F&ck Valentines Day

Seriously...Valentines Day Sucks!
Seriously...Valentines Day Sucks!

Who the hell cares about Valentines Day? Oh...I know... Greeting Card companies, candy makers, flower shops, etc, etc, etc. Singles Awareness Day is way more interesting. I think bars, restaurants, and stores should have discounts for single people on February 14th. There are way more singles out there than happy couples.

So if you are single what do you do on this magical day? Well...don't be an asshole. There are some people who would love to have a night out with the one they love. Why not offer to babysit for someone so that they can enjoy their overpriced candlelight dinner? It's one night...let them have their fun...be a good person.

Awesome 80's flick check it out while you are babysitting
Awesome 80's flick check it out while you are babysitting

You can always throw an Anti-Valentines day party with your single friends. Maybe play Russian Roulette on Tinder and see who has to message the guy or gal they matched with. There is nothing more fun than making fun of this absurd holiday. So go all out!

We matched on Tinder ...on Valentines Day HA
We matched on Tinder ...on Valentines Day HA

Remember this shit holiday only happens once a year so why not take advantage of it as an awesome single guy or girl that you are. Just go to bed. Yeah I said it. This isn't some day where you need to counter punch something you don't have. It's just another Fu$king day. You might see some advice out there to treat yourself or focus on you. We are single not pathetic. We don't have to do anything different than last Tuesday. We don't have to worry about candy or flowers or over priced meals that your significant other might like or not like. No gifts.. no diamonds..no flowers...no candy...nuttin.

Bring me my pizza... I am single and I deserve it.
Bring me my pizza... I am single and I deserve it.

I myself will order a pizza .. open up a bottle of the finest Cabernet ...turn on a fantastic movie ... then i will fu$king go to bed happy. I suggest you do the same. The next day will be just like any other for everybody. What will you be doing on Valentines Day? Let me know in the comments below. I threw this MyTake together due to a commercial I saw for Valentines Day... so don't judge me! HA.

F&ck Valentines Day
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  • Cynicaldreamer
    I approve of this take- thank you sir!!!

    People think I'm bitter about vday because I'm single?
    No, even when I was in relationships, I wouldn't let my partners get me anything. They could buy me candy or plushies the day after when they were half price. But I refuse to encourage a commercialized holiday that corporations use to make money off people. You don't need a specific day to tell your partner you love them- hell, you can do that anyday of the year! Why just on Valentine's day?

    As for my plans, I'll be celebrating singles awareness day: I do every year! I wear a cute outfit that makes me feel good about myself, treat myself to a good meal (pizza or something I enjoy), maybe buy myself something nice, and just relax. No, I don't need a specific day to do that either, but hey, I deserve to spoil myself a little, lol.
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    • There ya go! You don't need a specific day to show the one you love that you love them! Surprisingly though... it's amazing how this day doesn't remind people that you don't need this day to show the one you love that you love them. So crazy!

  • Ellie-V
    Having an anti-holiday party or get together is still celebrating on that holiday and defeats the purpose of telling yourself that Valentine’s Day is stupid. You obviously care to some extent and you’re salty about it. And honestly, it’s okay to feel some bitterness. We are all human. Just don’t lie to yourself in the process 😂👌🏾
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    • Of course we are all salty about not having someone in our life... having an anti party on Valentines Day with Tinder being the focus could catapult you into a relationship you have always wanted! I see the positive in life! It's my downfall.

Most Helpful Guys

  • MusicMayhem
    Screw all the negativity around being single on Valentine's day, it's actually the best day of the year to be a single guy. I can approach girls and have a shit load more success in scoring dates cause no girl wants to be left out in having nobody to enjoy good company with while their friends brag about the cool gifts their bfs gave them on fb.

    Seriously guys just hit up the streets say hi to some girls and they'll be asking you out for a drink!
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    • There ya go!

    • I got 2 dates from 3 approaches last year :D

    • Exactly. It's so fuckin easy to get a ONS or three on Vagina Worship Day that it ain't funny. All those sloots that are sad about being single on that day that will gladly bang someone just so they can pretend for a night that they have someone and they're fulfilled.

      And the next day they go back to the cubicle farm, waste another 8 hours of their life, and go home to Mr. Whiskers and a bottle of wine.

      It's an easy day to get laid, and the BEST day to be single. (For a man, anyway)

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  • viper216
    on Valentine's i'll be loving myself and treating myself to a nice customized pizza and hot buttered rum and play video games and and sleep because why love someone else when you can love yourself and be in a relationship with yourself?
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  • emmily2396
    On Valentine's day I will act like in any other day because if other people decided to give a special meaning to this day it doesn't mean I should care... It is special to them, not to me. Why should I care more about having someone on Valentine's day than in any other day?
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  • Ally_Army1210
    Screw traditional Valentine's day.

    If you're still single use this time to love who's really important. You! Self-love is the most important form of love. How you gonna love someone else when you can't even learn to love yourself? Sure, It can't be done overnight but baby steps. Treat yourself to that candle-lit dinner. Stay at home and snuggle on the couch while wrapped in blankets and eating your favourite snacks and watching your favourite tv show or movies. Just go out and have fun!
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  • FlutteringFeelings
    If you celebrate it than you do and if you don’t than you don’t. I’ve never been taken out on a fancy date, wore a red dress, received flowers nor chocolate on that special day. I will continue to enjoy the day like I did many other years and watch couples eat each other faces on that romantic day. 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️

    I just buy myself some chocolates on that special day and treat those close to my heart with gifts. Life goes on.
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    • I dig it! I totally forgot about the chocolates! Those are always good! YUM. HA.

  • Electric_Dreams
    It is a ridiculous concept. So is singles day though. It's all just nonsense. The concept of people needing a specific day of the year to remind them to treat someone they claim to love, or to treat themselves, is to me disturbing. It's sad. Valentine's day is a blatant symbol of capitalist driven mass conformity. It implies that people are unable to think for themselves.

    My biggest problem with it though is the exclusivity. I find exclusivity revolting to be honest, especially when it concerns something where the excluded have no choice in the matter. It appears to me to be a day which cruelly and callously flaunts the supposed value of being in a sexual relationship in the faces of everyone, without any choice in the matter. Everyone is forced to be exposed to it, regardless of whether it makes them feel excluded, miserable, lonely, worthless, pathetic. This is how it used to make me feel, before I found out from experience that I'd rather not be in a relationship anyway. No other holiday that I can think of has that degree of exclusivity. Even those whose roots are religious, Christmas, Easter or whatever, they can be celebrated by everyone. Everyone can enjoy what it's about. It's not the same for Valentine's day, which literally celebrates those who are not alone, at the expense of the happiness of those who are unwillingly alone. Honestly it's disgusting and immoral.
  • levantine99
    its just a commercial celebration. get over it. it means nothing. its all societal semantics like new years eve or happy month, good week, etc no practical meaning.
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  • Fromdusktilldawn
    Perfect anti valentines day. Go to the gun range in the morning, order a large pepperoni pizza with some beer. If you have it, some some cannabis. Play some Call of Duty Zombies or Left4Dead, then watch some gory horror movies (they shouldn't have a happy couple survive at the end)
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    • No doubt dude! You have one of the coolest screen names man! Props!

    • Great idea. It will have to wait til the weekend, though, due to work circumstances. But I've got several of the best Valentines in the world waiting for me: a.338 Lapua Mag and a double stack 1911 in 10mm. Plenty of others too but those two are going to get the attention next time out.

  • lightbulb27
    Yea, maybe rename it "Passover" for us non Jewish people... Mark your door with a pizza and chips sign, I'll be over!;)

    Maybe it was good back when there was romance, or youth or a good relationship.
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  • Heiniken
    Well I'm planning on going to my favourite strip club with 200 bucks. Seems like a wise investment.
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  • kira992
    People who hate Valentine's Day are bitter in life. I am now happily in a relationship but even when I was single, I never hated it. I loved seeing happy couples. Then love found me. I've been the happiest since.
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  • Janncis
    Well its a nice day if you have girlfriend or boyfriend. Since i dont have them, i will spend my free time with my first love, motorcycles. And probobly do fun fotoshoot.
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  • SkipStop
    I just ignore it and take it as any other day.
    No need to love it or hate it.
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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Every day is Valentine's day if you are with the right person, no need to wait or hype the 14th.
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  • sushi1234
    i love valentines day even though i am always single on vday. i share small gifts with my parents and pics on fb of my dogs with valentine fliter. i just like the vibe, love, and candy. it can be fun if you have a diff perspective on it
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  • Mrmanateeman
    I don't know about "hating" Valentine's day (speaking as a perpetually single dude), but I agree it should be a little more inclusive for people like us.
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  • PrettyRegular
    If I would have a girlfriend, I maybe could do something a bit special, but since I don't, it doesn't really interest me. The amount of stuff they're selling for it is ridiculous.
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  • Historylover18
    The whole holiday has become a big fat marketing scheme so I don't care about it as much as other people
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  • britpop
    I've never really bothered with Valentine's day before but im in a new relationship I really appreciate I don't wanna mess up help
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  • TacosRAwesome
    My best Valentine's days were as a single lady... No expectations means no disappointments.
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  • Sixgun77
    I dig the holiday, we're going to have fun celebrating our relationship. Even when I was single I never disliked V day.
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  • DaMack999
    Sad day for those losers celebrating Marketing love. Lovd suppose to be all year long love. Not once a blue moon.
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  • penguin_14
    i honestly aprove, i would go to stores the day after to treat myself to discount stuff
  • wanna2
    I f I was with a sweetie I would do something romantic, but, since I'm single I think I'll get my party on play my guitar and sing cheatin' songs!
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  • MackToday
    Valentines day is a part of our western civilization, it's history , it's traditions. The people resenting it are misguided at best or cultural Marxists looking to attack those traditions at worst. If you spend Valentines day moping and resenting those in a relationship then look inwardly , the problem is with you, not with the culture you live in. Also, be aware that things like "singles awareness day" come right form Marxist cultural revolution doctrine as practiced by Mao and warned about by Orwell.
  • Ioso29640
    It means a lot to a lot of people. It's a day where people show how committed they are to the relationship.
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  • Grayout
    Whoopdie doo. Feel so much better being a friendless single, I don't even wanna take my dad's gun and paint the walls with my stupid brains anymore
  • sunrays1
    Can’t stand it myself. Money grabbing.
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  • CallumPatterson
    I do care! this day is an additional opportunity to make a smile at her face
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  • NovissimumVirorum
    I’ll just get drunk probably
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  • spunkygiraffe
    Uh... I like the candy... :)
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  • Mamagee
    It is a huge pile of donkey jizz
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  • tonicandgin
    Going to Vegas
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  • Rangers
    Let's celebrate it like Al Capone did
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  • beebella
    Yeah, fuck it.
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  • lofii
    Salty ass niqqa mad he ain't getting no pussy
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  • HereIbe
    Awwwwwwww, who's a butthurt little boy?
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  • IkilledCupid_
    Yes fuck it!
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  • brittslitt
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take.
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  • ninjafemme
    fuck valentines
  • Marti434
    Yes I agree with you completley!
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  • Lman3000
    This is a post I couldn't agree more with
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  • Walse
    I am all for masturbating in my mothers basement
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    l dont even care
  • Anonymous
    Okay then
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I'm single this time around, to be fair I'm not really fussed about it, you could do that stuff any time of the year, it's all commercial. Me and a buddy are just gonna get a pizza, frest it just like any other day.
  • Anonymous
    How is it a holiday if schools and businesses aren't closed?
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    • Damn good question but there are many holidays where school is still in session like Halloween and St. Patricks Day!

    • Anonymous

      Then it's not a true hol lol
      I think St,. Patrick's day is a national holiday in Ireland

    • Many will get presents on Christmas Day... Most will not get laid on Valentines Day! LOL

  • Anonymous
    I think Valentine’s Day is dumb. I mean I guess the back story is cool but unfortunately it’s become way too commercialized. I’d rather have my guy treat me well daily because he gives a shit about me, not because hallmark says he has to. I don’t need cards, candy or flowers. Candy goes straight to my ass and flowers die in a week, how depressing.
    My night sounds not too unlike yours. I actually have a tradition for Valentine’s Day, deep dish pizza and a horror movie with my dog.
    The best part, I’m actually not single but I refuse to give into this bull shit with, like you said, expensive dinners and all that shit that goes along with it.
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