Do guys like hearing from ex girlfriends?

I feel like this guy is my soul mate, and we didn't work out because we were both young and naive, we were 15 when we first met. Now we are 20, friends, both single, both enjoying college life and have talked on and off through email over the years . We both have dated people after we broke up, we were each others first loves. I have never been able to forget him, the feelings I have for him have never died down, still strong as ever. I understand that if he wanted to talk to me he would call or email, he first gave me his new number and in return he has my whole information; but he is not connecting me. I feel so guilty for losing the best thing I ever had to being young and so very stupid. I just don't want to regret not taking action, but I have so much respect for him that I don't want to annoy or bother him. He deserves to live his life to fullest and be so very happy, and not be badgered by an ex girlfriend who can't stop thinking about him. Life is truly unfair, it is one of those situations where I wish I knew then, what I do now. I love him, no doubts or questions asked.


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  • It depends..if my ex is gonna be psycho..then no, not ok. Anyhow, you said it yourself, you were young and foolish. Even though you care the world for him I would say myself it's kind of time to move on. You were each others first loves really can't know if he was the one for you with out having been with other people. A lot of people would/will say this is untrue, but logically it's sound. Let him know how you feel, and see what happens. You can't twist his arm for anything and it won't hurt to let him know.

    • For the record I'm not a psycho by any means. I might think about wanting to text him to hang out but that is where it ends, just a thought; I'm not saying that is what you were thinking either. I'm not trying to be smart. The regret I feel is killing me, we forgave each other and we're cool. I have dated but am always thinking about him. I'm sick of it! I hate feelings, I don't want to be here. I want this to be over, I feel like the only option is dealing with it. I can't seem to forget him.

    • So tell him how you feel. Worst case he could say sorry, it's not going to work or I don't feel the same way. At least then you'll know you have to try harder to move on. You can't live in the past. I know it's a real b**ch, but you just have to get out there, do new things, meet people and go from there. Eventually, you'll be ok.

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  • Depends on hwo it ended. I still keep in touch with mt of my x's, it helps to build bridges for future relationships with other girls, but if it were an X, who wanted back with me,I would have already gottn in touch with her, and made a move. You might be abe to win him over again, but it doesn't sound like he is intoyou right now the way it sounds. MAybe try getting together with him.

  • soul mate is a silly concept.

    and if it wasn't a silly concept, and this guy was really your soul mate, why aren't you together?

    no. let it go. you're living in the past.

    • It's not a silly concept. God put us on this earth to have another person waiting for us down the road, to complete us. If she feels this way after so long, maybe there is a reason. Don't be such a pessimist.

  • it's been 5 years. You said what you needed to do at the end of your post, now just do it! Honestly, you are both at a point in your lives where you are capable of being in a real relationship, and as you said you don't want to regret anything. After 5 long years, you have feelings for him and this is a sign that you need to try something, or you may regret this for a lot more than 5 years. Just know that whatever happens, you tried your best and I wish you the best of luck in your future

  • I would say the answer to this is yes, as you do like to keep in touch with them. But would also feel a bit guilty to current partner, about chatting and staying in touch with an ex

  • Wow that was deep. I thought my ex-girlfriend was my wife to be but that didn't turn out to be. It might happen but I'm not betting on it. I still am in love with my ex. She says she still is and maybe she is but she's the one that asked me to go away. I tried dating other people but I think they knew I wasn't quite right, I tried to play it off but it didn't work. It is nice to hear from exes but far away is best. Maybe he has the same feelings for you but he's acting coy because he remembers what happen between you two or maybe he just gave it to be friends. There's another possibility that he is interested in someone else. There's so many things that could be going on.

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  • Being the romantic that I am, if you think he's the one for you, then you NEED to take some sort of action. If anything, tell him how you feel about the whole thing. Be honest with him. If you feel like he's your soul mate then it's definitely worth taking a risk and seeing what happens.

    • I know I need too and I want too, but I am not sure how... I'm so laid back, this is really out of character for me, and I don't want him to think I am crazy, as I said, I wish I wasn't here. My life would be much less complicated with out all these feelings for him, that I just can't seem to shake.

  • no because some of them don't want to look bad

  • okay for starters the saying goes.." ex's are your past, don't bring them to your future"..but you will truly look back one day and regret not taking action all you can do is try what's the wrost thing that could happen.."you lose him" well looks like that is already just step up.grow some balls..and tell him you love him and want to be with him.. if he cares he will either say it back or explain it to u..and if he doesn't care then you didn't need him anyways

  • my first love didn't end up well but yeh I was so happy to hear he was tryna contact me in any ways but I didn't wish to get back to him,nor I do have feelings towards him still but its nice to be able to talk again,you were connected in the past that's normal we're human beings with heart.and so is my boyfriend now he was glad his ex called him up and envited him to go out..but the hell was there the girl was still into him so god knows what happend they cheated on me..i agree with you..thats normal feeling to shared life in the past it''ll never go away but past is past and that's how it should be not unless you're both single and both have chances to get back some moves ya know..try and hangout with him,he's single right?so why not.i heard love is better the next time around..take the chance and go for it,cuz times made things change,you proly is well enough now comes to handling relationship than before..5 years?thats good enough experiences good luck!

  • idk ima girl=]

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