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Why did my ex boyfriend block and unblock me?

I dated this guy for almost 3 years. In the middle of our relationship we lived together (about a year and half of our relationship).. so it was... Show More

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  • He likely blocked you in the first place as part of some symbolic or emotional symbol... forgot about it... then later needed to add a comment somewhere, or SOMETHING that needed you to be unblocked... he then realized it was not a big deal, so left it unblocked. or... something else. ;)

    you seem to be over him anyway... so don't take it as any "sign" or anything... continue to move on without him.

    • Lol he didn't need to "unblock" me to add a comment. he couldve left me blocked for years and it wouldn't interfere with anything he does online. but anyway, thanx. sumtimes it would b nice 2 think that maybe he unblocked me cause he feels bad, but ur rite he probably doesn't!! 3 years doesn't mean sh*t to people anymore lol

  • Weird I have my ex block and don't plan to unblock her, I even block her family. And when she text I ignored them. Maybe he's felling lonely or wants to know if you have move on(have a boyfriend, men whatever you want to call it.) I think that's probably it.

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