In the Texas school shooting, who is to blame?

In the Texas school shooting, who is to blame?
I mean so many school, malls and supermarket shootings had happened in the USA in the past and many innocent people had died because of it and even though in each shotting some things were done so in the future it won't happen again, it seems incidents like taht still are happening so something is still wrong here that is not preventing incidents liek these to be stopped.

If there is a person or institution to blame , Who do you think is responsible this happened, why and how to prevent that from happening in the future but in a way it won't ever happen ever AGAIN, anywhere and the problem is finally solved or at least improved.

My opinion on this is all of the above it is a mix of all. Mental Health is so important now that is important to be addressed as wel by the kids parents, teachers, etc etc Because most of the shooters on many of these incidents they have a thing in common: They were bullied, abused, mistreated and they were antisocial people also, they were mentally fragile and had personal issues to deal with that probably never were taken care of the way it should had been done. I mean how could a kid shoot their own grandmother or their own parents?
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Poor kids upbringing by their parents or their handlers
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Mental Health of the shooters, Need HELP ASAP
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Poor kids education (TV and internet can also apply here)
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Easy gun access to everyone (Black market and other sources)
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All of the above
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Im surprise noone mentioned about Mental Health where I believe it plays a huge thing here. If you are not mentally stable a person won't commit such things. And here religion has nothing to do with it. Im surprised people mention here religion more than other stuff. I mean Muslims are religious person and hello, many of them become terrorists for the love of their God". So religion has anything to do here
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The shooter is not an option because any person can be a shooter if they want, even sane people can be a shooter if that person decides to kill people just like that. But what motives gave this kid to do what he did? The problem has to go way way back into this kid childhood, upbringing. mental health, surroundings, etc that made this boy and outcast so he one day just like that decide to enter a high school and shoot everyone to death.
In the Texas school shooting, who is to blame?
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