever i call them fag.
    • turn**

    • that doesn't make sense they can be against feminism and dislike gay people at the same time

    • Why do they call me homophobic then but they are homophobic themself

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  • lanadelrey25
    Who the fuck cares? Fucking whiny ass liberals, no one gives two shits about it
  • SlightlyEccentric
    See if he had said this about the Giants instead of the Cardinals, I don't think anyone would have called him wrong.
  • Godofmyownwurld
    Who you really are is how you act when you think no ones recording you.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Fine him and suspended him. He shouldn't be forced to forfeit his career.
  • 007kingifrit
    he should say whatever he wants i don't like the gays either
    • _Jay_

      Yea you dont like gays but they exist. They dont like being called slurs. If people started saying slurs about you then you wouldn't feel very good either

    • @_Jay_ that's different; i'm the majority, an attack on me is an attack on society itself

      all succesful civilizations are built on oppressing and excluding social and sexual deviants or they will fall apart from being too inclusive

      societies that are too inclusive can no longer compromise as they have too many different ideas in them

    • _Jay_

      so you're telling me that people who dont have a finger dont deserve to live alongside you? you're pretty stupid ngl

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  • Fhwc212
    Who cares what he said? Why is everyone so offended?
    • Oram52

      Because its homophobic? And something we shouldn't tolerate in a civilized society?

    • @Oram52 actually we should tolerate it... that's what liberal means

      you need to respect other people don't like gays

    • Oram52

      @007kingifrit I precisely do, I absolutely defend free speech, hate speech is also free speech. But free speech goes both ways, same way they have right to be bigoted same way others also free to criticize it, and use freedom of speech to stand up for marginalized.

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  • phatdrummer650
    I've heard people say worse than this and not get fired. I think it's BS that he gets suspended indefinitely.
  • BeMuse
    Damn you gay people are starting to sound like black people… What’s wrong? Are you too ashamed of yourself that you can’t have a capital? Because I know it’s perfectly fine in the gay community to have gay neighborhoods, gay enclaves, gayvenues, gay ghettos, gayttos, gay districts, gaytowns, gayborhoods, and gay meccas. You have gay churches, you throw gay parades, and have gay months, gay biker gangs, and a gay flag but god forbid a capital… This is a classic case of nigga nigga nigga what did he say nigga? No way nigga he didn’t say nigga lets kill that white nigga… When you do dumb shit like act offended when someone is doing what you are doing every day, you can’t expect people to take you serious.
  • bnyphomanic
    He isn't sorry otherwise he would have immediately apologized he is just sorry he got caught
    • he shouldn't be sorry for having totally reasonable opinions

      gays are sexual deviants its not normal to be ok with them. the more people you tolerate the harder and harder it is to compromise in a society

    • @007kingifrit That's why nobody tolerates you :)

  • jonnyb583
    Sticks and stones anyone? Gay people probably thought it was funny. The most outraged people are the ones that have nothing to do with the incidnt
  • glock33sig357
    Why is this term being homophobic make any sense to individuals who're not AFRAID of anyone in that community? Some of the same people in the community will have no qualms of calling a black man a ni&&er and not get called out on their bullsh! t, but if what he says is true that one state has more of the LGBTQ+ than the others is that so offensive? Or is it that he said FAG? The fact that it was broadcast on the air is unfortunate but if he was guilty of assaulting them along with his mindset; i can see a reason for the huge outrage then.
  • 8lutty
    and yet i think people are allowed to have free mind... now everyone have to like majority to have a job huh?
  • Shuri
    He was suspended. I think that's enough. He doesn't need to be fired over it.
  • Cryptic-Game
    He has a history of speaking his mind, which includes derogatory words. It is best he goes ahead and retire.
  • TheDad75
    It's a word. A WORD. Get the fuck over yourselves.
    • msc545

      It isn't the word. It is what the word indicates and what is behind it.

    • TheDad75

      @msc545 It indicates that he is against the homosexual "lifestyle." Oh well!

    • msc545

      Homosexuality is not a lifestyle or a preference. It is a biologically determined attraction just like being straight is biologically determined. How old were you when you decided to be straight?

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  • JimboGB
    Was he factually wrong?
    • JimboGB

      Ps, gay people, get over yourself. Dam, like so what 😆 are you just shallow this affects you?

    • Omega909

      Obviously not all but a lot are very insecure and get butt hurt over anything related to being gay

  • SetFree
    Homophobic is a stupid word.
    • DaMack999