Why does a guy keep coming back?

After he has made it clear that he does not want a relationship and you do want one so you know its not gonna work out talking anymore because you... Show More

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  • guys come back for different reasons , my guess is he is not over you yet . he could get over you soon if you don't make return contact with him as he seems to be dating other girls anyways and moving on just not yet over you . you need to maybe make it clear to him that the 2 of you are over if your not interested in dating him anymore .

    • I did make that very clear to him a long time ago. I mean it was my idea to end it because I was feeling for him and wanted to go further but he said he doesn't want that for a while. I showed more effort in wanting to be with him than he ever did. I poured out how I felt about him but he wouldn't really do the same cause I felt he just didn't feel the same way so I had to quit torturing myself by hoping he would change. And as many times as we broke it off then got back together, he would always

    • Easily let me go, no fight to keep me. So all that made me realize that "This man don't want me" obviously if he just lets me go. So finally I truly let him go months ago and he comes back saying something like that. It confusses me.