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He had his heart broken by his ex...how do I reassure him?

I have been seeing this guy for almost a month now. He won't let me pay for anything and we have a lot of fun whenever we hang out. We have had... Show More

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  • I would suggest patience. My brother was in a similar situation. His new wife (they just got married on the 8th) and him have lived together for about a year or two. He didn't want another marriage because he had already gone through 2. He has a daughter, and his wife has 2 sons, all 3 are pretty close in age and they get along like brothers and sister. Everyone in the family could see that she was the one for my brother. He finally came to and realised that himself. I'm sure this guy would do the same if you're willing to stick by his side and show him that he has nothing to fear of you breaking his heart.

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  • Honestly, I think you being patient and respectful of his feelings is the first step, Tell him you understand and that you are not going anywhere so when he is ready you will be by his side, Keep reassuring him about how great he is and after sometime he will come around I promise. Just you being patient and supportive will show him a lot and if he doesn't realize that then you should probably try to start looking elsewhere.

  • give him more time and try to be close to him to earn his trust ,

  • if he's anything like me, the only way is to stick by him and let him realize it for himself over time. just keep trying to reassure him that you're not going to hurt him and that you're there for him

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  • just take it slow. Does it really need a label? If he keeps you waiting longer than your ready to wait then let him know your going to be seeing other people bec you want a committed relationship and if he is not willing or able to give that to you then you are going to have to move on or at least see what else is out there, Chances are by then he wil realize that he wants to be with you - just make sure to give him sometime on "his" terms. Its impossible to assure someone your not going to break their heart, they just have to let you in and hope it works out. good luck. Maybe he just needs to get over the ex still .

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