Do guys like hearing from ex girlfriends?

I feel like this guy is my soul mate, and we didn't work out because we were both young and naive, we were 15 when we first met. Now we are 20, friends, both single, both enjoying college life and have talked on and off through email over the years . We both have dated people after we broke up,... Show More

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  • It depends..if my ex is gonna be psycho..then no, not ok. Anyhow, you said it yourself, you were young and foolish. Even though you care the world for him I would say myself it's kind of time to move on. You were each others first loves really can't know if he was the one for you with out having been with other people. A lot of people would/will say this is untrue, but logically it's sound. Let him know how you feel, and see what happens. You can't twist his arm for anything and it won't hurt to let him know.

    • For the record I'm not a psycho by any means. I might think about wanting to text him to hang out but that is where it ends, just a thought; I'm not saying that is what you were thinking either. I'm not trying to be smart. The regret I feel is killing me, we forgave each other and we're cool. I have dated but am always thinking about him. I'm sick of it! I hate feelings, I don't want to be here. I want this to be over, I feel like the only option is dealing with it. I can't seem to forget him.

    • So tell him how you feel. Worst case he could say sorry, it's not going to work or I don't feel the same way. At least then you'll know you have to try harder to move on. You can't live in the past. I know it's a real b**ch, but you just have to get out there, do new things, meet people and go from there. Eventually, you'll be ok.